Even after having thousands of queens why Lord Krishna is called a Celibate

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Why Lord Krishna is called Nitya Brahmachari – Although Lord Krishna had thousands of queens, still he was called a Naishtika or Nitya Brahmachari. But do you know why he was called Naishtika Brahmachari? If not, then let us tell you why Lord Krishna is called Nitya Brahmachari.

why lord krishna is called nitya brahmachari

One day Lord Krishna was playing with the Gopis on the banks of river Yamuna. Suddenly Krishna told Gopis, “his guru sage Durvasa has come to the other bank of the Yamuna. On hearing this, Gopis offered to make some food for him. Krishna said that though he is a Nitya Upavasi, still, if you want you can prepare food for him. Gopis immediately prepared food and brought it back to the banks of Yamuna. Arriving there, they said to Lord Krishna, “Krishna, there is a heavy flood in the Yamuna and there are no boats. How do we cross this mighty river”?

Why Lord Krishna is called Nitya Brahmachari

Hearing this, Lord Krishna replied, Gopis, this is not a big problem at all. You tell the Yamuna that Nitya Brahmachari has asked you to give way. Hearing this, she will definitely give you the way. Gopis were surprised by Krishna’s response and asked the Lord with astonishment, “Lord, who is this Nitya Brahmachari”. Then Lord replied, “Dear Gopis, I am Naishtika Brahmachari.” Gopis were surprised to hear this and could not understand how Krishna could call himself an eternal Brahmachari despite having so many wives.

But still, they obeyed Krishna and said to the river, “O Yamuna, Nitya Brahmachari has asked you to give way for us so that we can reach the other shore”. The river immediately gave way, after which the Gopis easily crossed the Yamuna. On reaching the other side, the Gopis met Sage Durvasa and served him food. Sage Durvasa liked the food and blessed the Gopis .

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Now the Gopis had to cross the river again which was still flooded. They told sage Durvasa that we have to cross the Yamuna river and go to Krishna. Can you help us in crossing the river? Sage Durvasa replied, “Gopis, I will certainly help. You may go to the Yamuna and tell her that Nitya Upavasi (the one who never takes food) has asked you to give way. She will definitely help you. Hearing this, the Gopis were shocked again and thought that the sage just ate food and still calling himself Upavasi.

Why Lord Krishna is called Nitya Brahmachari lord krishna nitya brahmachari

They, however, did not ask him anything, quietly went to the river and said, O Yamuna! We have to reach the other shore. Nitya Upavasi has asked you to give us the way. Hearing this, the river immediately gave way and the Gopis crossed the river and reached the other side. The Gopis went to Lord Krishna and asked him, “O Lord! we do not understand how you can be a Nitya Brahmachari and Durvasa an Upavasi?”.

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Story of why Lord Krishna is called Nitya Brahmachari

Krishna replied that we are both telling the truth. The reason for this is that we both are a form of the soul and do not attach ourselves to this body of ours. We are truly souls within this body. The soul is ajar-immortal that neither dies nor is born. The soul does not even marry nor eat anything, and hence, I am a Naishtika or Nitya Brahmachari (Celibate) and a sage an Upavasi. When a person realizes that he/she is indeed just a soul, then only he/she will be able to live a peaceful, content and happy life. We have Yog Maya Shakti within us and live and work through this Shakti (power). Krishna also said that he has the power to integrate everything within himself.

The above story on why Lord Krishna is called Nitya Brahmachari is really interesting and teaches us not to get attached to material things. Rather, we should try to attach ourselves with eternal power.

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