Women’s T20 Challenge 2019: Today Women IPL Match Live Updates Supernovas vs Velocity 3rd Match – Supernovas won by 12 runs

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Women’s T20 Challenge 2019: Today Women IPL Match Live Updates Supernovas vs Velocity 3rd Match Sawai Mansingh  – Stadium Jaipur – Supernovas won by 12 runs

Today Women IPL Match Live Updates Supernovas vs Velocity 3rd Match:

  • VEL 130/3 (20.0) CRR: 6.5 Supernovas won by 12 runs
  • The Supernovas have done it. They have put forth a deadly bowling performance in unison, one Velocity were never able to break free off. The tight line and length make it a tricky proposition to navigate the boundaries and as well the Supernovas win by 12 runs, the Trailblazers will be left trophyless the second year on the bounce.
  • With just 23 runs needed, what Velocity have assured themselves of is a place in the coveted summit clash. No matter what the result of this encounter, by virtue of a solid net run-rate, their place is booked. All onus on the Supernovas now to defend 23 in the final over.
  • VEL 112/3 (18.0) CRR: 6.22 REQ: 15.5 Velocity need 31 runs in 12 balls
  • That was quite the shambolic over by Radha. 3 balls, 3 full tosses, allowing the batsmen to run the doubles and she’s finished her spell in flummoxed fashion despite just giving 6 runs in the 17th. However as the run-rate climbs above the 10 run mark for the first time in this match, Velocity are forced to chase things now
  • VEL 100/3 (16.0) CRR: 6.25 REQ: 10.75 Velocity need 43 runs in 24 balls
  • With 50 needed in the last 5 overs, what the Supernovas have done here is break the way Velocity were traversing their way to the fence. The match is a cliff-hanger, tantalising poised ahead of the final flourish and it’s too close to predict where this swings.
  • Over 15 Update: Mithali the wicket that Supernovas are still searching for. Getting rid of Wyatt had proved to be fruitful for them with their exceptional spinners ruthlessly doing the job for them to stem the runs but another wicket here would be even better than gold. 92-3
  • VEL 86/3 (14.0) CRR: 6.14 REQ: 9.5 Velocity need 57 runs in 36 balls
  • VEL 84/3 (13.0) CRR: 6.46 REQ: 8.43 Velocity need 59 runs in 42 balls
  • VEL 79/3 (12.0) CRR: 6.58 REQ: 8 Velocity need 64 runs in 48 balls
  • Third Wicket : Wyatt b Poonam Yadav 43(33) [4s-4 6s-2]
  • 50 run stand has come up between Wyatt and Mithali with Wyatt doing all the scoring in it. This partnership is a testament to the rousing batting conditions at play, a pleasant change from what we’ve been given in the opening two matches. All Velocity at the moment.
  • VEL 68/2 (10.0) CRR: 6.8 REQ: 7.5 Velocity need 75 runs in 60 balls
  • Over 10: The two early wickets have failed to pile the pressure on Velocity. This 47 run stand in 42 balls are wiping out the Supernovas as Velocity sit in complete control. At 68-2 in 10 overs, only wickets can save the match for the defending side.
  • VEL 67/2 (9.0) CRR: 7.44 REQ: 6.91 Velocity need 76 runs in 66 balls
  • VEL 55/2 (8.0) CRR: 6.88 REQ: 7.33 Velocity need 88 runs in 72 balls
  • Over 8: Devine has been introduced into the attack as well as the Supernovas try everything to break a stand that is threatening to snatch the match away from. They need their specialist bowlers to implement a breakthrough here and show decisive wicket here.
  • VEL 52/2 (7.0) CRR: 7.43 REQ: 7 Velocity need 91 runs in 78 balls
  • VEL 46/2 (6.0) CRR: 7.67 REQ: 6.93 Velocity need 97 runs in 84 balls
  • Powerplay Update: With the field restrictions uplifted, the Supernovas have decided to incur a change in their stratergy as well. Scvier is brought on to add a dash of pace on the surface and the defending side are in dire need of a wicket here. Both Wyatt and Mithali are looking well settled in now and with the 50 run mark traversed, Velocity have finally managed to hold fort.
  • VEL 34/2 (5.0) CRR: 6.8 REQ: 7.27 Velocity need 109 runs in 90 balls
  • The Supernovas have done extremely well to come out and pummel Velocity in the opening overs. Mathews yet again proving to be someone who needs to be dropped, trapped infront by Poonam with the spinners enjoying themselves here. 22-2 after 4 overs.
  • Second Wicket : Hayley Matthews lbw b Anuja Patil 11(12) [4s-2]
  • VEL 15/1 (3.0) CRR: 5 REQ: 7.53 Velocity need 128 runs
  • First Wicket : Shafali Verma st Bhatia b Radha Yadav 2(4)
  • Radha gets Verma to go. A very good gameplan by them, executed perfectly and the drift on the ball beats the opener. Radha yet again showing why she’s one of the main bowlers in the Supernovas scintillating bowling unit as Tania stumps Verma for 2
  • VEL 7/0 (2.0) CRR: 3.5 REQ: 7.56 Velocity need 136 runs
  • It’s Hayley and Verma who’ve come out to open for Velocity. The West Indians have cut a forlone figure this season and the Supernovas will be looking to send Matthews early back to the pavilion. Gone with spin in the powerplay itself
  • VEL 4/0 (1.0) CRR: 4 REQ: 7.32 Velocity need 139 runs
  • Second Inning Start : Hayley Matthews and Shafali Verma are at the crease. Hayley Matthews is on strike. Radha Yadav will open the attack
  • We’re underway with the chase for Velocity who’ll be looking to affirm their place in the final on Saturday with a win here. The target is not too daunting, the pitch is rewarding clean, pinch hitting and only a defiant showing by the Supernovas can save them here.
  • Rodrigues: It looks a decent surface but not easy for the new batter to start. I was taking my time initially and then capitalized on it. (On whether he has practised hockey shots) Yes, I am working on it with my dad and several others are also helping me. Raman Sir especially has backed me always and told me to focus on not overhitting the ball. Not a par score but we need to make it one by taking early wickets.
  • inning Break : SNO 142/3 (20.0) CRR: 7.1
  • The death overs have massively swung Velocity’s way who’ll be going into the break as the happier of the two sides. They e reeled back the Supernovas atleast 20 runs here, a massive setback for the side who need to win this at any costs. As they end this on 142-3, only their spinners can save this match for them.
  • The Supernovas have completely messed up their quest to rake up a colossal score here. Wrong move by the team management to promote Devine especially after Chamira’s sore innings and as Harmanpreet fails to get bat onto ball with just the 1 run in 5 balls, it’s safe to say her side has squandered away all the incentive.
  • Third Wicket : Devine c Mithali b Amelia Kerr 9(14)
  • Devine was sent on to up the scoring, hit the runs fast and at a tantalising rate but she’s completely failed to do so. Her dwindling innings off 9 in 14 bas finally comes to an end with Kerr getting her second and it’s Harmanpreet who has the final 9 balls to play out here.
  • Score after 18 overs SNO 133-2 Devine 9(13) Rodrigues 70(42)
  • SNO 115/2 (16.0) CRR: 7.19
  • While this tournament is a revelation for women’s cricket, one that has taken over the country with some absolutely delectable cricket, the fielding has been such a debacle to watch. Haley drops a catch before Verma missed a stumping in the 16th and Kerr is left without her second
  • SNO 109/2 (15.0) CRR: 7.27
  • Over 15: Containing Jermihah has been an improbable ask for Velocity over here. It’s been way too comfortable for her to find the boundaries with the drive being the forefront of her batting today. She brings up her 50 with a four of Ekta’s last ball and with the batting side reaching 109 ahead of the last 5 overs, it’s a delicious position they find themselves in here
  • Score after 14 overs – SNO 97-2 –  Rodrigues 41(27), Devine 2(4)
  • Second Wicket : Athapaththu st Sushma Verma b Amelia Kerr 31(38) [4s-5]
  • And Kerr gets the vital breakthrough as she gives the ball drift, leaving Chamira way out of her crease. Easy stumping here for Tania with the wrong delivery proving to be fruitful. An extremely important wicket for Velocity but the Supernovas won’t be too upset as Devine comes out
  • Over 13: As the 50 run stand comes up for the first wicket, while the Supernovas have set a foundation for the middle-order to come and revolve around, it’s pointless if they don’t get enough overs to come out and open their arms.
  • END OF OVER:12 | 7 Runs | SNO: 79/1 | RR: 6.58
  • Over 11: As the overs keep passing by, Harmanpreet is getting less and less time to out and play her expansive range of shots. Jermihah and Harmanpreet can really up the ante from here and if they are given atleast 8 overs to take the scoreboard to a collosal one. 72-1
  • SNO 63/1 (10.0) CRR: 6.3
  • END OF OVER:9 | 6 Runs | SNO: 55/1 | RR: 6.11
  • Score after 8 overs SNO 49-1
  • Over 8: While Jermihah has taken little time to come in and settle her, it’s the other end which is causing a headache to Velocity. It’s piling pressure on Supernovas, needing them to take unnecessary risks and this could prove to a bad ask for for Harmanpreet and Jermihah
  • Score after 7 overs SPN 47-1
  • SPN 40/1 (6.0) CRR: 6.67
  • Powerplay Update: Despite losing a wicket, the start for the Supernovas has been a solid one. They’ve managed to hit some absolutely gorgeous boundaries, two on the bounce end the over to take the score to 39.
  • First Wicket : Priya Punia c Veda Krishnamurthy b Shikha Pandey 16(16) [4s-2]
  • Shikha given an extended go given the massive deviation she was extracting from the surface, getting the ball to come across into the batsmen and she’s done the trick here. Resolute bowling by here, gets the first breakthrough to send the opener back for 16 caught by Veda
  • Score after 4 overs SPN 22-0
  • While Shikha Pandey has been extremely precise from one end, it’s the other end that’s been a problem for Velocity. They’ve allowed the Supernovas to steadily see out Shikha and keep the runs going from the other end. Time for a change in bowling.
  • Over 3: It’s been an emphatic start from Velocity’s pacers in the opening exchanges of this encounter with the bowling being kept wicket to wicket, giving nothing away to an opening partnership who is completely out of it’s depth. 13-0
  • SPN 12/0 (2.0) CRR: 6
  • SPN 3/0 (1.0) CRR: 3
  • Just the 3 runs from the opening over for the Supernovas who’ve for us decided to go in with a wrong opening combination over here. Could have promoted Sophie or Rodrigues to come out and make the full use of the field restrictions
  • It’s Velocity who’ve won the toss and sent in the Supernovas to come out and bat on a surface which is going to play extremely treacherous. All signs here point towards the surface breaking up even further as the night passes.
  • It’s a must win match for last year’s defending champions, the Supernovas who are the only side here to open their account yet. They square off against new entrants Velocity who demolished the Trailblazers yesterday to sit on top of the ranks.
  • First Inning Start : Priya Punia and Athapaththu are at the crease. Priya Punia is on strike. Shikha Pandey will open the attack
  • Velocity (Playing XI): Hayley Matthews, Shafali Verma, Danielle Wyatt, Mithali Raj(c), Veda Krishnamurthy, Sushma Verma(w), Shikha Pandey, Jahanara Alam, Amelia Kerr, Komal Zanzad, Ekta Bisht
  • Supernovas (Playing XI): Priya Punia, Chamari Athapaththu, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur(c), Natalie Sciver, Sophie Devine, Lea Tahuhu, Taniya Bhatia(w), Anuja Patil, Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav
  • Velocity have won the toss and have opted to field

today women ipl match live updates supernovas vs velocity

Today Women IPL Match Live Updates Supernovas v Velocity 3rd Match preview highlights:

  • The Supernovas and Velocity will take on each other on 9th May, Thursday at 7:30 pm at the Sawai Mansingh stadium in the final group stage match of the tournament
  • The encounter will decide which two sides go through to the final with the Trailblazers and Velocity both sitting on 2 points while Supernovas are yet to open their account
  • Supernovas had defeated Trailblazers by 2 runs in the opening match of the league before slumping to a 3-wicket defeat at the hands of Velocity on Wednesday

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Probable XI

Supernovas: Chamari Athapaththu, Priya Punia, Jemimah Rodrigues, Harmanpreet Kaur (C), Natalie Sciver, Sophie Devine, Taniya Bhatia (wk), Anuja Patil, Lea Tahuhu/Mansi Joshi, Poonam Yadav, Radha Yadav

Velocity: Shafali Verma, Hayley Matthews, Danielle Wyatt, Mithali Raj (C), Veda Krishnamurthy, Sushma Verma (wk), Sushree Pradhan, Shikha Pandey, Amelia Kerr, Ekta Bisht, Komal Zanzad

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