Women’s Day 2023 : Things a Woman should Say No To

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Things a Woman should Say No To – The International Women’s Day celebrated on 8th March every year stands for the rights and freedom of every woman. It not only celebrates the achievements of women but also highlights the issues faced by them. But this International Women’s Day, every woman must pledge to say no to certain social norms and choose her freedom!Things a Woman should Say No To

Things a woman should SAY NO TO !

  1. Societal Pressure

It is every woman’s right to live her life according to her choice. However, societal pressure does not let that happen. There is always societal pressure on a girl from the day she is born to follow certain norms. A girl must learn to cook, she must get married early, she must have a baby soon after marriage, she must look after her kids instead of working, she must take care of her husband’s family, etc. A woman lives under the pressure constantly and tries to meet the social norms even if she does not want to do so. On this International women’s day, every woman must take a stand and say no to (Things a Woman should Say No To) societal pressure. It is her choice and decision to marry or not marry, to work or not work, to live alone or in a family! Society must not decide when a girl should get married or have a child. It is a woman’s right to decide for herself. 

  1. Body Shaming

Body shaming has been condemned in recent times by various celebrities. However, every woman must start saying no to body shaming! It is a woman’s right to be as she wants to be! There are no mandatory standards of body and beauty. A woman must be comfortable in her skin irrespective of her weight, height, skin colour, etc. Therefore, if anyone body shames a woman, she must say no to it and not struggle to meet societal expectations. It does not matter if a woman is skinny or curvy, it is her body and her choice. Body shaming has had caused mental health issues in women where they found it difficult to accept their body types. Hence, it must be condemned and a woman must live according to her choice.

Things a Woman should Say No To

  1. Giving Up 

One of the most essential things to say no to by women is to give up their dreams, ambitions, choices, career, or life for the sake of others. A woman is not supposed to just live for others but she has a right to live for herself. We often see women giving up their careers to take care of their families or giving up their ambitions for the sake of others. However, it is not acceptable and on this International Women’s Day, it must be condemned. It is every woman’s right (Things a Woman should Say No To) to take care of herself. Sacrifice is not a woman’s life. For centuries, women have been taught to sacrifice and adjust according to others’ wishes. But in the now-evolving world, they must get a choice to live according to their wishes. They must pay heed to their needs and take care of their mind and body. 

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  1. Other’s Opinion

Say no to others’ opinions and live according to your opinion! This should be the motto of every woman on International Women’s Day. People will keep giving their opinions but a woman must not pay heed to them. She should listen to her voice and work according to her choice. Whether the opinions are about her looks or her work or her family life, others do not have a right to judge or comment on her. It is a woman’s right to do what she wants to do. Hence, women should stop bothering about other people’s comments and start living their life on their terms.

Things a Woman should Say No To

  1. Restrictions 

A woman is known to be bound by several restrictions from the beginning of this world. From when to go out, what to wear, how to sit, how to behave, to work or not work, etc., women have been made to abide by these restrictions from their family and society. It is a woman’s right to live freely and according to her wishes. She has a right to chose what to wear, when to go out, whom to talk to, etc. Therefore, it is time to break these restrictions and say no to them! A woman can be independent and have her personal space. She has a right to say no to something she does not want to do! 

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