WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021: Full Highlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021 – WWE Hell in a Cell 2021: WWE celebrates another themed PPV event tonight.  Hell in a Cell will take place from the Yueling Center in Tampa, Florida, and will be the last pay-per-view event of the ThunderDome era.  Solowrestling will carry out the live report that you can follow through this news.

WWE Hell in a Cell Kickoff Show

Kayla Braxton introduces the specialist panel consisting of Jerry Lawler, JBL and Peter Rosenberg.

Review of the billboard for tonight.  At the kickoff, Mandy Rose will face Natalya.wwe hell in a cell 2021 results 20 june 2021

Sonya Deville joins the panel to talk about Bianca Belair vs.  Bayley.  Sonya believes that Bianca is one of the biggest stars and that Bayley will bring the more aggressive side of her tonight.  Kayla and Jerry comment that Bayley has already participated in Hell in a Cell matches, unlike Belair, which can play against the champion.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

The panel and Sonya Deville discuss the story between Shayna Baszler and Alexa Bliss ahead of their match.  Sonya and Peter believe that if there is someone who can prevail in this madness, that person is Shayna.  JBL believes that Bliss is on Baszler’s mind and there is no way she will win from her.

Next, they talk about the match for the Raw Women’s Championship.  Sonya believes that Charlotte Flair is the favorite thanks to her experience.  Rosenberg wonders if Rhea Ripley is the favorite in this case, JBL talks about Charlotte’s prestige and adds that it is time for Rhea to show her talent.

Review of the Hell in a Cell between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio in the latest edition of Smackdown.

Video of the rivalry Seth Rollins vs.  Cesaro.

Sami Zayn is interviewed by Megan Morant.  Sami talks about the concept of karma: if you are a good person as he considers himself, you will be rewarded.  Instead, bad people like Kevin Owens are punished.  “After months and months of injustice, I see that karma is real. Look what happened to Kevin Owens. It’s not my fault, it’s karma,” says Sami.  He claims to have heard that KO still has trouble breathing and is not at 100% of his capabilities.

Mandy Rose (w / Dana Brooke) vs.  Natalya (c / Tamina)

Even start looking to take control with keys.  They both run and dodge, looking for various pins along the way.  Mandy puts Natalya against the ropes and pulls on her arm to punish her face.  Rose takes control and lands a hard forearm blow, but misses the count of three.  Mandy applies a kind of Guillotine Lock, Natalya frees herself with a Body Slam.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Rose unloads a barrage of blows on Natalya’s back and closes an Abdominal Stretch.  Natalya reverts with one of her own, Mandy re-takes control of the key.  Rose connects a Missile Dropkick and searches for the account without success.  They look for several different pins, Mandy connects a Knee Strike but still can’t count.  Sharpshooter for Mandy in the middle of the ring for the win.

Winner: Natalya.

The panel talks about Bobby Lashley vs.  Drew McIntyre.  In this match, if Drew loses he will not be able to challenge Bobby again for the WWE Championship.

WWE Hell in a Cell

Fight Hell in a Cell for the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Bianca Belair (c) vs.  Bayley

Bianca takes the initiative with a Body Slam.  Bayley reacts and puts chairs into the ring.  Belair uses her hair as her weapon, Bayley defends herself with the chair until she receives a kick.

Struggling up high, Bianca dodges with a jump back and comes back for Bayley.  The challenger stars her face against the post, and then shoulder-to-shoulder against another post.  Bayley goes on to punish her arm and search for her account.  Bayley shoves a metal step into the ring.  He pulls Bianca closer, he grabs her hair and steps it on the step.  Belair knocks her off her causing her to hit her back, Bayley goes after her with a knee and another pin.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Bayley ties Belair’s hair to the bottom rope, looks for another knee but Bianca knocks her face down against her step using her hair.  Outside the ring, Bayley bites Bianca on the arm of her.  Bayley uses a kendo stick on Bianca and throws it in Sunset Flip at her cell.  Bayley takes kendo sticks and puts them between the ring and the cell.

Bianca reacts and throws it in Powerbomb against the bridge formed by sticks.  Bianca lashes out with a chair, Bayley stops her by kicking the chair itself.  Bayley sits in the chair and ties Bianca’s hair once more, now at the base of the chair.  Belair escapes and stops a knee with the chair.  The champion centers her offense on her knee now.

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She ties her hair on Bayley’s wrist and picks her up and then hits her.  Outside the ring, Bianca attacks with the kendo stick and against the cell.  Bayley asks the referee to let her out of the cell, Bianca stalks her and kicks her face against the door.  Bayley uses a ladder that she takes from under the ring.  Bayley puts Bianca in the middle of the ladder and tramples her.  Bianca responds, places the ladder over Bayley and jumps up.  Bayley dodges, but then gets a Senton on the ladder.  KOD on the ladder for the count of three.

Winner: Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair is interviewed after the match.  She admits that the experience was brutal, but she is glad to have retained the title from her.

Bobby Lashley and MVP mentally prepare for the fight against Drew McIntyre, in his room surrounded by girls.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Alexa Bliss says Lilly is still out of action.  She adds that Shayna Baszler brought this negativity on them, so it won’t be her fault what happens tonight.  “Be careful what you wish for, and expect the unexpected. Because if you knock on my door, you won’t know who or what will respond,” she closes herself.

Seth Rollins vs.  Cesaro

Seth attacks Cesaro from behind before entering the ring.  The referee manages to stop them to ring the bell and officially start the match.  Cesaro takes Rollins out of the ring with a Big Boot.  He goes for him to ringside and lashes out with an Uppercut.  Back in the ring, Cesaro connects more Uppercuts.

Rollins responds by throwing him face-on into the corner protectors and hitting his face against the rope afterward.  Seth maintains control with knees to the middle.  Cesaro responds with a Deadlift Suplex.  Springboard Knee and a count of two on Cesaro.  Before the blows, Cesaro is turning on and responding with Uppercuts.  He removes Seth’s glove and puts it in his mouth, then hooks up a Clothesline and searches for the bill.

Powerslam to avoid a Curb Stomp from Seth.  Rollins escapes from a Neutralizer attempt, Cesaro looks for height but Seth catches him.  Cesaro’s crossbody, Seth turns it around looking for the pin that almost gave him the victory.  Seth tries an arm lock, Cesaro is beaten free but receives a Falcon Arrow.  Cesaro returns to attack and applies a long Cesaro Swing.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring for Rollins, Cesaro passes Crossface to get him away from the ropes.  Seth turns to cover him, Cesaro lets go but closes the Sharpshooter again.  Cesaro punishes Seth’s arms with stomps, but Rollins manages to turn and cover him to take the victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins.

The Kickoff panel comments on past matches and presents the next one.

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Shayna Baszler is interviewed before her match.  She asks not to hear Lilly’s name again, and says that while Alexa has fun with dolls, she has fun hurting people.  Nia Jax, who is next to her next to Reginald, says that she agrees and wants to wish her luck.  Reginald kisses Shayna’s hand and says something to her in French, Baszler responds with a slap.

Alexa Bliss vs.  Shayna Baszler (w / Nia Jax & Reginald)

Reginald climbs to the edge of the ring, Shayna takes advantage of the distraction and goes on the attack.  Alexa responds with heavy blows and knees against the ropes.  Reginald distracts Alexa again, not daring to look at her directly. Shayna hits her from behind and applies a Gutwrench Suplex.  Bliss laughs wildly as he takes Shayna’s punishment.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Baszler takes control of her through her arm and stepping on Bliss’s neck.  Shayna looks for another key in her arms, Alexa yells at her to look at her, and when she does, Shayna drops the key.  DDT and a count of two on Shayna.  Alexa is distracted by looking at Nia, and seems to control her movements.  Reginald tries to wake her up, but Bliss makes him slap him.  Alexa screams, Nia screams.  Shayna tries to attack her but Bliss responds quickly.  Twisted Bliss for a count of three.

Winner: Alexa Bliss.

Kevin Owens vs.  Sami zayn

He rings the bell and they go to blows.  KO takes control and corners Sami with blows.  Owens coughs a few times, still feeling the effects of Azeez’s attack.  Sami manages to land a few punches and stops KO.  Clothesline that hurts Kevin’s throat even more.

KO is released by throwing it over the top rope and then applying a Cannonball.  Sami throws him by the neck against the middle rope and flies over him at ringside.  Kevin seems to have injured his wrist, the referee warns Sami but he does not stop in attacking him.  Owens continues to fight despite the pain in his arm.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

He looks for a Swanton from the edge to ringside but Sami receives him with his knees.  Sami’s Blue Thunder Bomb returning to the ring.  Kevin advances with his right hand, Sami applies an Exploder Suplex and almost wins.  At ringside, KO surprises Sami with a Stunner.  Zayn arrives in the ring just before the count of ten.  Kneeling, they exchange blows in the middle of the ring.  KO overcomes it and stomps against the ropes.  Sami hurts his neck again and finishes with Helluva Kick.

Winner: Sami Zayn.

Fight for the Raw Women’s Championship

Rhea Ripley (c) vs.  Charlotte flair

Flair takes the championship and throws it at Ripley, then surprise her with a bang before the bell has even rung.  At the start of the fight, Charlotte’s Big Boot makes Rhea get out of the ring.  Charlotte keeps attacking and applies a Headlock to keep control of her.  Clothesline to get the champion out of the ring.  Flair searches three times for the bill when he returns.

Rhea reacts with a header and a kick to go on the attack.  They struggle with the ropes in between, Charlotte grabs Rhea’s leg and hurts her until she receives the referee’s account.  Missile Dropkick and a count of two about Flair.  Rhea applies her Cloverleaf, Charlotte escapes and connects the Natural Selection.  Ripley resists, dodges a kick and applies a great German Suplex.  Charlotte tries a Moonsault from the corner, Rhea dodges her and Flair applies one from that position where she fell.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

We scramble at Rhea’s Heights and Superplex for the count of two.  Riptide on Flair.  1 … 2 … no!  Charlotte puts her foot on the ropes and continues in combat.  Rhea goes for her at ringside and hits the metal step, further injuring her leg.  Figure Four of Charlotte returning to the ring.  Rhea spins her to get to the ropes.  Flair doesn’t let go and they both fall out of the ring.  At ringside, Rhea hits Charlotte with coverage from the commentary table and is disqualified.

Winner by disqualification: Charlotte Flair.

Rhea Ripley retains the championship.

Fight Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship

Bobby Lashley (c) (w / MVP) vs.  Drew McIntyre

McIntyre takes Lashley out of the ring and punishes him against the cell.  Drew takes the metal steps but Bobby stops him with a kick.  Drew applies a Suplex to the metal and hits the steps.  Back in the ring, Drew applies a brutal Belly to Belly Suplex.  Lashley responds with power and punishes McIntyre for all ringside.

He uses a kendo stick and MVP’s staff.  Drew hits him against the post, climbs the steps and there knocks him down with a White Noise.  He grabs Lashley by the neck and repeatedly smashes him into the steel.  Bobby attacks him to the neck, tries to control but Drew responds immediately with a Clothesline.  Drew shoves three chairs into the ring and crosses one in the corner.  He reversed the Alabama Slam to Lashley on a chair, but it was not enough.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Drew jumps with the chair but Bobby dodges him and looks for the Hurt Lock.  Spinebuster and two count of Drew escaping.  Sit Out Powerbomb and another count of two.  He kicks Bobby out of the ring and goes for him to hit him with the step.  Bobby parries a second attack and takes the steps to push him multiple times against the cell.  Lashley corners Drew against a corner of the cell, and MVP crosses a kendo stick there in such a way that Drew is trapped at the mercy of the champion.

Back in the ring, Flatliner faced against a chair for Drew.  Lashley punishes him with the kendo stick, until Drew stops the blows and responds.  Bobby pushes Drew away, causing him to hit the referee with a chair.  McItnyre throws Lashley against a chair in the corner and connects the Future Shock DDT.  However, there is no referee to make the count.  The outside referee opens the door to enter.  Meanwhile, Lashley searches for the Hurt Lock.

Drew escapes and applies a Suplex.  He hits the champion with the chair and throws it in the face.  Claymore!  1 … 2 … MVP takes the referee out!  Another referee closes the cell, locking MVP in with a furious McIntyre who destroys him.  Lashley applies the Hurt Lock at ringside, Drew is thrown next to him on a table placed there.  He drags Bobby into the ring and brutally attacks him with a chair.  Bobby falls and avoids the Claymore.  Bobby’s Uranage towards a table at ringside.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Results 20 June 2021

Drew’s Glassgow Kiss returning to the ring.  Future Shock DDT and does not search for the account right away.  He prepares for the Claymore but MVP takes his foot from ringside.  Lashley takes advantage of the distraction to cover him and take the victory.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

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