Rio Olympics Results for 17th August 2016

Here is what you’re looking for… Rio Olympic results from 2016 Olympic Games.

rio olympic results
Rio de Janeiro – Britânicos Jack Laugher e Chris Mears é ouro no trampolim de 3 metros sincronizado dos saltos ornamentais nos Jogos Olímpicos Rio 2016, no Parque Aquático Maria Lenk (Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)
  • Event: Badminton-Women’s Singles Quarterfinals


Score: 2-0

  • Event: Badminton- Men’s Singles Quarterfinals


Score: 1-2

  • Event: Wrestling- Women’s freestyle 58kg Qualifications

Countries: IND-SWE

Score: 5-4

  • Event: Wrestling- Women’s freestyle 48kg 1/8 final

Countries: IND-ROU

Score: 11-0

  • Event: Wrestling- Women’s freestyle 58kg 1/8 final

Countries: IND-MDA

Score: 5-5

  • Event: Wrestling- Women’s freestyle 48kg 1/4 final

Countries: IND-CHN

Score: 1-2

  • Event: Wrestling- Women’s freestyle 58kg 1/4 final

Countries: IND-RUS

Score: 2-9

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