Nurses protesting, manhandled by Delhi police


It has been reported that a group of nurses protesting in Delhi on Friday were allegedly manhandled by Delhi police before being dragged into buses and detained.

The nurses were shouting slogans when the policemen pushed them and hustled them into buses. Journalists stated that they were also jostled in the commotion.

Nurses can called the strike across the country over salaries. But they have also claimed that they will not abandon Emergency cases.

At this time of the year many cities are facing rise in cases of Dengue and chikungunya.
“We are not happy with the response of the government and so we will go ahead with our proposed strike. But, we will attend to emergency and critical cases,” Liladhar Ramchandani, the spokesperson of All India Government Nurses Federation, said today.

“We tried to convince them but they are adamant about their demands. The ministry has assured them but they are not yielding. Also, so many people are suffering from dengue and chikungunya in this season, and we also asked them to defer the strike but in vain,” said Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital’s Medical Superintendent AK Gadpayle.

An estimated 1.8 million government workers in sectors like banking and telecom are also on strike today to protest against new labour and investment policies.

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