Rio Olympics Kicks-off with Vibrant opening Ceremony

Rio Olympics 2016 Games were formally opened at Rio’s Maracana Stadium on Friday, 5th August 2016.

rio olympics 2016

The ceremony celebrated the history and beauty of Brazil and was broadcast to almost three billion audiences. Brazil is the country with great economic inequalities and the ceremony defined that inequality by showcasing the culture of Favelas, the Brazilian slums.

It also featured the clash of cultures from the historic past of Brazil when Portuguese came to conquest the African population and use them as slave labor for 400 years.

The event also gave the message about climate change and deforestation of the Amazon. Each athlete was asked to plant seeds that will eventually grow into trees.

Former Marathon Runner, Vanderlei De Lima lit the Olympic cauldron, when Pele, Football legend had ruled out himself of performing the role saying he was not in the right “physical condition”.

More than 11,000 athletes will compete in the first edition of the Olympic Games in South America.

The games will cost roughly about 11.5 billion dollars which have created a hitch in Brazil and its domiciles who are already struggling due to Downfall in Brazil’s economy.

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