Sunita Bishnoi: Rajasthan’s Opium Racket

Sunita Bishnoi, 31-year-old women from Rajasthan village, has been allegedly caught by the police on account of running one of the biggest opium rings in the state.

sunita bishnoi

Sunita Bishnoi owns a mansion and fleet of luxury cars.

The police found out about Sunita, three days ago, when they caught two people smuggling opium, and they told the police that they work for a woman named Sunita.

Around 50 policemen searched the four-story house in Jodhpur’s Boranada area. Apart from 75 grams of opium, they also discovered GPS system and an array of cars that were used for delivery and supply of opium.
Along with her, four others of her gang have also been arrested. Her partner Ikram is still being searched on. The police have sealed her bungalow and she is now in custody of the Jodhpur Police.

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