WhatsApp New Status Feature: How it works and what is it?

WhatsApp has recently introduced the biggest fundamental change in “How to use WhatsApp status”. Now instead of the boring status like, “Hey there, I’m using WhatsApp,” “At Gym”, “At work”, people will now be able to upload pictures and videos as the status.

The Facebook-owned messaging app wants people to update their WhatsApp Status multiple times a day. To encourage this, the WhatsApp team has introduced the new pattern to make people more expressive, with videos and photos. This is similar to Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

You can share photos, videos, and GIFs as your Status, which are visible to all your WhatsApp contacts by default. WhatsApp Status updates disappear after 24 hours.

WhatsApp Product manager, Randall Sarafa said, that the new status combines three existing features, broadcast lists, media sharing, and status.

The WhatsApp UI has been updated to accommodate the new features. The idea behind the change, Sarafa says, is to get users to share stuff with people “without thinking about which chat window to share it with”. So, instead of first picking a chat and then triggering the camera from there like you typically do, you are now encouraged to shoot first, and figure out the sharing options later.

The new feature will be available to all WhatsApp users on Android, iPhone and windows. It is rolling out to users in Europe as of now and will be soon out for other regions.

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