RAW Result: WWE Raw Full Results & Highlights, Recap, Grades, Best & Worst Moments – 3 May 2021

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Check out WWE Raw full results 3 MayHighlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best & Worst Moments – 3 May 2021

WWE Raw full results 3 May

WWE Raw full results 3 May

WWE RAW: Earlier, MVP teamed up with Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce to decide who will face Lashley.  Adam is going to flip a coin to decide, but first McIntyre appears.  Drew argues with MVP, and Braun joins in to increase the tension.  Finally, Adam flips the coin and it is decided that Strowman will face Lashley tonight.

The Raw Couples Champions, AJ Styles and Omos, come out to the ring after several weeks of absence.  Styles asks the WWE Universe if they missed them, and yells that they obviously did.

He says they were celebrating their victory and had better things to do than throw tomatoes like The New Day.  AJ talks about being a Grand Slam Champion but is interrupted by Kingston and Woods.

The New Day jokes that they too rested and disrespected the division in their reigns.  Outside of jokes, Kofi says there is a reason they have been champions eleven times: “Every time we fall, we get up, we dust ourselves, we enter the ring and we win our titles again.”

Kingston remembers that when he won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania, he was on Raw the next day despite not even belonging to the roster because he is that type of champion.

Omos stops them and says he’s fed up with them.  “When I’m done with you, you won’t be able to laugh anymore,” he threatens.

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WWE Raw full results 3 May –  Fight for the Raw Couples Championships

AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs.  The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Omos begins the fight by slowly and powerfully dominating Xavier.  Kofi takes over but he can’t handle the giant either.  He teams up with Xavier to kick Omos but the champion responds with Double Clothesline on both of them.

Returning from commercials, AJ receives the Unicorn Stampede in the opposite corner, away from Omos.  Kofi’s knee strike that almost gave him the victory over Styles Woods walks in and tries to stop AJ, but is unsuccessful.  Omos takes over and punishes both opponents in a dominant way.  Phenomenal Forerarm from the shoulders of Omos for the count of three.

Winners: AJ Styles & Omos.

WWE Raw full results 3 May

Sonya Deville is talking with Charlotte Flair until Adam Pearce arrives to talk to her and show her discontent over the differences they have had in recent weeks.

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MVP and Bobby Lashley are interviewed backstage.  They both agree that neither Braun Strowman nor Drew McIntyre will be able to beat Lashley.

Elias and Jaxson Ryker prepare to throw tomatoes at New Day, but they miss and hit Randy Orton.

WWE Raw full results 3 May – Charlotte Flair vs.  Dana Brooke (w / Mandy Rose)

Charlotte begins treating Dana with pride, until Brooke attacks.  Flair quickly takes control of her and kicks her for the count of three.

Brooke escapes from Charlotte’s shoulders and seeks to bring her down, Flair resists and tramples her.  Dana dodges a kick and hits a barrage of blows on her back from her.  Flair stops an elbow from Dana and goes on to apply Figure Eight for the victory.

Winner: Charlotte Flair.

After the fight, Mandy Rose attacks Charlotte Flair.  Sonya Deville steps out into the ring before the break.

“As a WWE Officer, like Adam Pearce, I gave Charlotte the opportunity to make a proposal,” says Sonya.  Charlotte remembers that she broke Asuka’s streak and that she was the one who put Rhea Ripley on the map.

“If you add me to the fight, I’ll make it that much more important,” says Charlotte, adding that she is an influence.  Flair insists until Sonya agrees to join her in the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania Backlash.

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WWE Raw full results 3 May

Rhea Ripley comes out and says that nobody loves Charlotte.  She is confident to beat Asuka, but she considers a triple threat to be unfair.  She claims that she distrusted Sonya since she brought Charlotte back, but is interrupted by Asuka.  She mocks Flair saying that she is a crybaby, but that it doesn’t matter because she can beat them both.  Rhea faces Sonya but Charlotte attacks her from behind.  Asuka goes for Flair and controls the ring.

Humberto Carrillo is interviewed backstage.  He says that he is not afraid of Sheamus and will challenge him again when the United States Champion appears to brutally attack him.  “It seems that noe you will be in conditions to accept my open challenge. But rest assured, you can do it next week”, says Sheamus before leaving.

The Miz and John Morrison step into the ring.  Miz complains about the lack of respect he receives and reviews all of his achievements.  He assures that Morrison will teach Damian Priest a lesson so that he learns to respect.

WWE Raw full results 3 May – Damian Priest vs.  John Morrison (c / The Miz)

Priest takes the initiative of the meeting and takes Morrison out of the ring with a Clothesline.  When returning from commercials John connects a Knee Strike and applies a Headlock.  They trade kicks and Priest gets the better of it.  John escapes but receives a hard Clothesline for the count of two.

Morrison’s Spanish Fly almost gave him the win after Miz distracted Damian.  Miz rises to the edge of the ring and distracts the ring.  Morrison looks for the account, but the referee is with Miz and is late to count.  Priest connects the Hit the Lights for the count of three.

Winner: Damian Priest.

Mansoor signs his contract with Adam Pearce and is part of Monday Night Raw.  Sheamus walks into the office and believes that Mansoor is Pearce’s assistant.  Mansoor corrects him and says that he is a superstar like him.  Sheamus recommends you accept his open challenge tonight to make yourself known.

MVP is interviewed once more.  He says he wouldn’t be surprised if Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre teamed up over Bobby Lashley.  Before leaving, he tells Kayla Braxton to watch what Bobby will do to the “Monster among men” tonight.

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WWE Raw full results 3 May

Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) vs.  Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

Big Metalik and Cedric are fighting when he returns the show.  Metalik connects but is stopped by Alexander’s Michinoku Driver.  Shelton takes over and applies two Body Slams.  Dorado takes over and receives a hard Clothesline from Benjamin.

Lynx looks for a Hurricanrana and then a DDT, but Shelton stops him with a kick.  Lince finally manages to apply a Tornado DDT and take over from Metalik, in addition to taking Cedric out of the ring.  Splash to Cedric and Elbow Drop from Metalik to Shelton for the count of three.

Winners: Lucha House Party.

After the fight, Cedric Alexander yells at Shelton Benjamin.  He accuses him of being the weak link in The Hurt Business and causing them both to be removed from the group.  “Unlike you, I am in the best moment of my life and I refuse to continue wasting my time with you. Just like you, this team is finished,” Alexander shoots before leaving.

Angel Garza walks backstage with a rose.  Drew Gulak asks him if that rose is for him and starts making fun of Garza.  He challenges him to a match below and claims that he will put the rose up his butt.

Kayla Braxton interviews Shelton Benjamin backstage.  Shelton says the only reason Cedric Alexander entered The Hurt Business was that he saw things that others did not.  “If he doesn’t want to fight alongside me, that’s fine, but I will teach him to respect me,” says Shelton, adding that whatever happens, he will continue to survive.

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WWE Raw full results 3 May – Angel Garza vs.  Drew gulak

Garza takes the initiative with several punches and a variant of Backbreake.  Gulak slows down with a Headlock, but Garza escapes and accelerates again.  Wing Clipper and a count of three on Drew.

Winner: Angel Garza.

After the fight, Garza puts the rose on Gulak’s butt.

Riddle meets The Viking Raiders backstage and talks about his team name.  He continues riding his scooter and talks to Randy Orton.  He tells her that it is an honor to be companions and no one has defeated them yet.  Orton remembers that they only had one match and proposes to go out to have another one.  Riddle starts talking but Randy shuts him up.

WWE Raw full results 3 May 

RKBro (Randy Orton & Riddle) vs.  Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Orton attacks Elias who responds soon and takes him to the corner of him.  Randy applies a sting to the eyes and gives relief to Riddle.

Ryker’s Body Slam to escape a lock on his arm.  Riddle looks for the Bromission, Elias receives the relief and connects a Knee Strike while Ryker holds the Bro.  Suplex Riddle on Ryker’s knee, but it’s not enough.  Orton takes over and searches for his DDT, but Elias escapes.

Outside the ring, Orton responds and throws it with Side Suplex on the commentary table.  Ryker tries to attack him but Randy quickly gets rid of him.  Randy applies the classic DDT on him, Ryker walks over and receives an RKO.  Floating Bro to finish off Elias.

Winners: RKBro.

Drew McIntyre is interviewed.  He wonders why T-Bar and Mace have attacked him and intervened in the fighting, and why they keep using those names despite losing the masks.  He assures that at WrestleMania Backlash will win the WWE Championship.  Braun Strowman interrupts him and claims that he will be the new champion.

WWE Raw full results 3 May – Sheamus vs.  Mansoor

Sheamus corners Mansoor and slaps him.  Mansoor responds and searches for the account.  He connects two kicks and goes back to looking for the pin.  Sheamus takes him out of the ring and Mansoor returns just in time.

Dropkick to the knee of Sheamus and Enziguri later.  Tornado DDT and a count of two on Sheamus.  White Noise for Mansoor by Sheamus, who has a cut on his face.  Humberto Carrillo attacks Sheamus!

Winner by disqualification: Sheamus.

After the combat, Carrillo throws himself in Suicide Dive on Sheamus and continues attacking without stopping.  Sheamus returns to the ring and greets him with a Brogue Kick.  Mansoor gets a Brogue Kick too.  Sheamus celebrates with his title on high.

Alexa Bliss starts Alexa’s Playground.  She talks about playing hide and seek with Lilly, who always appears in strange places and “stained red”.  “Don’t blame me for what’s going to happen,” says Alexa.  Bliss sings a song that talks about her friendship and that Lilly made her do something.

WWE Raw full results 3 May – Fight for the Women’s Couples Championship

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (c) (w / Reginald) vs.  Lana & Naomi

Lana takes the lead on Shayna, searching for her account repeatedly.  Relay for Naomi who controls the ring, she attacks Nia in her corner and keeps Baszler away from her corner.

Double Facebuster to Shayna, but Nia pulls Naomi out of the ring.  Reginald distracts the referee, who doesn’t see Lana’s coverage of Shayna in time.  Baszler tries the Kirifuda Clutch but Lana escapes.  He tries again and this time he makes Lana give up quickly.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax.

MVP talks about Braun Strowman before the next match.  He says that he is strong but not as strong as Bobby Lashley, he considers that both are bulls, but in the end, only one can prevail.

 Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs.  Braun strowman

Intense combat from the start.  Strowman surprises Lashley with his strength at times, but Bobby seems better off in the match, Braun takes him out of the ring, the champion takes the opportunity to talk to MVP.  Strowman goes for him and takes him back into the ring.  He attacks the corner with Splash, looking to repeat but Lashley stops him and connects a Clothesline later.  Drew McIntyre joins the commentary table.

Returning from commercials, Bobby controls Strowman.  Lashley keeps hitting the corner without Braun being able to react.  Braun surprises with an Electric Chair Drop and a Suplex.  Lashley looks for the Hurt Lock but Braun avoids it with blows and connects a Sidewalk Slam.  Strowman argues with Drew and they begin to shove.  He is distracted and receives a Spear for the count of three.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Drew McIntyre enters the ring and applies Claymores to both enemies.  Next week, McIntyre will face Lashley.

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