Shatrughan Sinha, “Let’s stop living in a fools’ paradise ”

It is Shatrughan Sinha Vs BJP again. Narendra Modi last evening told his cabinet that the decision of pulling out notes had the overwhelming support of the country. He even cited the results of the survey conducted through his app, which said, 93% of five lakh people backed his move.

shatrughan sinha

#ShatrughanSinha was surely not among the ones who back Modi, he tweeted, “Let’s stop living in a fools’ paradise and getting carried away by planted stories & surveys conducted by vested interests”.
Apparently, the opposition says that the survey was designed to deliver favorable outcomes because it does not include the voice of rural India, which in reality does not have smartphones.

Mr. Sinha has been reported to be sidelined by top BJP leaders.
Sinha also tweeted referring to problems faced by homemakers,”…well Intentioned savings over many years of our mothers & sisters for emergency can’t be equated with black money”.

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