Scientific facts: Interesting facts about Earth

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Interesting facts about Earth – Mother Earth is the third planet from the sun. Being fifth-largest planet in the solar system, it is the only planet that contains oxygen, oceans of water on its surface and life.

interesting facts about earth

It was believed for many years that the Earth was the center of the universe. For about 2000 years, astronomers believed that the Earth was constant and had other celestial bodies travelling in its orbit. They believed this because of the visible movement on the Sun and other planets. Here are some interesting facts about Earth.

Interesting facts about Earth

  • Earth is the only planet in the entire universe that is not named after a mythological god or goddess. The other seven planets in the solar system are named after Roman gods or goddesses. The word “Earth” is an old English word “ertha” which means ground or land.
  • The gravity between the Earth and the Moon results in the tides on Earth. The rotation period of the Moon is the same as its orbit time so it always presents the same face to Earth.

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  • Earth is the densest planet in the solar system. The density of Earth differs in each part. For example, the core of Earth is denser than the Earth’s crust.
  • The rotation of the Earth is getting slower by approximately 17 milliseconds per hundred years. Eventually, this will extend our days but it will take around 140 million years before our day would increase from 24 to 25 hours.
  • Earth has a very strong magnetic field. This field protects the planet from the solar winds.

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Interesting facts about Earth

  • The Earth also has an Ozone Layer which protects the earth from various harmful solar radiations. This layer is a special type of oxygen that absorbs most of the Sun’s UV rays.
  • Earth’s atmosphere is composed of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and some amounts of gases including argon and carbon dioxide.
  • A large amount of oxygen on Earth comes from the process of photosynthesis by the plants.
  • Seventy percent of the surface of Earth is covered with water.

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  • The first life on Earth was developed in the oceans through a process called abiogenesis or biopoiesis. It is a natural process in which life grows from non-living things like simple organic compounds.
  • Earth’s water initially existed within the planet. But over the time the Earth’s water was brought to the surface by the planet’s volcanic activities.

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  • The highest point found on Earth is Mount Everest which is at a height of 8.848 km.
  • The lowest point on Earth is called Challenger Deep which is 10.9 km below sea level.

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