Significance of conch in Hinduism and health benefits of conch blowing

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Significance of conch in Hinduism – Conch shell is a significant instrument in Hinduism known as the ‘Shankha’ in Sanskrit language. Shankh is a symbol of purity, intelligence, and happiness.significance of conch in hinduism

In Hinduism, the sound from the conch is associated with the sound of ‘Om’. The Shankha symbolizes the beginning of any good work and is believed to the purest form of sound which represents freshness and new hope. Shankha or the conch has great importance and significance in Hinduism. Not only that, conch blowing has some amazing health benefits too. Let’s find out more about the importance and significance of conch or shankha in Hinduism.

Significance of conch in Hinduism – Significance of conch in spiritual

  • The word Shankha means pacifying the inauspicious and impure. Therefore, before starting any religious ritual in Hinduism, the conch shell is blown.
  • Even at the arrival of the idol of any deity in the house, the conch shell is blown.
  • A conch shell is kept in every Hindu household with great care because it is a symbol of purity. It is believed that the shankha should be placed on a red cloth or on a silver or clay pot. Also, people keep water in the conch which is sprinkled while performing the puja rituals.
  • It is said that the Shankha hold the cosmic energy within itself which gets emanated when it is blown.
  • Shankha is a sacred emblem of the God Vishnu and he is seen holding it in one of his hands in many of his avatars.
  • As per the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, shankha is considered to be the adobe of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.
  • Shankha is also considered apt for bathing idols or images of various deities during ritual purification.
  • Shankha is also considered apt for bathing idols or images of various deities during ritual purification. It is believed that bathing Lord Vishu with shankha gives freedom from sins of even past lives.

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Significance of conch in Hinduism

Spiritual and health benefits of conch blowing-

  • Conch blowing also helps in correcting speech problems.
  • Blowing conch puts pressure on the prostate area which improves prostate health.
  • Your face muscles are stretched when you blow a conch, so it helps in reducing fine lines.
  • Blowing conch provides a great for diaphragm, chest, neck muscles, and urinary tract, bladder, and lower abdomen.
  • When you hold the Shankha, it produces the humming sound of the ocean in it. This humming sound is actually the cosmic energy of the earth.
  • When you blow the conch, the lung muscles expand, hence improving the aerial capacity.
  • The cosmic energy of the earth gets magnified on entering the shankh or the conch shell. These vibrations radiate positive vibes and remove negative energy from their surroundings.
  • The positive energy and vibes from the conch sound make a person more receptive.
  • The conch waves also has a sound positive psychological impact thereby augmenting the feelings like courage, hope, optimism, and determination.
  • The sharp sound of conch makes the person focus on that sound only thereby emptying the brain of all other thoughts thereby giving relaxing the mind, body, and soul.

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