WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021: highlights, recap, videos and grades, best & worst moments

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WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021 – WWE broadcast today, Thursday, April 8, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network and Peacock. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport Studio in London, UK.  The show was a special edition for the week of WrestleMania, titled “NXT UK: Prelude” and featuring a match for the NXT UK Championship between WALTER and Rampage Brown.wwe nxt takeover results 8 april 2021

Here we leave you with the results:

A-Kid, Heritage Cup Champion, appears on video before the first fight begins.  The Spaniard reminds his rivals of the meaning the cup has for him.  He mentions that he will be attentive to the result and encourages them, that the best one wins.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

1- Heritage Cup Championship Chance – Heritage Cup Rules: Tyler Bate (accompanied by Trent Seven) vs.  Noam Dar (accompanied by Sha Samuels)

Round 1: Both fighters are even, fighting a Backslide.  Bate manages to hit his rival against the cornerback, uses Backslide and takes the account to one.  The former champion does not stop and quickly manages to catch his rival for the count of three.  (1:15)

Tyler Bate: 1 – Noam Dar: 0

Round 2: Bate maintains control, although his rival reduces it by punishing his leg.  The former NXT UK champion resists with a lock around his neck, but the “Scottish Supernova” gains momentum after impacting with several blows.  Bate responds with a Dropkick, sending his opponent to the ropes.  They keep fighting count attempts until the end of the round.  (03:00)

Round 3: Dar dominates with several kicks in the first few moments.  Bate tries to equalize, though Dar manages to block a kick and elbows his face for the count of two.  The “Scottish Supernova” does not stop and throws his opponent against the ropes, damaging his leg.  Scottish Release Backdrop Suplex, bordering on the count of three.  Bate reacts in the corner, counterattacking with Diving Uppercut.  The Englishman hurts his leg, even so, he manages to do the Airplane Spin until the end of the round.  (03:00)

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

Round 4: Bate insists again with Airplane Spin, bounces off the ropes and hits with Clothesline for the count of two.  Dar returns to the charge impacting with several blows, ending with an elbow on the run.  The fight goes to the corner, where Bate dodges his opponent.  However, Dar kicks him in the leg and knocks him down.  The “Strong Boy” blocks a kick and hits a punch to the face, leaving both of them exhausted.  Round time ends.  (03:00)

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Round 5: Crossing blows between the fighters.  Bate bounces off the ropes for his clothesline, but Dar catches him in Legbar, forcing him to surrender.  (00:40)

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

Tyler Bate: 1 – Noam Dar: 1

Round 6: Bat dodge and use a German Suplex Hold, bringing the count to two.  Dar avoids the Tyler Driver, although he ends up receiving a Rolling Koppu Kick from his opponent.  Bate climbs to the corner and Samuels approaches the edge of the ring to distract him.  Trent Seven begins fighting Samuels.  Dar falls out with them and Bate jumps out into the Suicide Dive.  Dar managed to get out of the way in time and threw his opponent against the metal steps.  Back inside, Dar prepares the Nova Roller.  However, Bate stops him with a punch to the face plus Tyler Driver 97 for the count of three.  (01:34)

Tyler Bate: 2 – Noam Dar: 1

Winner and next challenger: Tyler Bate

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews are interviewed at the UK Performance Center.  Andrews recalls that they have gone from one of the most important victories of their careers to a defeat, so they must train to get back to the top.  Both fighters return to the ring to continue with their routine.

Ilja Dragunov speaks in a video about his outbursts of anger.  The wrestler remembers his defeat against WALTER as painful, feeling frustrated, shattered, and finished.  Images of the insults and his rivalry against Sam Gradwell are broadcast.  Dragunov comments that he does not know if he will be the same again after his fight against Gradwell.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

Jack Starz trains at the UK Performance Center alongside Piper Niven.  The fighter says that she has done a good job and is prepared.  Starz yells excitedly and Niven reminds him, he must be just as motivated for their fight next week.

Jordan Devlin, NXT Cruiserweight Champion, speaks in a video.  The “Irish Ace” affirms that nobody can bear with the obligations that he has, but an “Ace” does not complain, he gets results.  He promises to finish his outstanding accounts in Orlando and vows to return to the UK as the Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

2- Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie vs.  Kay Lee Ray and Isla Dawn

Emilia McKenzie beats Isla Dawn in the first exchanges.  Relay on both corners, Satomura and Ray are evenly matched.  The Japanese hits with a kick to the chest, the count reaches two.  The NXT UK Champion takes control and goes on the attack alongside Dawn, alternating with various relays.  Satomura reacts by knocking Dawn down and hits Kneedrop to her chest.  McKenzie switches and combines with her partner, ending with a Dropkick.  “The White Witch” manages to get away and gives way to Ray.

McKenzie faces the champion, avoids a Gory Bomb and responds with a pair of Frankensteiners.  Isla Dawn tries to interrupt and receives German Suplex.  McKenzie does not stop, she jumps from the corner to connect Spear and tries to take over.  However, Dawn takes down Satomura, a moment that Ray uses to counterattack with Clothesline.  Isla Dawn changes and continues with the offensive, applying a Backdrop Suplex.  McKenzie resists and counterattacks with Cutter.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

Satomura and Ray are once again the legal women in the fight.  The Japanese hits with a kick to the head and, moments later, hits with Overhead Kick plus Backdrop Suplex.  Ray takes advantage of an interference from her partner, blocks a kick from Satomura and executes the Gory Bomb.  McKenzie arrives to avoid the count of three and takes out Dawn with a German Suplex.  Ray gets up and throws a Superkick, knocking out McKenzie.

Ray gets head kick plus STF from Satomura.  Dawn arrives and stretches the strings, allowing Ray to knock to escape the key.  The NXT UK Champion answers with Front Suplex and gives way to Dawn, who jumps with Kneedrop for the count of two.  Ray and McKenzie fight outside the ring, with the latter applying a German Suplex to the champion.  McKenzie switches, enters and transforms a Dawn Fisherman Suplex attempt on the count of three.

Winners: Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie

Aoife Valkyrie arrives at the entrance and looks at Satomura.  Valkyrie pulls a feather from her outfit and sets it on the ground, launching the challenge against the Japanese.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

A-Kid talks about his upcoming defense against Tyler Bate.  The champion is excited, he wanted to face the English again.  A-Kid wants to show with his next victory that he represents all that the Heritage Cup stands for. The “Anonymous Boy” wants to continue his legacy and show why he is the best pure fighter there is in NXT UK.

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Amir Jordan arrives at the UK Performance Center looking for Kenny Williams, calling out his name.  Sid Scala stops him and informs him that he is not here, but they will be able to resolve their differences next week.

Kenny Williams is interviewed about what happened.  The fighter does not want to answer and asks the interviewer to do his job.  Williams remembers that he has done all the work and is responsible for all the success that Amir Jordan has had in NXT UK.  Next week he will show his level and his “friend” should be up to the task.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

Announcements for next week:

Supernova Sessions, Noam Dar interview with Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang)

Nathan Frazer vs.  Saxon Huxley

Amir Jordan vs.  Kenny williams

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

3- NXT UK Championship: WALTER (c) vs.  Rampage Brown

The two fighters show their strength in the first minutes, colliding with each other.  Following a takedown, Brown responds instantly with Dropkick, knocking the champion out of the ring.  The fight continues outside, where WALTER profits by pushing against the barricade and throwing his opponent in Backdrop Suplex on the edge of the ring.  Return to the interior, where the “Ring General” follows the punishment supporting his challenger on the ropes, continuing with a series of punches to the chest.

WALTER hits Big Boot and continues to attack, reducing his opponent’s attempts to respond.  The leader of Imperium happens to punish the back with Boston Crab and a few knees.  Rampage resists and counterattacks with a Suplex, going to the Chops duel.  WALTER takes the lead, hits another Chop to the chest and the count reaches two.  Brown does not fall despite the blows and throws his opponent into the air with a charge.  Clothesline clash that ends with WALTER catching in Sleeper Hold.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021

Rampage Brown avoids a Powerbomb in time and connects Clothesline plus Diving Shoulder Block.  Rampage cannot lift his opponent in Doctor Bomb, a moment that WALTER takes advantage of to hit with Chop plus Sleeper Hold.  The challenger tries to react, but receives a Dropkick plus Powerbomb from the Austrian, leaving the account at two.  Rampage avoids another Sleeper Hold with a Backdrop Suplex and hits Doctor Bomb, although WALTER moves away to the ropes.

WALTER grabs Brown’s knee to avoid another Doctor Bomb and escapes.  The champion chains Chop to the neck, knee to the chest and a pair of Clotheslines, although the account only remains in two.  Another chop to the neck more Sleeper Hold.  Brown reaches the ropes, but WALTER continues with a German Suplex plus Powerbomb combo, bordering on victory.  The “Ring General” ends by jumping from the corner in Diving Splash, securing the count of three.

WWE NXT Takeover Results 8 April 2021


WALTER celebrates with his belt to end this week’s episode.

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