An Impossible cloud spotted by NASA on Titan

Titan, Saturn’s moon is the most Earth-like world found to date. Titan is the only place where stable liquid sits on the surface and has seas of liquid methane.


According to study in geophysical research, another Earth-like quality is found; which seems to be an impossible cloud on Titan, which may be created by weather processes.
This is the second time such cloud has been spotted; the first time was decades ago by NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft. The first cloud was made of carbon and nitrogen-based compound (C4N2)
Scientists could find just 1 percent of the amount of C4N2 that should have been needed to create the cloud.
Now the Cassini mission of NASA recently spotted the second cloud. The chemical composition of the cloud was same, C4N2, but the stratosphere is sorely lacking in that particular compound.

Though cloud formation is not unusual; they form when methane cools and condenses, but things get different when they form in the stratosphere.

The mission of studying Saturn and its moon will end in September 2017, but first NASA is undertaking a grand finale in April. Cassini will dive into the space between Saturn and its rings – an area never before visited – 22 times. On Sept. 15, 2017, Cassini will dive for the last time, plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere to send home unprecedented data on the planet’s composition.
Cassini program scientist Curt Niebur said in a statement, “We may be counting down, but no one should count Cassini out yet…The journey ahead is going to be a truly thrilling ride.”

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