Shivaji Memorial: Does India Really need this?

PM Narendra Modi, on 24th December Laid Foundation for the Shivaji Memorial, whose controversies have been doing rounds these days.

shivaji memorial

This Shiv Smarak is a coming up project which will be constructed upon the Arabian Sea, around 1.5 km from Mumbai shoreline opposite Marine Drive.

The cost involved in the construction is said to be Rs, 3,600 crores.

Now the question arises, whether we really need this Memorial??

Some People claim that it is good for India, firstly it hails from one of the greatest leaders, as also it would be a Tourist spot which encourages Tourism in India, on the other hand, people have also opposed it saying the cost spent on this project can be used to establish better infrastructure, education, and Health, which Shivaji Maharaj Would have also done.

Check out what people are saying on twitter for the same:

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