Lunar Eclipse 2020 – 5 July Lunar eclipse dos & don’ts and know what is Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

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In this article know what is penumbral lunar eclipse, types of lunar eclipse, dos and don’ts of Lunar eclipse, health myths related to lunar eclipse, and India lunar eclipse 2020 dates (Chandra graham dates india).

What is Lunar Eclipse?
A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the shadow of the Earth blocks the sun’s light for the moon. An eclipse of the moon happens at a full moon, when the sun, the Earth and the moon line up in space, with Earth being in the middle. During this time, Earth’s shadow falls on the moon, creating a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses happen two to five times a year and last for a few hours.

In simple words, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks the light of the Sun which is usually reflected on the moon. This eclipse causes the Earth’s shadow to fall on the moon.

penumbral lunar eclipse india lunar eclipse date

Now let’s find out about the types of lunar eclipse.

Types of lunar eclipse
There are three types of lunar eclipses – total eclipse, partial eclipse, and penumbral lunar eclipse.

What is the total eclipse of the moon or the total lunar eclipse?
In a total eclipse of the moon, the inner part of Earth’s shadow (umbra) falls on the moon’s face and the moon appears blood red.

What is a partial lunar eclipse or the partial lunar eclipse?
In the partial lunar eclipse, the umbra takes a bite out of only a section of the moon. The dark bite grows larger, and never reachs the total phase.

Penumbral lunar eclipse

What is penumbral lunar eclipse or the penumbral lunar eclipse?
In a penumbral lunar eclipse, the earth blocks some of the sun’s light from reaching the moon and covers a part of the Moon with its outer shadow, which is also known as the penumbra. This makes it much more difficult to observe than either a total or partial eclipse of the moon. There is never a dark section taken out of the moon, as in a partial eclipse.

Penumbral lunar eclipse

When is Penumbral lunar eclipse in July 2020?
The Penumbral lunar eclipse occurs will start on July 5, at around 8.37 AM IST. It will go on till 11.22 AM IST. The maximum eclipse will be at 9:59 AM IST. It will last for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. However, it will not be visible from India as it is taking place during the day time.

India lunar eclipse 2020 dates – Chandra graham dates India
– January 10 (Penumbral)
– June 5 (Penumbral)
– July 5 (Penumbral)
– November 30 (Penumbral)

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More about penumbral lunar eclipse 

Dos and Don’ts during Lunar Eclipse  & Myths related to the lunar eclipse

Every time an eclipse occurs, people begin to believe in several myths. Although there are no scientific reasons known as yet, some of these myths have been passed on through generations, especially in India. Some of the common health myths are given down below:

  • People avoid eating and drinking during an eclipse: This is an age-old myth that one must not eat and drink anything during an eclipse. To make already prepared food going bad due to the impact of the eclipse, people in India put leaves of ‘holy basil’ in it. But there’s no scientific evidence backing it.
  • Pregnant women should be more careful during this time: It is believed that eclipse can affect pregnant women and their fetus. A pregnant woman exposing herself to eclipse can result in any kind of deformity in the child or some permanent marks on the body of the child. However, this has not been scientifically proven also.
  • Looking at the eclipse will damage your eyes: Experts suggest that people should avoid looking at the eclipse directly with the naked eye. Exposing your eyes to the sun during an eclipse (without proper eye protection) can cause eclipse blindness. This has been warned by scientists as well.
  • Charity: As per Indian mythology, giving out food and money to the needy during the eclipse is considered very good.

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