Lockdown Impact: How lockdown has taught people to live with less

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Lockdown impact – What lockdown has taught people? Rightly said, tough times are great teachers too, and they teach us many things. The on-going Covid-19 pandemic not only endangered lives across the world but has also taught us not to take anything for granted. With only limited home delivery options and shops to buy even our everyday stuff, we hardly have any choices. But if we take it positively, this is an ideal time to embrace a simpler lifestyle. So, in this article, let’s discuss how lockdown has taught people to live with less- what lockdown has taught people.

lockdown impact

Lockdown impact – How lockdown has taught people to live with less

Buy things when needed; not when we want

The first and most important thing lockdown has taught us is to choose between wants and needs. In this lockdown, we learnt to buy only when we need something and not just because we want it. Earlier, we used to buy things whenever we wanted, most often than not even when we didn’t actually need them. We have become more considerate and careful about buying stuff.

Not to take anything for granted – Lockdown impact

After spending months in our home during the lockdown, we now know the importance of our family, friends, and even ourselves. This pause has taught us to value what we have and not take anything for granted. Now we cannot even afford to go in for a leisurely walk which a lot of people avoided with excuses of no time or just being lazy. So, we have learned to value, treasure, and be grateful for what we have rather than cribbing about what we don’t.

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We can actually control waste

We have become very cautious about what we use and what we throw. We have learned to re-use whatever possible unlike earlier when we would throw a lot of things after just one use. We know that there are ways to keep and carry things rather than putting everything in a separate bag, a lot of times polythene bags. As we want to buy most of the items in one go and make the best use of whatever we get, this results in our being more careful and not letting things go bad like fruits, vegetables, left-over food, etc.

Lockdown impact – Learnt to love domestic

With all the supermarkets, malls being closed, many local shops have stayed well-stocked. One can get a lot of necessary stuff from these shops. A lot of people would often buy stuff going by the brand names but they have realized that even our domestic brands are equally good. For example, we sure can buy a good domestic brand of muesli for breakfast rather than grabbing a pack of any international brand. This is more important as we all must support each other in every which way possible.

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Health is wealth – Lockdown impact

Very often we take our good health for granted. We usually do not think twice about grabbing unhealthy meals; including fast food or fizz drinks. But this pandemic taught us how vulnerable one can be if one’s health is compromised. We have learned to be more cautious about what we eat. It is ok to indulge once in a while but its equally important to take care of our health. With a lot of time on our hands, we can surely spend some time doing yoga, meditation or workout at our home.

Saving money by not ordering food from outside

Staying indoors has a financial benefit too. Nowadays, we are eating nutritious home-cooked food. Earlier, while ordering food from outside, we hardly paid attention to how much extra money we were paying for a simple meal. Nowadays we have learned to experiment with food, trying out new dishes watching videos. No outside food means a lot of saving.

Impact of lockdown in India – Respect nature – Lockdown impact

Mankind had become reckless and uncaring toward nature. Now we have learned some lessons. As the mother Earth is healing, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy the clean air, birds chirping, green surroundings, and beautiful weather. Our rivers have become cleaner too. A better environment means better health.

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