First challenger eviction in Bigg Bogg 14

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Having a rush thinking about bigg boss elimination today and who got eliminated from bigg boss? Let’s find out all about what happened during the weekend ka vaar bigg boss 14who got evicted from bigg boss 14 this week, eviction and threatening wild card entries…who got eliminated from bigg boss

All 11 contestants of the Bigg Boss house were introduced. Click here to know more about all the Bigg Boss 14 contestants and scroll down to read more on wildcard entries and eviction in bigg boss 14 this week.

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Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar

In this weekend ka vaar episode, the nominated contestants were Kashmera, Abhinav, Manu Punjabi, and Arshi Khan. Kashmera Shah was evicted from Bigg Boss 14 house. She failed to make any connections and was hardly visible in the last week.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – mid-week eviction

After the challengers, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Manu Punjabi, and Rahul Mahajan entered the show, Arshi started irritating Vikas Gupta. The two earlier participated in Bigg Boss 11 together. When Arshi instigates Vikas by dragging his family into the conversation, he lost his cool when and he pushed Arshi into the pool.  Vikas was evicted for breaking the rules and pushing Arshi Khan into the swimming pool.

Vikas Gupta and others joined BB14 house as wildcard entries…

Bigg Boss contestants from the previous seasons entered the show to bring a new and entertaining twist. Salman Khan introduced new contestants in the house. Ex-contestants that are joining Bigg Boss house are Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Kashmera Shah, Manu Punjabi, and Rahul Mahajan. Now, it will be interesting to see how these six challengers give a tough competition to the top four finalists of Bigg Boss 14. Their entry seems to have shaken the final four.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – finale-week eviction

While Kavita Kaushik walked-out of the Bigg Boss 14 house last week, Nikki Tamboli got evicted due to a little margin in the number of votes. Nikki made an emotional exit and was praised by all the housemates and even by host Salman Khan. She hugged Eijaz Khan and told him to win for her. After Nikki Tamboli’s eviction, Rahul Vaidya made a voluntary exit from Bigg Boss 14. The popular singer was pulled up by Salman Khan during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode for having lost his passion for the show. Rahul mentioned that he was feeling homesick. He also shared that he cannot stay away from his family and close friends. Getting quite emotional, Vaidya said that given he has no close bond in the house, he was feeling quite lonely. Being given a ‘one-time’ option to exit from Bigg Boss house without any penalty, Rahul chose to quit the game. Salman Khan later revealed that if he would not have opted to leave, going by viewers’ votes, he would be one of the final four finalists. With Rahul Vaidya’s exit, the top four finalists of Bigg Boss 14 are Eijaz Khan, Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, and Abhinav Shukla.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 8 (mid-week eviction)

After Aly’s elimination, Rubina and Kavita get into a heated argument. Rubina accuses Kavita of pushing her. In this catfight, Kavita also said that she would reveal some very personal and embarrassing things about Abhinav Shukla and threatened to slap Rubina. Kavita stages a walkout from the house, leaving everyone stunned.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 7 (mid-week eviction)

In the race to the finale week on Bigg Boss 14, Aly Goni gets evicted in a mid-week elimination. After losing the task held a day before, Bigg Boss announced that one of the two between Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni will have to exit the bigg boss house.  Aly Goni, who entered the show as a wildcard contestant decided to leave the house and let Jasmin stay inside leaving her heartbroken.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 6

This week, Aly Goni, Eijaz Khan, Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vaidya, Abhinav Shukla, and Jasmin Bhasin were nominated for eviction. Actress Pavitra Punia was evicted from Bigg Boss 14. Pavitra exited from Bigg Bogg 14 after receiving the least number of votes.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 5

This week begins with Salman Khan announcing the name of the nominated contestants, Rubina Dilaik, Kavita Kaushik, Jasmin Bhasin, Jaan Kumar Sanu. Then a task took place where Salman Khan asks contestants to name one contestant for whom they have the feeling such as Love, Anger, or Sympathy. Nikki Tamboli has a ‘Love’ feeling Jaan Kumar Sanu.  Eijaz tags Nikki as the ‘funny’ person, Kavita tags Eijaz Khan as the person for whom she has ‘sympathy’. Abhinav Shukla tags Rahul Vaidya for ‘angry’, Pavitra feels ‘disgusting’ looking at Kavita Kaushik, and Jaan tags Rubina Dilaik as she takes his ‘peace’ away.

Eviction task-

In this task, Bigg Boss announces double eviction. All the contestants from the green zone were called to the confession room. All the contestants evicted Nishant. Then, Bigg Boss announces the second elimination in which Eijaz has to open a briefcase, which carries the name of the evicted contestant and it was Kavita. She received the least votes from the audience.

Who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 4

Eliminations aside, the Bigg Boss house witnessed an entry of 3 wild cards at the beginning of the 4th week. These wildcard entries include Naina Singh, Shardul Pandit, and Kavita Kaushik. The weekend ka vaar also ended up making Kavita the captain of the Bigg Boss house for this upcoming week.

Saturday saw a special surprise for the housemates – ‘Garba Night’. All the contestants enthusiastically dressed up and prepared for the big surprise ahead. The famous sister duo Preeti and Pinky entered the house to entertain and celebrate Navratri with the contestants. Keeping the festive spirits high, Preeti, Pinky and the contestants swayed to some all-time classic dandiya songs.

On Saturday, during the regular Weekend Ka Vaar episode, the audiences saw some big revelation by the host. While Nikki had begun to trust Jaan as a friend, she got to hear that Jaan had been plotting against her and Rahul during the captaincy task. The hurt of being backstabbed by Jaan, Nikki unfurled in anger and locked herself in the bathroom, while Jaan ran after her trying to pacify and apologize for his actions.

We will see more of Eijaz and Pavitra’s fight and Rubina Dilaik’s tantrums? Amidst all the drama, the contestants are battling in the house to stop from getting eliminated. Who will have to exit the house next?

Who got eliminated from bigg boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 3

The third week was a little difficult for Rubina Dilaik as she didn’t have enough clothes to wear on the Weekend episode. Even before Salman Khan entered for the weekend ka vaar episode, the contestants were given a task. In this task, Nikki and Rubina were made to stand against each other and other contestants had to tell who had more trash in their heads. Rubina got offended here and refused to participate in the task and questioned Bigg Boss for giving such a task in the first place.

Post this incident, when Salman Khan had his weekly meet with the contestants, he took up the issue with Rubina. He gave an earful to Rubina for questioning Bigg Boss and challenging its choice of tasks. Rubina expressed her concerns to Salman, however, Salman tried to explain to her that it’s a game and she should adjust to all the tasks and challenges thrown at her.

This leads to Rubina arguing back and Salman losing his calm. Later, each contestant was put in the katghara and the fellow contestants had to ask them for justification. When Eijaz entered the katghara, Jasmin accused him of being intimidating while doing the task and crossing the line. Eijaz justified his act by saying that was his psychological tactic to win the task.

Then Salman introduced a twist in the episode, where he announced that the freshers had to decide amongst themselves and name one contestant who didn’t deserve to be in Bigg Boss house. The freshers ended up with 4 votes each, making Sidharth Shukla responsible for taking the toughest decision of the week.

Shehzad Deol became the ‘Gayab’ contestant of the house, making this the second eviction of Bigg Boss 14.

Apart from the daunting tasks and arguments, the second week saw some light-hearted moments. Jaan Kumar Sanu had an unusual encounter with Nikki when the latter quizzed him whether he likes her as a friend or is there something more in his heart. Not one to be shy, Jaan said it out loud, in front of Nikki, that he loves her! He even belted out a ballad from the Baazigar film to prove her devotion to her!

Nikki then decided to take his case and called him Bhai-Jaan! The duo got into a fun argument at the end of it, where Jaan asked Nikki to take her words back! Rubina and Pavitra were seen talking about Pavitra’s bonding with Eijaz. Pavitra told Rubina that while she likes Eijaz and notices the loneliness in him, she thought that he was being aloof. She also said that she cannot be in a one-sided relationship and that she cannot see Eijaz reciprocate her feelings.

Overhearing Rubina and Pavitra talking about Eijaz, Hina played the role of cupid. She asked Eijaz about Pavitra and that’s when Eijaz said that he got hurt about Pavitra’s decision to nominate him and he did not want to keep any kind of relationship with her.

Meanwhile, Rahul Vaidya offered high doses of pure entertainment by putting in his innovative ways to entertain the contestants and seniors. Right from mimicking the housemates, to dancing, and to singing, he did it all. He also went down on his knees to woo Hina with his romantic poetry too.

For the contestants, the second week inside the Bigg Boss 14 house was a tumultuous ride with many connections being formed and many broken. With the seniors set to leave the house, the drama and tension will only increase. Till then, keep watching this space for the latest and spiciest updates inside and outside the house of Bigg Boss 14.

Who got eliminated from bigg boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 2

While Nikki Tamboli and Pavitra Punia saved themselves by winning the tasks, the chances of Rubina and Jasmin being evicted seem unlikely as they are popular TV faces. Similarly, Eijaz Khan also seems to have a less chance of getting evicted from Bigg boss this week. But what about the rest?

Well, Nishant seems to have some fan following so he might just be safe this week. But other contestants like Abhinav, Jaan, and Sara, who even Salman called less active on the show, might be in danger of the eviction this week.

Who got eliminated from bigg boss 14 – Bigg Boss elimination today

During the episode for ‘Bigg Boss weekend ka vaar’, Salman Khan, aside from pulling the legs of all contestants, left the contestants in confusion about their eviction. He also showed his anger towards everyone for their terrible performance in the tasks during the week. The guests on the show this week included Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, and Ishan Kishan from the Mumbai Indians team of the IPL. They played fun games with the host and the contestants to boost their spirits and motivate them to play a more promising game ahead in the season.

Who will get eliminated from Bigg boss 14 today? 

While all has been said and done, Sara Gurpal was evicted from the house in the first eviction! The fans were furious with the news and have been showing their anger all over social media. Although Sara became the first evicted contestant to walk out of the gates of the Bigg Boss House, the Bigg Boss house is full of surprises and you never know if she may return to the show later. Fingers crossed!

Who got eliminated from bigg boss 14 –  Bigg boss weekend ka vaar – Week 1

With the launch of Bigg Boss 14 on October 3, the show’s host Salman Khan introduced the eleven contestants of the season. The contestants include the names of Eijaz Khan, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, Nikki Tamboli, Nishant Malkani, Shehzad Deol, Jasmin Bhasin, Sara Gurpal, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rahul Vaidya, and Pavitra Punia.

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