WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021: Highlight, Recap, Winners, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021: WWE NXT UK Result, Highlight, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best & Worst Moments And More – 10th June 2021

WWE broadcast today, Thursday June 10, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network and Peacock.  As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport Studio in London, UK.  The show featured a title defense, with Kay Lee Ray putting her NXT UK Women’s Championship on the line against Meiko Satomura.wwe nxt uk results 10 june 2021

Next, we leave you with the results:

NXT UK Champion WALTER opens the episode with an in-ring promo.  The “Ring General” recalls that he recently had to defend his belt twice in the same week, fighting on two different continents.  He now he is the longest-serving champion of the modern era of WWE, making it the most prestigious title.  Regardless, his mission remains the same: to respect and restore the honor of the sport.  WALTER sentences, he will be champion forever.

WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021

Subculture (Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster) talk in a video about Jinny and Joseph Conners, remembering how they have been disrespected.  The team announces that they will face their rivals in a mixed match next week.

1- Saxon Huxley vs. Jordan devlin

Devlin seeks distance and a quick offense, but his rival manages to prevail with his strength.  Huxley applies a Bodyslam and continues the attack outside the ring, stamping the “Irish Ace” against the fences.  The English fighter maintains control as he returns to the ring, hitting his opponent in the corner with a Hip Attack.  Huxley briefly exits the ring, runs, and hits a Big Boot from the outside.  Devlin tries to react, although he ends up getting shot down with Lou Thesz Press.

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Huxley tries to end the fight, however, Devlin manages to attack him in the eyes and continues with a Slingshot Cutter.  Huxley grabs the ropes to block a Devlin Side and fights back with Double Arm Spinebuster for the count of two.  Devlin escapes from a grip from his opponent, hits with a header to the back of Huxley’s neck and finishes with Devlin Side for the count of three.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley) arrive to join the commentary table.

WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021

A new video shows Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) arguing in the office of Sid Scala, the NXT UK Assistant General Manager.  Scala knows they are both good as a team, but he wants them to surprise the management as individual fighters.  Sam Gradwell opens the door and comments that he does not want to interrupt a useless chat, he will return later.  Wolfgang asks to confront Gradwell and Scala claims that he will do what he can.

2- Andy Wild and Dan Moloney vs.  Symbiosis (Primate and T-Bone) (accompanied by Eddie Dennis)

Moloney resists Primate, managing to knock down his opponent with the help of Andy Wild.  T-Bone takes over and is briefly outmatched by Wild.  Moloney changes, connects a Dropkick and jumps in Crossbody.  However, the Symbiosis fighter stops him in the air and combines Backbreaker plus Fallaway Slam.  The duo of Primate and T-Bone focus on taking turns attacking their opponent’s back, reducing him.  Moloney manages to counterattack with a Dropkick and gives way to his partner.

WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021

Andy Wild and Primate are the legal men in the fight.  Wild resists Symbiosis and throws Primate into Belly-to-Belly Suplex for the count of two.  Primate dodges a charge from his opponent, letting it crash into the corner, then chaining Exploder Suplex plus Spear.  T-Bone neutralizes Moloney and Symbiosis finishes off Wild with a Powerslam plus Diving Headbutt combo for the count of three.

Winners: Symbiosis (Primate and T-Bone)

Teoman appears in a new video.  The wrestler claims that he would love to cross paths with Oliver Carter again.  However, he is in a good mood today, as his family is happy.  Teoman warns his rival, he is capable of sending anyone to the hospital and that can sadden Carter’s family.  The German wrestler questions his opponent’s relationship with Ashton Smith, mentioning that they are not family.  Teoman can see Oliver Carter’s weakness, and that’s his friendship with his teammate.

Announcements for next week:

Sam Gradwell vs.  Wolfgang

Jinny and Joseph Conners vs.  Subculture (Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster)

3- NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) vs.  Meiko satomura

Satomura dominates the beginning of the fight with strong blows.  Both fighters avoid the opponent’s movements, which angers Ray and causes him to leave the ring.  Satomura chases her outside, kicks, and tries to get back.  The champion knocks out her rival with a Superkick as she enters the ring and fights briefly around the ring.  They return inside, where Ray seeks control of her opponent’s neck.  Satomura answers with more kicks and Double Kneedrop to her abdomen.

WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021

Ray escapes from an attempted count, grabs her opponent’s hair, and hits with powerful Chops.  The champion continues her offense and attempts a Koji Clutch.  Satomura quickly transforms him into an STF, forcing her opponent to reach for the ropes.  Ray returns to the charge with strong blows and hits with a Kneedrop direct to the face of her rival.  After a few moments, the Japanese fighter tries to counterattack by jumping from the corner, but she ends up taking a right hand from her opponent.

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Neither competitor manages to get her movement right, until Satomura escapes from a Gory Bomb and then applies DDT.  The challenger hits Cartwheel Kneedrop close to the head.  Ray responds with the Death Valley Driver and Satomura returns a Gory Bomb to him.  Despite everything, the champion hits with Superkick and Satomura cheers up.  Crossing of blows between the two fighters that ends with Cartwheel Kneedrop at the nape of Ray for the count of two.

WWE NXT UK Results 10 June 2021

The Japanese holds three Superkicks and fights back combining Backdrop Suplex followed by Death Valley Driver for the count of two.  Ray stops a Scorpio Rising attempt by finishing off with Superkick and goes on to chain Gory Bomb plus Senton Bomb, leaving the count at just two.  Kay Lee Ray gets angry, grabs the championship from her and makes a pretense of leaving.  Satomura stops her, avoids a hit with her belt and applies Death Valley Driver on the outside.  Ray immediately exits the ring and takes down his opponent, continuing with a Gory Bomb at the edge of the ring.

They go back inside and Kay Lee Ray’s account is doubled.  The fight continues and they go up to the corner, where Satomura applies a Sunset Flip Bomb to close to victory.  Satomura catches in Sleeper Hold and hits with Overhead Kick.  Out of nowhere, Kay Lee Ray grabs the Koji Clutch and her opponent forces the count into two.  Satomura uses Spinning Heel Kick, Death Valley Driver and finishes off with Scorpio Rising for the count of three.

Winner and NEW CHAMPION: Meiko Satomura

Satomura celebrates the victory and confetti is thrown, thus closing the show.

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