Role of father: Different Parenting Styles – Asian Fathers vs Western Fathers

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Role of father – People always talk about a mother generally when it comes to a child’s upbringing. The fact is that fathers do play an important role in a child’s upbringing and life. A lot of times, this goes unnoticed. Let’s talk about how much a father is involved in a child’s life.

Role of father – Ideologies and FreedomIdeologies and Freedom

The Role of the Father in Western countries is a lot different from Asian countries, majorly because of different cultures and ideologies. Although people from various parts of the world have found ways to work together professionally, there still remains a difference in the role of a father in raising their kids. The difference lies because of reasons like freedom, expectations, reward or praise, criticism, values, racial bias, the idea of success, privacy, equality, permission, encouragement, punishment, etc.

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Experiences and OpinionsExperiences and Opinions

The major difference between Asian and Western fathers is that you’ll find Asian fathers more involved in your daily life. Generally, the fathers in the western nations encourage you to live on your own terms and have your own experiences. They also understand that children need some privacy. When it comes to discussing any issues, Asian fathers are generally more ordering than listening to the viewpoint of their children. Children also face a problem while asking for permission to go out with friends in Asian countries because of the security concerns of their parents, all of which are not baseless. Fathers in Asia are also more worried about their child’s education rather than encouraging them to get involved in curricular activities as even today in countries like India, it’s important to get good marks because admission in almost all the higher courses depends on the marks/percentage one gets in school.

Role of a father in a child’s upbringing and life

Dating and Marriage

Dating also becomes mischief for Asian fathers whereas fathers from the Western background believe in inviting their children’s partner home for dinners and other events. This also makes a difference in how they handle their children’s marriage. Here again, the difference is mostly because of culture and religion. In many parts of Asia, even today, marriages are fixed by parents. Things are moving slowly where parents and family have started accepting the relationships formed by their children.
Fathers from the West believe in making their children independent which is why you’ll see a majority of people in the western countries living independently. The same is the opposite in Asian countries. Here, people mostly live with their parents until they get married and more often than not even after marriage. But, staying in a joint family has its own advantages as well. Today, when the outside world is so competitive and pressing, coming back to people who are all ears to listen to your problems and giving unconditional love, it gives the children a much-needed venting outlet.

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Role of father – Education

Asian Fathers often guide their kids to opt for specific fields in science like becoming a doctor or an engineer whereas fathers from western countries let their kids decide what they want to study according to their interests.

Western fathers are open to the idea of exploring and that is why they let their children be free and decide what they want to pursue in their careers and otherwise too, whereas the same in the case of Asian fathers are otherwise. They prefer guiding them by stopping them to do something they think would not end well for their children.

A major difference here is that, unlike Western countries where a majority of children have to fund their own higher education, fathers in Asia take it upon themselves to arrange funds for their children’s higher education.

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These are only some of the things that can define the different parenting styles of Asian and Western Fathers. Irrespective of the difference in parenting style, all parents want the best for their children.

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