What is the story of Matsya avatar?

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Do you know the tale of Vishnu’s Matsya avatar? Let’s find out.

Anything that is born, has to die and anything that dies, dies to be born once again, that is the law of nature which with time and tide keeps repeating itself, when things start to take an undue turn, the law extends a helping hand and appears in the guise of a calamity or disaster but actually it is the nature’s ways to reset things and help prevail in life on earth with righteousness and balance one more time.

the tale of Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar

The process that appears like a disaster is equivalent to the germination of a seed, which has to break the shell to let it germinate, while the breaking of the shell might appear a disaster or death to some, nature sees it as a stepping stone to the next level. Similarly, to let life cycle continue once again takes the good lord Vishnu a different avatar. Let’s discover the greater purpose behind through the tale of Vishnu’s Matsya avatar.

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The tale of Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar can be found with slight variations in different Hindu Scriptures like the Mahabharata, the Puranas, the Matsya Purana, Bhagavata Purana, Agni Purana etc. but according to the Vedic descriptions, it goes like this:

The Hindu God Shri Vishnu shall in total takes ten avatars or Dashavatara in different ages to help mankind through the transition and restore dharma.

The Matsya Avatar was his first avatar that took place during the Satya Yuga. It is believed that once there was a king named Manu, who was brought water from the stream to perform some holy rites and for his ablution, inside the water he found a small fish who was scared of the big fishes that might eat it up, the king then takes it and puts it in a small pot till it grows big enough to cover the entire pot, the king then transfers it to a tank of water, in a few days it grows big enough to cover the entire tank, then he puts it in the River Ganges and it gradually reaches the sea and then the big ocean.

the tale of Vishnu’s Matsya Avatar

Since the king Manu helped save its life, the fish before going away promises to save his life during the calamitous floods that are expected on a certain date and in the meantime asks him to prepare a boat to sail through, with him take some Sages and other learned men, grain samples of all type, some cattle and other animal species.

The floods do come on the expected date; the king is ready with his boat with all the other stuff and they sail through the deadly floods that ruin almost everything on earth to the Himalayas where with everything they had brought with them and start their life all over again.

The king realizes that it is no ordinary fish and asks it to reveal its true nature from which appears Lord Vishnu. The king bows before him and thanks him for choosing him as an advocate in carrying out his divine ways on earth.

In this entire story, everything has a symbolic reference, like the small fish, symbolize the weak and the downtrodden in our society that needs protection and helping hand of those superior to them by establishing dharma, the king symbolizes the saviour who ensures safety for others, the boat is symbolic of the means that can help transform hardships into stepping stones to achieving higher purpose and the mountains where they seek refuge as the new opportunities and doorway to achieving liberation.

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