Places you can visit in Rajasthan in five days

Rajasthan, being one of the most popular tourist places of India, has far too many places to see. There are times when we have limited number of days and don’t know what to see in that short span of time. To make things easier for you, we are giving below some ready options for you to visit Rajasthan in five days  :


Jaipur (2N) – Ranthambore (2N)
Jaipur (2N) – Jodhpur (2N)
Jaipur (1N) – Udaipur (2N) – Mount Abu (1N)
Jaipur (2N) – Pushkar (1N) – Udaipur (1N)
Jaipur (2N) – Pushkar (1N) – Mount Abu (1N)
Jaipur (2N) – Udaipur (2N)
Jaipur (1N) – Pushkar (1N) – Udaipur (2N)
Jaipur (1N) – Pushkar (1N) – Mount Abu (2N)
Jaipur (1N) – Jodhpur (1N) – Udaipur (2N)
Jaipur (2N) – Kota (1N) – Ajmer/Pushkar (1N)
Jodhpur (1N) – Bikaner (1N) – Jaipur (2N)
Jodhpur (2N) – Jaisalmer (2N)
Jodhpur (1N) – Jaisalmer (2N) – Bikaner (1N)
Jodhpur (1N) – Mount Abu (1N) – Udaipur (2N)
Jodhpur (2N) – Mount Abu (1N) – Udaipur (2N)
Udaipur (2N) – Mount Abu (2N)
Udaipur (2N) – Kumbhalgarh (1N) – Chittorgarh (1N)
Ranakpur (1N) – Mount Abu (2N) – Udaipur (1N)

*(N) – Nights


Now that you know what to see in five days, what are you waiting for. Go ahead and plan your vacation.


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