WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021: WWE NXT UK, Videos, Grades, Best & Worst Moments

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WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021 – NXT UK: Full Results & Highlights, WWE NXT UK, Videos, Grades, Best & Worst Moments – 15th April 2021

WWE broadcast today, Thursday April 15, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network and Peacock. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport Studio in London, UK. The show featured a match between Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan in the main event.wwe nxt uk highlights 15 april 2021

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

Here we leave you with the results:

1- Saxon Huxley vs. Nathan Frazer

Huxley dominates in the early stages of the match, demonstrating his physical superiority. Frazer tries to respond by jumping off the ropes, but is caught in midair and receives Bodyslam. Huxley continues to support his rival in the corner and hits him with Bodysplash plus Foot Stomp. Saxon Huxley does not stop and throws his opponent from side to side of the ring. Frazer tries to react with Dropkick to the leg, but his rival responds instantly with Big Boot to knock him down. The fighter insists poking his opponent against the canvas, reaching the count to two.

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Huxley’s offense focuses on his opponent’s back, damaging him with more punches and braces. Frazer manages to counterattack, leaning on the corner to connect with Crossbody. “The Prodigy” throws his opponent out of the ring and flies against him in Suicide Dive. Huxley is outmatched and Frazer knocks him down with Phenomenal DDT plus Missile Dropkick. Frazer finishes off with the Frog Splash for the count of three.

Winner: Nathan Frazer

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

Interview with  Noam Dar and Sha Samuels  earlier in the week. The interviewer asks about  his loss to Tyler Bate in NXT UK: Prelude . Samuels decides to respond, looking angry. Samuels claims that his friend has worked harder than anyone to make sure NXT UK is on top. However, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven always get the starting opportunities, as if they were given away. Give calm to his friend and points out that he has connections in important positions that have led him to a fight in pairs:  Noam Dar and Sha Samuels vs. Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven)  for next week’s episode.

Noam Dar welcomes  Supernova Sessions  and welcomes today’s guests:  Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, and Wolfgang) . The team sits on Dar’s couch, leaving the Scotsman on the cheap chairs. Dar begins the interview by asking where they went on vacation and if they brought him any gifts. Mark Coffey affirms that they have not had time to relax, they  have continued training , since the public considers that Gallus are in the highest echelons of the division by pairs.

“The Scottish Supernova” goes on to ask Wolfgang how he feels. The fighter indicates that  he is focusing on himself, controlling his temper,  and focusing on Gallus’s goals. Give passes to Joe, who responds that he has reflected and wants to stir things up.

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

Eddie Dennis  arrives to interrupt Joe Coffey. Dennis says the only reason Gallus were still champions is because they got involved in their businesses. Coffey gets up and faces him. Dennis suggests that if he wants a fight, he can have it against him, whom he has been avoiding since NXT UK started. Joe is ready to fight next week , as he is not dressed for it. Dennis agrees, but clarifies: his teammates are ready to fight.  Primate and T-Bone arrive to attack Gallus from behind , forming a brawl between the two teams. The referees arrive to separate them as Noam Dar marks the end of the segment by playing his music.

Sam Gradwell  arrives at the UK Performance Center, refusing to answer interviewers’ questions. The door is closed and  Dave Mastiff opens it . Gradwell complains, asking if he could be slower when opening it. Mastiff tires and closes, causing the anger of “The Thunderstorm”.

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

Trent Seven and Tyler Bate  are featured in a new video. Bate remembers he is focused on his individual career, with his next challenge to the A-Kid Heritage Cup Championship. Until then, they have agreed a fight as a team. Both accept the challenge and remember that they will fight together for the first time at BT Sports Studios:  Mustache Mountain will return next week  to face Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.

2- Isla Dawn vs. Emilia McKenzie

Equal start between both fighters, fighting for control in the first sequences. McKenzie takes the lead, applying several Armdrags plus Twisting Neckbreaker for the count of two. Dawn reacts, throws her rival against the ropes and chains Dropkick plus Backdrop Suplex. McKenzie blocks an attempt by his opponent’s Fisherman Suplex and flips it on a count that reaches two. “The White Witch” stops her opponent with a knee and reduces her with a Butterfly Lock.

McKenzie escapes, hits with Dropkick to the knee and, after a few moments, connects with Slingshot Spear from the corner for the count of two. Isla Dawn pushes her opponent to the corner and combines a knee plus Fisherman Suplex Hold, bordering on victory. McKenzie isn’t far behind, he fights back with the Pumphandle Backdrop Suplex, but it’s not enough to win. McKenzie takes his rival to the corner, sending him a barrage of punches. The referee interferes to stop her, at which point Dawn takes the opportunity to hit with a Big Boot. “The White Witch” finishes off with Half Nelson Suplex Hold for the count of three.

Winner: Isla Dawn

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

Jinny and Joseph Conners appear in a new video. Jinny wants to talk about Dani Luna , she knows what she is capable of and that she is one of the strongest fighters in the division. However, he does not deserve to be there, he is a small fish in a large pond and he always wears the same dirty clothes. Jinny indicates that next week she will be one more victim of the “Fashionista”.

Bouts announced for next week:

Eddie Dennis vs. Joe coffey

Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) vs. Noam Dar and Sha Samuels

Jinny vs. Dani moon

Meiko Satomura is shown walking backstage after NXT UK: Prelude. The Japanese woman approaches Aoife Valkyrie and returns her black feather. Satomura knows what it means, accepts the duel and leaves . Valkyrie is smiling, ending the segment.

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

3- Ashton Smith vs. Jack Starz (accompanied by Piper Niven)

Smith surpasses his rival in strength, without giving him room for response. Starz tries to gain ground after hitting a pair of Dropkicks, but Smith knocks him down and continues to work his opponent’s arm. Starz reverts to one account that remains in two Smith stuns his opponent with a knee, pushes him to the corner and continues with Clothesline for the count of two. The fighter insists on working behind his opponent’s back, throwing him into Backdrop Suplex and Bodyslam.

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Starz looks for the counterattack, but his rival manages to throw him out of the ring. Niven dedicates words of support to his friend before he returns to the inside of the ring. Starz resists and manages to return several blows, continuing with Shoulder Block. Neither connects with his standout moves, ending Starz on the run to transform his opponent’s grip into a count of three.

Winner: Jack Starz

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

4- Kenny Williams vs. Amir jordan

Williams tries to attack before the bell rings, but his opponent manages to reduce him with several Clotheslines plus Running Crossbody. Jordan controls the duel and they go on to fight outside the ring, where Williams ends up crashing into the metal entrance steps. “The Lucky Yin” complains about his knee, but it is a feint to try to attack. Jordan stops him and connects another Clothesline for the count of two. Williams resists and catches his rival between the ropes, continuing with several kicks and Dropkick to his opponent’s injured shoulder.

“The Lucky Yin” focuses his attention on working his opponent’s shoulder, chaining the Clothesline, Northern Light Suplex and Penalty Kick. Williams insists with the shoulder punishment and leads his opponent to the top of the corner. Still, Jordan strikes again, knocking down his adversary and leaping from the top on the Missile Dropkick. Jordan doesn’t stop, keeps running and connects Neckbreaker to the most Reverse Bulldog race. The fighter jumps from the corner at Senton Bomb, bordering on victory.

The fight continues with both fighters looking for the count of three. Jordan hits with Enzuigiri and Williams takes the opportunity to bounce off the ropes and respond with Clothesline. Both are exhausted and cross several blows. Williams blocks and connects a Wheelbarrow Facebuster for the count of two. The Scotsman distracts the referee and makes a pretense of removing a protector from a cornerback. Jordan goes for him, tries his luck on a count of two, and then dodges a low kick, hitting Williams on Superkick for the count of two.

WWE NXT UK Highlights 15 April 2021

Williams manages to move a cornerback’s guard and lets his opponent crash into him, aggravating the shoulder damage. Williams’ Snapmare Driver to secure the count of three.

Winner: Kenny Williams

Williams celebrates her victory to close out this week’s show.

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