Kamada Ekadashi 2021: Significance timings date story of Kamada ekadashi

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Kamada Ekadashi story – Kamada Ekadasi is a holy day for Hindus. It falls on the 11th lunar day (ekadashi) in the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April). The Kamada Ekadashi is the first ekadashi after the Hindu New Year, as its name suggests. It is also believed to grant all wishes. Kamada Ekadashi is also called the ‘Chaitra Shukla Ekadashi’.

kamada ekadashi story

Kamada Ekadashi Story – Kamada Ekadashi 2021

The legend about the Kamada Ekadashi was narrated by Lord Krishna to the Pandava King, Yudhishthira in the Varaha Purana and was also told by Guru Vasishtha to King Dilipa. The story goes by as below:

A young Gandharva couple, Lalit and Lalita (wife) lived in Ratnapura. Ratnapura was a prosperous city decorated with gold & silver and was ruled by King Pundarika. Lalit was a famous singer while his wife, Lalita was a renowned dancer at the royal court.

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Once while Lalit was singing in the royal court, his attention got diverted from his song to his wife. She was absent from the court and as a result, he missed a few beats, which made his performance end badly. Following this, Karkotaka, a serpent from the Patala region complained to the king about Lalit’s folly and that he considered his wife more important than the King. Listening to Karkotaka, King Pundarika got very angry and cursed Lalit to become a monstrous cannibal.

What happened next in the Kamada Ekadashi Story?

Lalit turned into this huge-sized monster. His neck, like a mountain, his arms, 8 miles long, and his mouth, the size of a huge cave. Looking at what the curse did to Lalit, Lalita wandered around the forests to deal with her husband’s sinful activities. While she wandered around the Vindhyachal Hills, she came across Guru Shringi. Lalita paid her respects to the guru and asked him to provide a solution to her trouble. Guru Shringi then asked her to observe the fast (vrata) of Kamada Ekadashi to make amends for her husband’s sin.

Lalita then observed the Kamada Ekadashi fast with great devotion and visited Guru Shringi the next day to bow to Lord Krishna (an avatar of Lord Vishnu). She prayed and requested Lord Krishna to free her husband from the King’s curse as a reward for the religious merit gained by the fast. It was then that Lalit was restored back to his Gandharva form, with the blessings of Lord Krishna. They were then taken to heaven on a celestial flying chariot.

Kamada Ekadashi story

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Kamada Ekadashi Rituals – Kamada Ekadashi 2021 – What not to eat on ekadashi

The Kamada Ekadashi starts with sunrise. Take a bath in the morning of Kamada Ekadashi, which is on 23 April 2021. Observe a fast the entire day. Then worship Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna. The idol of Lord Krishna is worshipped with Sandalwood, flowers, fruits, and dhoop. The fast must be observed with devotion. The observer of the fast can eat only one simple meal that comprises of fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk products, and dried fruits, that too before sunrise. For those in the house that are not keeping the fast, even they must not consume rice, moong dal, wheat, or barley.

Ekadashi Tithi Begins 11:35 PM on 22 April

Ekadashi Tithi Ends 09:47 PM on 23 April

If you are keeping a fast, you must know the Parana timings (the right time to open your fast).
Parana Time is from 05:54 AM to 8:24 AM on 24 April. The fast will last for 24 hours. You must abstain from eating food or drinking water from the sunrise of Kamada Ekadashi to the sunrise of the following day. One can open their fast on the next day, after offering food and Dakshina to a Brahmin. It would be right not to sleep in the afternoon and at night. Chant Vedic mantras and bhajans in praise of Sri Krishna.

It is important that you do not eat before Hari Vasara ends.

Kamada Ekadashi Significance – Kamada Ekadashi 2021

The religious merit gained from this vrata (fast) is believed to grant all desires, to cleanse even the most wicked sin one committed, and to free a devotee or his family members from curses.

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