Legend behind the birth and marriage of tulsi

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Do you know why do we worship Tulasi or TulsiThe sacred plant is said to be the manifestation of Hindu Goddesses, Lakshmi. Let’s find out why do we worship Tulasi, the legend behind Tulsi puja and the birth and marriage of tulsi.

why do we worship Tulasi

The legend behind considering Tulasi as holy and sacred goes back to the time when a king named Vrishadhvaja decided to abandon the worship of any other god other than Shiva in his kingdom.  The Sun God or Surya was not happy about it and cursed the king and his kingdom that Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, will never flourish there.

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Seeing his devotees suffering such a curse was not acceptable to Lord Shiva and, therefore, he looked for Surya God. Surya went into Vishnu’s abode for hiding as he knew that Shiva won’t rebuke him there. Years passed by and the King’s grandchildren Dharmadhvaja and Kushadhvaja realizing the effect of the curse, allowed praying Goddess Lakshmi and other Gods and Goddesses in their kingdom and it started to prosper once again.

why do we worship Tulasi or Tulsi

Impressed by their enthralling devotion, Lakshmi blessed the two brothers by being born as daughters to them, as Tulsi to Dharmadhvaja and as Vedavati to Kushadhvaja. As Tulsi grows up as a beautiful and charismatic woman, she soon realizes of her higher purpose in life, to unite with Lord Vishnu, her principal consort. She renounces her worldly responsibilities and retires to Badrinath to seek union with Vishnu. Pleased by the penance undertaken by her, Lord Brahma guides her way to unite with Vishnu, which included marrying the demon named Shankhachuda.  

why do we worship Tulasi

Since Gods do take care of their devotees, Tulsi couldn’t be left behind with a demon. Shankhachuda was no ordinary demon. He was the incarnation of Sudama, who was a partial incarnation of Krishna and Krishna was the incarnation of Vishnu himself. The demon too performed tough penance and pleased Brahma who blessed him with Vishnu Kavach i.e. the armour of Vishnu. He was also blessed with the power to never be defeated by anyone until the armour on his body and the chastity of his wife remains intact.

why do we worship Tulasi or Tulsi

But since he was born as a demon with his demonic psyche, he grew proud of his powers and started to interfere with nature and the Gods. The Gods then planned a way out to slay him, where Shiva would fight with the demon and Vishnu disguised as Shankhachuda would pursue Tulsi for a union with him.

Tulsi, during the course, identifies Vishnu who then asks her to return to Vaikunth, their celestial abode. On the other hand, the demon dies and Sudama is released of an old curse. Tulsi then leaves behind her mortal body which took the form of River Gandaki and her hair is believed to have taken the form of Tulsi Plant. Hence Tulasi is considered a holy and sacred plant.

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