India Flood: Heavy rains caused flood in several parts of India

A large part of India including Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh has been flooded after a number of rivers started flowing above danger level.


17 people have been reportedly killed in Madhya Pradesh and around 15, 000 have been evacuated from Eastern Bihar state.

Thousands of people have taken shelter in more than 80 relief camps In Bihar. There are at least six rivers that flowing above the danger level in Bihar.

In neighboring Uttar Pradesh state, the Ganges River has been flowing above the danger mark, and people living in low lying areas have been moving to higher ground.

“Water has been gushing in the area for the last three days. All the land has been inundated with flood water. All the crops have been damaged. Water has started entering our houses,” said a villager, Shyam.

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