Friendship in the modern world: What not to share with friends

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What not to share with friends – Friendship improves a person’s prospects for happiness, good health and longevity. Friendship acts as a “behavioral vaccine” that boosts both physical and mental health. But, just like other aspects of life, the ever-changing modern world has taken its toll on friendship too. Friendship does not always have a positive effect. There have been cases where friends betrayed their friend for their personal benefit after getting information about their family status, profession, income etc. It’s time for you to be little careful while making and interacting with friends. There is an old saying by Chanakya in Sanskrit:

what not to share with friends

What not to share with friends

न विश्वसेत् कुमित्रे च मित्रे चाअपि न विश्वसेत् ।

कदाचित कुपितं मित्रं सर्व गुह्यं प्रकाशयेत् ।।

What not to share with friends

Which means:

“Do not trust the person who is not your friend and equally do not trust the person who is your friend because may be, someday, when your friend is angry, he/she can disclose all your secrets to others”

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Here are some points on what not to share with friends.

Maintain a healthy relationship

Finding a true friend is priceless. If you don’t agree with any of your friend’s acts or decision, then discuss. Don’t force your friend for anything and try to avoid giving advice or fixing all of your friend’s problems.

Do not share your password

Do not share your ATM pin, social media account passwords, unusual pictures with your friends. These things are private so keep all these things with yourself.

Don’t share every detail of your family

Do not share every single detail of your family with your friends. Things like where your relatives stay, when your parents stay out, your parents phone numbers and many other personal details.

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Do not share your financial details

If you are facing any money issue in your family, solve it yourself. Do not share any information about the money, sale of land, property, income of your family members. This can be very dangerous. I might be wrong, but one can take advantage of your situation. Many cases are registered, where friends have taken advantages and forced their friend to involve in wrong things.

Keep your family informed whenever you go out with your friends

If you are going for a trip or a party with your friend, share your friend’s phone number, your friend’s picture, your location and necessary information with your parents so that your parents can help/reach you in case of an emergency.

what not to share with friends

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Do not share secrets that you don’t want anyone to know

Do not share the secrets about you, your family or any secret that you do not want anyone to know. Sometimes, we share our dark secrets with our friends and later regret it. So, to avoid this situation do not share any secrets with anyone.

What not to share with friends

I am not saying that every friend is not trustworthy, but then it is nearly impossible to find the ones who are completely trustworthy. Even there people tend to behave different under various circumstances. So, better safe than sorry. Stay Safe while having fun with friends.

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