Narendra Modi to be the Mascot of ‘Incredible India’ campaign

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the Mascot of Incredible India campaign. Tourism Ministry of India has finally decided to drop the plans to include in any Bollywood star for the role which was lying vacant after the eviction of Aamir Khan earlier this year.

mascot of incredible india campaign

A senior Ministry official said, “No Bollywood actor will be engaged in the campaign aimed at attracting foreign travelers and video footages of PM Modi during the last two-and-a-half years where he has talked about tourism in India and abroad, will be used for the campaign”.
The ministry is planning to use two types of videos where PM Modi had talked about the diversity and uniqueness of various places in the country. At present ministry is working on selecting the footages.

The official also said campaign would be released in the next 40-45 days as the India tourism season starts by November end.

The process of selecting the agency which will carry out the task of running the campaign is still under process.

The official said, “The ministry need not have any Bollywood face for the campaign to attract tourists from overseas. The perception about India has changed significantly in the last two years with Prime Minister Modi visiting a host of countries during the period. So, who else could be the better face for Indian Tourism than out Prime Minister?”

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