Legend behind Ugranath Mahadev: Know why Shiva became servant to one of his devotees

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Legend behind Ugranath Mahadev – Lord Shiva is one God that you can please very easily. One just needs to pray with a pure heart and devotion. He loves his devotees as much as his devotees love him and has proved that time and again. We will be sharing one such story when Shivji became a servant to one of his devotees. You may find it difficult to believe this, but this is as per the legends. To know what actually happened, read the full story or the Legend behind Ugranath Mahadev.legend behind ugranath mahadev

Legend behind Ugranath Mahadev

Mahakavi Vidyapati who is known as one of the main pillars of the Bhakti tradition of Indian literature was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He was a supreme poet of Maithili. He also composed many songs on Shiva bhakti.

According to mythological legends, Lord Shiva was extremely pleased with the devotion of Vidyapati. One day Lord Shankar visited his house looking like an ordinary person. On being asked, he told his name as Ugna. Lord Shiva expressed his desire to become a servant of Vidhyapati but due to his bad financial condition, Vidyapati refused to keep Ugna on the job, but Ugna (Shiva) somehow convinced him.

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One day Vidyapati was going to the King’s court along with Ugna. Vidyapati’s throat started to dry due to the extreme heat. On finding no source of water nearby, Vidyapati asked Ugna to bring water from somewhere. Lord Shiva went a little far, opened his jata, and returned with water that came out of his hair. You would know that river Ganga resides in his hair. While drinking that water, Vidyapati felt as if he is drinking ganga jal (water of River Ganges). He wondered where did this Ganga water come from in this forest. Vidyapati soon realized that Ugna is Lord Shiva himself. Vidyapati fell at the feet of Lord Shiva, who then appeared in his real form.

Legend behind Ugranath Mahadev

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Shiva expressed his desire to stay with Vidyapati but put a condition that Vidyapati should not reveal his real identity to anyone. Vidyapati accepted the condition of Lord Shiva. One day, Vidyapati’s wife started beating Ugna with a burning stick. Vidyapati came there at the same moment and seeing his wife beating Ugna, he could not control himself and shouted that “the person you are beating is Lord Shiva himself”. The moment these words came out of the mouth of Vidyapati, Shiva disappeared. Vidyapati regretted his mistake and started searching for Shiva in the forest like crazy. After seeing his condition, Lord Shiva appeared before him and explained that he can no longer be with him. He however said that from now I will stay near you in the form of a Shivalinga. After he disappeared, a Shivalinga appeared at that place.

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The famous temple of Ugranath Mahadev, also called Ugna Mahadev, located in Bhawanipur village in Madhubani district is the same place where Shiva appeared as Shivlinga. To reach the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, one has to descend 6 steps.

Legend behind Ugranath Mahadev

The Ugranath Mahadev Temple was built in 1932. There is a very beautiful lake as also one well near the temple. It is believed that at the time of working in Vidyapati’s house, Lord Shiva used to draw water from here. This is why devotees from far off places come to drink the water from this well.

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