Legend behind Vaishno Devi temple

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Do you know the legend behind Vaishno Devi temple?

The legend behind Vaishno Devi temple

The famous Vaishno Devi temple, nestled in the Trikuta hills is one of the holiest and most sacred places according to the Hindu religion. Like many other shrines, this place is also considered the abode of the Hindu Gods. This place, however, is the abode of a Hindu Goddess, lovingly called as Mata Vaishno Devi. Let’s find out the legend behind Vaishno Devi temple:

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Once the Goddess’ found the need to be present at Earth, since they were busy with their Divine Duties in the heaven, the three Goddesses Maa Sarasvati, Maa Lakshmi, and Maa Parvathi, which are different forms of the same Shakti (Energy), created a girl with their Shakti. When the girl was born, she questioned the reason for her creation and the Goddesses replied that she is created to protect and maintain dharma on Earth in the human form. She must in her lifetime attain knowledge and wisdom to attain moksha and when the time will come she will emerge into Vishnu.

The legend behind Vaishno Devi temple

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She was to be born to Ratnakar and his Wife in a village in southern India. She was named as Vaishnavi by the couple. She was smarter than the other kids of her age, her thirst for knowledge never seemed to satiate. With time she realized that out-worldly wisdom is not all that she needs a grip upon, she, from then onwards started to meditate and focused on her inner energies. She gradually was so immersed into meditation that she gave up on everything that could hinder her penance and went into the forest to perform even tougher penance. During the time she was in the forest, Lord Rama was also living in the forest in exile.  

The moment she sees him, she realizes that he is an incarnation of Vishnu and asks him to let her be one with him, but Rama knew that it was not the right time, so he promised to her that he will return to her after his exile is over and then if she’s is still able to recognize him, he will let her submerge into him. Rama was a righteous being who was known to keep his words, after the completion of his exile, he returned to her disguised as an old man, contrary to her belief she was not able to recognize him and felt helpless after discovering his true personality.

Vaishno Devi temple

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Rama pacified her and told her that the appropriate time is not now but it will come when she will be able to meet her creator but before that she has to go through even tougher penance and deeper meditation, only then in the Kaliyug, He will appear as ‘Kalki’, one of Vishnu’s other incarnations, then she will be able to unite with Vishnu. Rama blessed her with glory and wisdom, that people from far off places will come to seek her blessings.

As her grandeur spread, Maha Yogi Guru Goraksh Nath came to know about her and he had a vision of her as an Incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and her union with Vishnu, he, therefore, sent his most accomplished disciple, Bhairon Nath to find out about Vaishnavi. Bhairon Nath located her ashram and kept an eye on her, soon he discovered that she is no ordinary Sage but rather an extremely gallant one who has an aura of her own. On realizing her incredible beauty and glory, Bhairon Nath started to pursue her to marry him but she kept dissuading him until once when during a community meal she was held by Bhairon Nath in the presence of the entire village and his Guru Goraksh Nath. After this instance, she left the forest and went to the mountains to seek an escape.

The legend behind Vaishno Devi temple

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Bhairon Nath traced her once again on the mountains, trying to avoid the confrontation she went on from place to place which is present-day Banganga, Ardhkwari, Charan Paduka, and finally entered the main cave. Despite her many efforts to keep him away Bhairon Nath went on to follow her up till there, she was left with no other option but to slay him, his head went flying to another hill, while his body remained right in front of the cave.

The moment his head was separated from his body, did he realize his vain efforts and asked the Goddess for forgiveness. The Goddess accepted his plea and gave him a boon that anyone who comes to visit her temple, shall not return without visiting his temple, otherwise, the journey or Yatra shall be fruitless. After sorting this episode with him, she went inside the cave and took the form of a stone and immersed in meditation until the time comes when she can unite with the Ultimate Vishnu.

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