Vat Purnima 2021: Date, time of vrat, vat savitri katha – Satyavan Savitri story

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Vat Purnima vrat or fast is observed by Hindu married women for their husbands. It is believed that if women fast on this day then their husbands will be blessed with a long and prosperous life. The day is celebrated on the new moon day of the New Year. In some parts of India, Vat Savitri vrat is observed on Amavasya which also coincides with Shani Jayanti while in some parts it is observed on purnima or the full moon day, hence called Vat purnima vrat. Let’s find out more about vat purnima vrat and Savitri Satyavan story in english.

vat savitri vrat

Vat Purnima vrat 2021 date muhurat – Satyavan Savitri story – Vat Savitri vrat

On this day, women keep fast and listen to the story of Satyavan Savitri under the Vat tree. The Vat or Banyan tree is tied with seven rounds of Mauli (kalawa). Vat Purnima vrat 2021 is falling on 24 June.

Purnima Tithi Begins – 03:32 AM on Jun 24, 2021
Purnima Tithi Ends – 12:09 AM on Jun 25, 2021

In some parts of India, Vat Savitri vrat is observed on Amavasya which also coincides with Shani Jayanti.  Vat purnima vrat 2022 date is 14 June.

Vat Purnima vrat – Story of Satyavan Savitri – Vat Savitri vrat

Savitri was the daughter of Asvapati, a powerful King of Madra. The king did not have a child and hence prayed to Savitr, the Sun God for a long time to have a son for his lineage. Pleased by his prayers, the God Savitr granted him a boon that he will soon have a daughter. She was named Savitri, in the honor of God. She was very beautiful. When she was of marriageable age, the parents could not find the right suitor for her. Her father then told her to find the right man for herself. The king sent his best warriors with his daughter and Savitri wandered across the country in search of a perfect man.

One day she reached a forest, where she found a king who had lost his kingdom. The old and blind king used to live in a small hut with his wife and a son. His son, Satyavan, was a handsome prince who earned living by chopping wood and selling it in the countryside. He bought food for his parents and they lived happily.

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Vat Purnima vrat – Savitri Satyavan story in english – Vat Savitri vrat

Savitri fell in love with Satyavan and decided to marry him. She went back to her father. She saw Sage Narada tell her father that a curse is laid upon Satyavan and he is doomed to die within a year of his marriage. The king told her about the curse and asked her to choose someone else. But Savitri refused and the king finally agreed to the marriage.

savitri and satyavan

Vat Purnima vrat 2021 – Savitri Satyavan story – Vat Savitri vrat

They lived happily for one year, but on the last day of the year, Savitri and Satyavan both went to the jungle in search of wood. After chopping off the woods, Satyavan soon felt fatigued and fell asleep in the lap of Savitri. Savitri knew that this is the time of his death.

Suddenly the whole forest became dark and soon Savitri saw Yama, the God of Death. He was there to take Satyavan’s soul. When Yama was about to leave, Savitri ran after him and requested Yama to take her along too or give back the life of Satyavan. Yama refused and said that her time has not yet come. She kept on following Yama, requesting him, praising him and then arguing with him with the virtues of the Dharma. Yama was impressed by her dedication and offered to grant her any boon, except Satyavan’s life. Savitri first asked for the eye-sight of her father-in-law. Then she asked for the restoration of the kingdom of his father-in-law. After that, she asked for a hundred children for her father. When Yama granted her all these boons, she asked for sons a hundred sons for herself and Satyavan. Yama granted the boon but soon realized the mistake. Savitri asked, “how can I have sons without my husband, Satyavan? Therefore, I beg you to give his life back”. Yama had no other choice, so he gives life back to the Satyavan.

It is a ritual of the Vat Savitri vrat or vat purnima vrat to listen to the Story of Satyavan Savitri.

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