How to Upskill Yourself While Working: Upskill to Climb your Career Ladder

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How to Upskill Yourself While Working – The world is changing, and the pandemic has sped up this process. There are new opportunities, while some have vanished completely. Some old processes are being discarded while many new ones have taken over. Have you ever wondered, what else needs to be changed in the new world?

Well, your skills needs to improve, and for many, your career path may change with the changing world!

The new world has different requirements, and you need to meet those if you want to stay ahead. Every day, new software and technology are being developed and you need to upskill yourself to meet the business or job requirements. Many organizations are developing programs for employee upskilling for this purpose. However, fresh graduates and young professionals may already possess new skills and can prove to be tough competition. Hence, you need to upskill for your career to upskill yourself while working

How to Upskill Yourself While Working

Why upskill yourself?

There are several reasons for upskilling yourself. However, the most common reasons are:


Digitalization has taken over all aspects of life in recent years. Businesses have been hugely impacted by digitalization. Hence, you need to learn new digital skills, upgrade yourself in handling new technology, and adopt new tools and techniques in your work. It may include enrolling in courses, joining technical training, using new software in your work, etc. Digitalization has solved many problems by making the processes easier, better-organized, faster, accurate, and efficient. Hence, you must go for digital upskilling for your career growth.

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New-age workforce

Every year fresh graduates find their way into big corporates. They are smart, talented, and full of new ideas. If you have been working for more than 10 years, you may not have the skills or knowledge possessed by the new-age workforce. Therefore, you need to keep yourself updated with new skills and learn them regularly. After every few years, new courses are designed, the curriculum of existing courses is revised, and new techniques are devised. The younger workforce would be aware of it and can benefit from it in their new job roles. However, you need to be prepared to face this competition and stay on track for your career growth.

How to Upskill Yourself While Working

Accelerate you career

You and your peers would mostly be possessing the same knowledge and skill-sets. However, if you want to fast-track your career growth, you can add some new skills to your CV to accelerate the process. If you are on the verge of a promotion or want your employers to increase your salary, upskilling can play a crucial role. Every organization looks out for employees who offer an added advantage. With new skills, you would be adding value to your organization. Hence, the organization would value your efforts and happily add to your salary and position!

Career change

If you have been in the same career for too long and thinking of changing it, you would need to upskill and train. To change your career, you need to learn new skills relevant to your desired career path. Many people change their career path in their 30s and 40s. Many organizations encourage cross-functional growth. It gives superior benefit of experience and vast skills to both the organisation and the employee. However, you would need to undergo some training or attend courses recommended by your organization. In case you want to change your organization as well, you would have to do so yourself.

How to Upskill Yourself While Working

Post career-break

If you are looking for a job after a career break, you would need to upskill yourself before applying for jobs. With new technology, many breakthroughs are happening every day. You can utilize your break for upskilling yourself and preparing for the new job. However, research well to know about the skills you need to learn and apply for a job after undergoing the required training.

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How to upskill yourself?

Upskilling is not just about learning a new skill or enrolling in a course! Find out below how you can upskill yourself:

Peer Learning

Upskilling requires you to learn stuff, those small hacks & useful techniques, brainstorm new ideas, research trends, and generally improve your outlook, approach and quality of work. Peer learning is an essential part of your career. Sometimes your peer might know of certain techniques or skills that can help you grow as well. For example, your peer might be using a different or upgraded tool for performing a task. You can learn about the tool and how to use it from your peer and enhance your quality of work.

How to Upskill Yourself While Working

Organizational Training

All forward-looking organizations provide training to their employees for upgrading their skills and knowledge. You must take part in such training and try to benefit from those. Sometimes a small change can give you a big push in your career. Therefore, you must grab every opportunity to learn and grow.

Online Research and Discussion Groups

You can do your research or join a group of professionals to learn about the new work culture, environment or skills and techniques. You can enhance your scope of learning outside your organization as well. You can learn new techniques used in other organizations through your professional network. There are many groups on social media also that provide a platform for healthy discussion and sharing of ideas. So, you can bring value to your organization by learning from such groups.

How to Upskill Yourself While Working – upskill courses list

Enrolling in a Course

If you are looking for a big leap in your career or want to change your career trajectory, you need to attend the right course and/or get proper training. Therefore, you must enrol yourself in a suitable course and learn about the new markets, strategies, industry trends, work culture & environment, team building, marketing, research-techniques or whatever will help you get yourself on the highway to success.

There is no limit to learning, and if you want to stay ahead in your career, you need to regularly upskill yourselves. Your industry requirements may differ, but once you set your mind to it you can always choose from various available options. Hence, stay ahead in the race with your new skills!

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