Navratri Day 6: Day of Maa Katyayani for happiness and peace in married life

On Day 6 of the Navratri, Goddess Katyayani, the sixth manifestation of Maa Durga is worshipped. The appearance of Maa Katyayani is majestic and divine. Taking her name from her father, sage Katyayan, he was the first person to recognise that she is an avatar of Maa Durga and hence called Katyayani. Holding sword in one of her left hand and lotus in another, her other two hands show protecting and allowing actions. Honey is offered as bhog to please the goddess.


Chanting of Katyayani Mantra every day gives peace of mind to the devotees and bless then with better health & wealth. She is believed to be blessing girls who have been facing difficulty in getting married by removing the obstacles causing the delay. Married couples too can benefit from chanting of Katyayani Mantra to increase happiness and peace in their married life.


Devi Mantra

Om Devi Katyayanyayi Namah


Mantra for marriage

कात्यायनि महामाये महायोगिन्यधीश्वरि ।
नन्द गोपसुतं देविपतिं मे कुरु ते नमः ॥

Kātyāyani mahāmāyē mahāyōgin’yadhīśvari |
Nanda gōpasutaṁ dēvipatiṁ mē kuru tē namaḥ ||



चन्द्रहासोज्ज्वलकरा शार्दूलवरवाहना।
कात्यायनी शुभं दद्याद्देवी दानवघातिनी॥

Chandrahaasojjval Karaa Shaardoolvarvaahanaa |

Katyayani Shubham Dadyaad Devi Daanavghatini ||

Meaning –

Devi Katyayani, who holds Chandrahaas Sword and other weapons in her hands, rides on Lion, and destroys demons, be propitious to me.


May Maa Katyayani bless you all! Jai Mata Di.

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