Save Water before it’s too late: Simple steps to save water

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Simple steps you can take to save water

“Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Just think about it”

Water conservation is a very serious topic and we all need to take some major steps to save water. Do you know, the Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas of World Resources Institute has ranked water stress risk across 189 countries. Qatar, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, UAE, San Marino, Bahrain, India, Pakistan are the top 14 in water stress risk. Many cities in India are experiencing chronic water stress as well. It is high time we start working towards saving water before it’s too late.

simple steps you can take to save water

Simple steps you can take to save water

Water conservation can be simple, and the first step should be taken from our home. Whether you’re doing laundry, washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or watering plants, there are various ways to save water. In this article, you’ll be able to find the simple steps you can take to save water. Your small step can save a lot of water.

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Some simple steps you can take to save water

  • If you think your car should be washed, take your car to a car wash that recycles the water, rather than washing it at home. By taking this small step you’ll surely save a good amount of water. If you want to do it yourself, then rather than using a waterpipe, use a bucket. This will certainly save a lot of water.
  • While washing your dishes, by the time you’re scrubbing the dishes keep the tap off instead of letting it run the whole time.

Simple steps you can take to save water

  • Do you really think you need to use a shower? Instead, use a bucket. The best part is you can also add some fragrance to your water when using a bucket.
  • After washing the dishes, save that water and use that water for things like flushing the toilet.
  • Turn your tap off while brushing your teeth. Don’t waste so much water while brushing!
  • Do turn off the tap while scrubbing your hands. This will save a few gallons of water.
  • Fix your leaks. Call a plumber and fix leaky faucets which can mean big water savings.

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Simple steps you can take to save water

  • Steam your food  to avoid water usage and protect the natural nutrients. If you do boil your veggies, try using the leftover water for soups or to water plants.
  • Avoid wasting food. It takes a lot of water to produce cereal, fruits, and vegetables. Wasting less food could save you many liters of water a year.

Simple steps you can take to save water

  • Tell your children not to play with the sprinklers. Children love to play under a hose and sprinkler on a hot day. But this can waste a lot of water.
  • Harvest rainwater… this can save up to 5,000 liters of water a year. Plant more trees. Save rainwater and use that water for doing chores where drinking water is not required.

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Steps that should be taken by the Government

Governments can also take steps to conserve fresh water and prevent water pollution.

  • Measuring the use of water and setting targets to reduce water wastage.
  • Making new laws to increase water recycling.

Simple steps you can take to save water

  • Encourage large companies to recycle water.
  • Supporting industry to make water-intensive products last longer.
  • Preventing people from polluting waterways by making laws. Avoid using toxic chemicals which could pollute our soils.
  • Insisting on harvesting rainwater.

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A lot of effort from everyone is required to save water. We will keep discussing more on this topic in our next article. Till then, start saving water from today.

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