WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021: Check out the latest WWE NXT Result and Highlights

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WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021 – WWE broadcast today, Thursday April 22, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network and Peacock.  As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport Studio in London, UK.  The show featured a meeting between Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven) against Noam Dar and Sha Samuels.wwe nxt uk results 22 april 2021

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Here we leave you with the results:

1- Joe Coffey vs. Eddie dennis

Coffey dominates at the start, throwing his rival out of the ring with a Pounce.  The Gallus leader continues to attack, although Dennis manages to gain ground after impacting with an elbow to the neck.  The Welsh fighter insists with the work to the neck, applying a Cravate.  Coffey manages to transform the key into Bodyslam and runs to try a Glasgow Sendoff.  However, Dennis dodges it, lets it crash into the cornerback and connects Cravate Suplex.

Dennis controls the duel, executing a Side Slam and throwing more punches.  Coffey resists, hits with a head butt and uses Belly-to-Belly Suplex.  The “Iron King” does not stop, chain Shoulder Block, Backdrop and Elbow Drop.  Dennis does not fall, he blocks his opponent when he was about to go up to the corner and finishes with the Seven Bridge, leaving the account at only two.

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Gallus’ fighter blocks his opponent’s Next Stop Driver, pushes him against the cornerback and connects Spinebuster.  Coffey does not let go and continues to apply Boston Crab.  Primate and T-Bone arrive to cause the distraction, allowing Dennis to make a count that falls in two.  Coffey uses a German Suplex while Wolfgang and Mark Coffey appear.  T-Bone and Primate knock them out outside the ring.  Meanwhile, Joe Coffey combines Diving Crossbody, Glasgow Sendoff and Best for the Bells on Dennis for the count of three.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Primate and T-Bone enter the ring to assault Coffey after the fight.  Wolfgang and Mark Coffey return and take them out of the ring, leaving the Gallus fighters inside.

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Video about Ilja Dragunov.  The “Unbesiegbar” stares in awe at a video about his defeat to WALTER and his latest outbursts of rage, tearing apart T-Bone, Jack Starz and Sam Gradwell.

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Gallus celebrate behind the scenes.  Rampage Brown appears and confronts Joe Coffey.  The “Iron King” asks if Brown is okay after losing to WALTER.  Coffey indicates that he has been in the same situation and you have to swallow your pride.  He remembers that he promised her a new meeting and asks her to let him know when he wants.

2- Dave Mastiff vs. Sam gradwell

Mastiff controls the start of the match, physically beating his rival and then hitting him with a pair of Senton Drops.  “The Bomber” insists with Senton Roll and launches for another Senton Drop, but his opponent awaits him with her knees up.  Gradwell gains ground by centering his offense on his opponent’s back.  Mastiff resists and counterattacks by chaining Running Crossbody and Clothesline.

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Gradwell is in a corner and Mastiff prepares to finish off with Into The Void.  However, he hurts his back when he collides with a corner before running.  Gradwell reacts by attacking with the ropes and finishes with Fireman’s Carry Slam for the count of three.

Winner: Sam Gradwell

Aoife Valkyrie speaks in a new video.  The fighter affirms that it is the opportunity to rise up to the challenge and come out of the shadows, showing what she is capable of.  This is her her moment and next week she will have what she wants: a fight against Meiko Satomura.

Emilia McKenzie is featured in a new video, recalling that two years have passed since her last appearance in WWE.  Images of McKenzie are shown in Progress as the fighter is happy for her passage through the independent scene.  Now her next challenge in her career is NXT UK.  Despite her youth, she has been able to train and learn from the best fighter in the world, Meiko Satomura.  McKenzie emphasizes that she wants to keep improving to earn a place in NXT UK.

3- Dani Luna vs.  Jinny (accompanied by Joseph Conners)

Luna tries to knock her opponent down, but Jinny stops her and takes refuge in the ropes.  The “Fashionista” attacks her rival from behind and begins to dominate, hitting several knees to the middle area followed by an Iron Octopus.  Luna resists, causing Jinny to cut back with more hits followed by another Iron Octopus.  Luna fights and escapes from the key, throwing her opponent into the air.

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Luna avoids Rolling Koppu Kick and chains a pair of Gutwrench Suplex plus another Suplex for the count of two.  Jinny endures and there is a cross between the two fighters, ending with a slap and Luna’s Clothesline.  Conners performs the distraction, allowing Jinny to attack her opponent’s knee followed by a Rolling Koppu Kick for the count of three.

Winner: Jinny

Jinny continues to attack Dani Luna after the fight, but Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews appear to defend her.  Jinny and Conners leave.

NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala comments that he has spoken to Kenny Williams after last week’s main event.  Amir Jordan walks into the office!  The fighter does not want the rivalry to end like this and asks for a rematch.  Scala responds, Williams is willing if Jordan accepts the following conditions: a fight without disqualification, where the loser will have to leave NXT UK.  Jordan hesitates for a moment, but ends up signing the contract and insists, no one will take away this opportunity.

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Rohan Raja introduces himself to the NXT UK audience with a video.  The fighter talks about his origins and announces that he will debut next week on NXT UK against Teoman.  Raja remembers that his next opponent has made all of his opponents give up.  However, Teoman will have to make an effort, since he does not know how to give up.

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Teoman responds to the challenge, remembering that he is capable of sacrificing himself for his family, protecting them with honor, respect, and fear.  The fighter says goodbye stating that he is the man to be reckoned with.

Billboard for next week:

Aoife Valkyrie vs.  Meiko satomura

Teoman vs.  Rohan raja

Eddie Dennis, Primate and T-Bone vs.  Gallus (Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey and Wolfgang)

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

4- Noam Dar and Sha Samuels vs.  Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven)

Bate beats Dar early in the fight, forcing the “Scottish Supernova” to take over from Samuels.  Seven also enters and combines Crossbody, Bodyslam and Leg Drop on his rival.  Switch to Bate, attacking alongside his partner and trying to work his opponent’s arm.  Samuels blocks and, after a brief relief from Dar, they control the former NXT UK champion.  Bate reacts, throws a knee and gives the turn to his partner.  Sevens tries the Seven Stars Lariat, however Samuels avoids it by finishing off with Backbreaker for the count of two.

Dar and Samuels punish their opponent in turn, attacking his arm and upper back.  Seven reacts in time to avoid a Tyler Driver from Noam Dar, but continues to be outmaneuvered by the offense of his opponents.  After taking more hits, Seven manages to surprise Dar with a DDT and Dragon Suplex, regaining momentum.  There are relays on both corners, with Bate dominating Samuels by applying Exploder Suplex plus Running Shooting Star Press.  Dar interrupts the count and distracts the referee.  Seven takes advantage and applies with his partner a Powerbomb assisted Samuels for the count of two.

WWE NXT UK Results 22 April 2021

Seven grabs Samuels and Bate bounces off the ropes to hit the Clothesline.  However, Samuels escapes and receives his adversary in Spinebuster.  Dar interrupts, hits Seven with a kick and lets his partner continue to hit Michinoku Driver, bordering on victory.  Seven holds on, drives his opponents outside, and takes over before launching into Suicide Dive.  Bate runs and also throws himself into Plancha, jumping over the ropes.  Mustache Mountain return with Samuels and finish off with the Burning Hammer plus Diving Knee Drop combo to secure the count of three.

Winners: Mustache Mountain (Tyler Bate and Trent Seven)

Tyler Bate and Trent Seven celebrate the victory to end the show.

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