Why is the coconut fruit considered holy and offered to Gods?

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Do you know why coconut is offered to Gods?

why coconut is offered to Gods

Offering coconut to Gods before beginning any auspicious task like beginning a puja, during the housewarming ceremony, breaking it in front of a new vehicle etc. is quite a common sight to witness during the rituals among Hindu families and places of worship. Even while performing any Yagnas coconut is offered to the holy fire or Agni. Here are a few reasons that describe its holiness and also explain why coconut is offered to Gods:

  • It is considered holy because of the three spots or eyes that represent the three eyes of Lord Shiva.
  • It is also placed over the Kalash, which is a representative of the Godhead. You can read more about the Kalash here:

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  • It is also offered to Lord Ganesha, as it is a pure fruit which remains untouched by any impurities because of its hard shell. It is also believed to be the favorite fruit of Lord Ganesha.
  • It is broken before beginning any Puja to offer it to the deity, which is later offered to everyone as Prasad. The breaking of the coconut is also symbolic to breaking or to freeing ourselves of any impure feelings like ego, pride, greed, etc. and offering ourselves to God to let cleanse our soul and mind.
  • It is also believed that women shall not break a coconut, because it is a kind of ‘bali’ or sacrifice. Since a woman is a creator, she shall not be involved in anything that includes destruction, especially a pregnant woman. Because she herself has a life growing inside of her hence shall refrain from destructing another life. (Coconut fruit is considered a seed, which can help begin a new life).
  • The coconut fruit also prevented and replaced the earlier practice of sacrificing human being known as ‘Narbali’. It was accepted as it resembles a human head.
  • The entire coconut and its different layers resemble the formation of a human head. Like the human hair resembles the husk, the hard shell to the skull, the inner kernel can be compared to the brain and the water to the blood.
  • The coconut fruit also has many health benefits. It is full of nutrients that can help one heal from many illnesses. It is also recommended to the pregnant woman to have a healthy baby.
  • It is considered a satvic fruit. The coconut tree is one of those trees of which every part comes into use in some or the other way; from fruit to the leaves, to the husk, to the trunk, etc.

The coconut fruit is also referred to as the fruit of gods. For more information like why coconut is offered to Gods and other details like and subscribe to tentaran.com. Do you know anything else we have not been able to cover in the above article?

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