Read facts about some unique villages of India you may not believe to be true

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Here are some interesting facts about unique villages of India. India is a country full of surprises. Its rustic village life always attracts people towards it as they look for a peaceful getaway. Read about some unique villages of India you may not even heard of.unique villages of india

Unique villages of India – Amazing facts about India

Shani Shignapur, Maharashtra

Lying in the Nevasa Taluka district of Ahmedabad, Maharashtra, Shani Shingnapur is a village known for its people being extreme devotees of Lord Shanaishwara and the divine Shani Temple. There have never been cases of burglary, riots, and dacoit recorded because people believe that Lord Shani has a vigilant eye on everyone. It is believed that whosoever performs an immoral deed in this village will be punished deliberately by Lord Shani himself. This is the reason, forget the locks, none of the building in the entire village is said to have any door.

Shetphal, Maharashtra – Snake village

The Indian village where snakes are an essential part of nearly 2600 people’s lives, Shetpal village lies in Sholapur district, Pune Maharashtra. People worship King Cobra snakes and treat them as their own beloved. Neither the villagers nor the snakes have been harmed by each other in years. You will be shocked to nerves but it is mandatory for people to have a separate abode for the cobra snakes in their homes to let them live peacefully. Children often treat them as pets.

Unique Villages of India

Punsari, Gujarat – Modern Indian village

Punsari- a small village situated in heart of Sabarkantha district Gujarat pulls everyone’s attention as it has grabbed the first position on the pedestal of modern villages of India. Here every house has its own CCTV surveillance, modern solar panels are used for cleaner energy, technology has made the education system bloom massively, with Wi-Fi connections accessible to every person. One can’t miss the excellent sewage and drainage systems managed by dedicated Panchayat Raj system.

Unique villages of India – Indian villages facts 

Jambur, Gujrat

Next, we have Jambur village located in the vicinity of Junagadh district and Gir National Park. The Siddi tribe predominantly resides here and people look quite similar to the African people. This village is also called as ‘India’s African Village’. The only way to distinguish them is when they speak Gujarati language. The oldest people of the village say that their ancestors were Bantu peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Kuldhara, Rajasthan

This one is a little bit goofy. Situated in the south-west of Jaisalmer Rajasthan, Kuldhara (‘The Ghost Village’) is believed to be a haunted village with zero inhabitants. Around 300 years ago everyone residing here left the place after a powerful minister Salim Singh spread his anarchy in the village because he wanted to marry the daughter of the village’s head forcefully. The residents were tortured so ruthlessly, they cursed the place that no one will ever be able to reside here. Even presently people are said to have experienced paranormal activities in the village.

Unique Villages of India

Kodinhi, Kerela – Indian village with twins

We must have heard that everyone has their twin somewhere around the world. Seems that people of Kohinhi village (situated in Malappuram District, Kerala) have taken this very seriously. It may sound hilarious but it is a real fact that this village has more than 400 pairs of twins. Doctors have been puzzled about the phenomenon behind this because the rate of having twins in Kodinhi is six times more than the global average. Till now experts haven’t been able to find a concrete reason for this.

Mattur, Karnataka

Sanskrit is the most ancient and pivotal language in India but with urbanity overtaking our culture, many of us actually scare from studying Sanskrit. But there is a unique village in India where people exclusively use Sanskrit language for communicating just like Hindi, or any other local language. Mattur village in Shimoga district of Karnataka is where children are taught to read Vedas right from childhood. Isn’t it a matter of pride for us to see people being rooted in our Indian tradition this extensively in the 21st century?

Unique villages of India – Indian Villages – Village food

Hiware Bazar, Maharashtra

It is well said that calculative and collective efforts can turn barren land into a land full of prosperity. Hiware Bazar was once a victim of harsh droughts because of the degrading environment, but people there have turned it into a flourishing one in less than a decade. The fate of the village changed, it became a quintessential example of development and now is reputed to have nearly 54-60 millionaires. The levels of productivity have multiplied rapidly and now the village boasts of no one being poverty-stricken.

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Barwaan Kala, Bihar

Let’s just divert the ride to Barwaan Kala in Kaimur district of Bihar, where being a bachelorette for the youth has become very common. Surprised? Well, you should be because the village hasn’t witnessed any marriage for the past 50 years. The reason though is very saddening. Because of the poverty and unemployment of the youth, people of this village feel that no one will ever be interested in marrying their daughters here so they have secluded themselves from the outer world.

Unique Villages of India

Rongdoi, Assam

Now don’t get indignant upon reading this one. We know that frogs love to hop and squeak in the rainy season but people of Rongdoi Village which is located in Jorhat District of Assam believes that the marriage of frogs as per Hindu rituals pleases the rain gods and brings the rains of prosperity.

Korlai Village, Maharashtra

India has a history full of invasions, right? Each time our country was invaded by outsiders they left some or the other elements of their respective cultures like their cuisine, language, sports, etc. Something like this became a pivotal example in Korlai Village that lies in the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra (precisely Raigad district). This village had experienced days of Portuguese rule and now 100% population speaks ‘Korlai Creole Portuguese’ language.

Unique Villages of India

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Meghalaya is a state with exceptional and ecstatic natural beauty. You will not find any village other than Mawlynnong village as clean as distilled water. Lying in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya is popularly known as ‘God’s own Garden’. The magnificent village is entitled to be the ‘Most Cleanest Village of Asia’. People here are extremely peculiar in disposing and segregating waste in eco-friendly dustbins made of bamboo. They use the same as manure for their agricultural purposes. Rainwater harvesting is widely practiced and the use of polythene is totally banned in this village.

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