WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021: Results, Winners, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021 – Drew McIntyre comes out to open Monday Night Raw.  Drew talks about opportunities: you can work hard to get them, or they can fall right into your hands.  Review how last week Braun Strowman and Randy Orton got into their discussion in search of a title opportunity, but still managed to beat them to be the challenger to the WWE Championship.

“MACE and T-Bar decided to make a name for themselves by messing with me on Raw. But there is a mastermind behind this, and that mind is MVP’s,” says Drew.  “All I know is that when I get my hands on those bastards, I’ll have a bit of RETRIBUTION,” he jokes despite being upset.wwe raw full show highlights 19 april 2021

Mvp He interrupts to answer McIntyre’s accusations.  “There seems to be a streak with you. You didn’t expect Lashley to beat you at WrestleMania. You didn’t expect T-Bar and MACE to attack you last week. Maybe you should start expecting the unexpected,” MVP shoots.  He then congratulates him on behalf of Bobby Lashley, who considers him a good rival to win again with the Hurt Lock at WrestleMania Backlash.  Drew asks him to look him in the eye and assure him that he had nothing to do with the attacks.  “Lashley is the director of The Hurt Business, he makes the decisions.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

He recently reduced the staff, “says MVP, and asks why he would bring in new staff if he showed that he himself can handle Drew. MVP emphatically insists that T-Bar and MACE have” zero affiliation with The Hurt Business. “Consider that  Perhaps Drew’s arrogant attitude caused him some enemies. McIntyre says it may have all been a coincidence, as he steps out of the ring and moves toward MVP.

MACE and T-Bar attack McIntyre!  The masked men hit ringside first, then put it into the ring and apply a Double Chokeslam.  On their way backstage they pass MVP but ignore him.  Interviewed when passing the curtain, they respond in a somewhat enigmatic and unclear way that they will “extinguish” Drew.

Drew McIntyre storms backstage.  He finds Adam Pearce and asks him for a match against MACE and T-Bar.  Adam asks him to get a partner, but Drew doesn’t want anyone.  He intimidates Adam into giving him the fight and keeps walking.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander vs.  The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar)

Erik and Shelton initiate the action.  Benjamin manages to control it and give the relief to Cedric.  Erik manages to escape from rival dominance and take over from Ivar.  Cedric stops Ivar for Shelton to connect him with a Knee Strike for the count of two.

Erik returns but Shelton surprises him with a Suplex.  Cedric enters with Tornado DDT and account interrupted by Ivar.  Shelton takes him out of the ring but Ivar throws him against the barricade and then destroys him with a Crossbody there.  Erik stops Cedric, connects a hard Knee Strike and after the relay he finishes with Ivar with the Viking Experience.

Winners: The Viking Raiders.

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage.  He says that The Fiend will not return and is part of his past.  Now his sights are on the WWE Championship, and whoever the champion is after WrestleMania Backlash will be his next target.  Riddle interrupts him by spinning his scooter around him.  He offers to form a team called “RKBro” among other things without much sense, but Randy just leaves.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Randy Orton confronts Adam Pearce and asks him for a match against Riddle.  He says he doesn’t know his name and only describes him, but he doesn’t care to know about him, he just wants to teach him to respect.

Charlotte Flair comes out to the ring.  She complains that she has taken away her WrestleMania match and she criticizes the rest of the wrestlers.  “I can beat Rhea Ripley, I can beat Asuka. I can beat them both in the same night,” she assures her, and she says that’s why they call her “The Opportunity.”

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Asuka exits but is interrupted by Rhea Ripley.  Charlotte wonders if they are going to team up to attack her, and then invites Rhea to sit down and watch the fight.  Ripley agrees and believes that Asuka will defeat Flair.  Charlotte doesn’t let Asuka speak and treats her superbly.  Asuka finally yells at her “today I’ll beat you, p ****” and she leaves.

Riddle vs.  Randy orton

Orton looks to manage the pace of the fight at the start.  Riddle climbs on Orton to apply a Sleeperhold, but Randy manages to shake him off.  Riddle tries the key again, now Orton crashes him into the corner to free himself.  Riddle tries a third time, Orton appears about to fall but instead throws Riddle back to the mat.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Riddle is still looking for keys, Randy turns to get out of the ring.  Orton catches a kick from Riddle and throws it to ringside.  Returning from hiatus, The Viper overpowers Riddle at his time.  Riddle responds with some punches but Randy stops him with an Uppercut.  Orton lunges but misses and hits the post with his shoulder.  Riddle connects a kick and several elbows.  Broton and a count of two.  He looks for height but Randy stops him with blows to later apply a Superplex.  Orton’s classic DDT preparing to finish.  Riddle’s Crucifix Pin!

Winner: Riddle.

Sheamus talks to Adam Pearce in his office.  Pearce congratulates him on winning the United States Championship at WrestleMania.  Adam wants me to think about the legacy of the title and the champions who carried it.  He names John Cena but Sheamus interrupts him, saying that if he wants me to do an open challenge tonight, maybe he will.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs.  Lana & Naomi

Nia go on the attack until she is knocked down by her two rivals.  Soon he is back on the offensive with a Suplex to both.  Shayna takes over and punishes Lana’s arm from her.  Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose hit the ramp to make fun of Nia and her de ella falls last week.  Nia gets upset and leaves the fight to chase them.  While Nia’s videos were replayed on the giant screen, Shayna kept control of Lana’s arm all the time, waiting for the relay.  Finally Naomi receives the tag and covers a distracted Shayna.

Winners: Lana & Naomi.

Review of an interview in Spanish with Bad Bunny after his match at WrestleMania with Damian Priest.  The singer says the WWE experience was incredible and flatters his teammate of him.  He talks about the respect of everyone who worked with him and how they listened to his ideas de él.  Priest also responds and comments on the work Bunny did to have that match.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

The Miz and Maryse star in Miz TV.  For a few minutes they flatter each other and show affection, and then begin their celebration.  When they are toasting The Miz, Damian Priest’s music plays.

Priest gets into the ring and talks to Miz.  He tells him that he is crazy like Jake Paul when he considers himself a true fighter.  Damian calls for a replay of the end of their match last week, where Maryse’s help brought Miz to victory.  “What kind of man boasts of a victory like this?”  He says Damian, then accuses Miz of “having no balls” in Spanish.  Maryse responds in French and tells Priest that if he wants a match with Miz, he will have it.  Damian congratulates them and takes a gulp of Miz and Maryse’s champagne.  “How disgusting,” he tells them in Spanish and laughs, but Maryse throws the other drink in his face before leaving.

The New Day meet Riddle backstage and congratulate him on his win over Randy Orton.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Elias and Jaxson Ryker are in the ring.  Elias starts to play but a noise interrupts him.  Xavier Woods is playing bass in the doorway.

Elias (w / Jaxson Ryker) vs.  Kofi Kingston (c / Xavier Woods)

Elias takes the initiative of the fight, annoyed by Xavier’s bass.  Kofi takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Elias.  Kofi receives a Vertical Suplex and is later cornered by Elias’s kicks.  Kingston responds with a Crossbody from above, but it is not enough.  After some unclear exchanges and leaks, Kofi applies SOS.  Eias looks for height but Kofi connects him and goes for him.  Kingston tries a Hurricanrana but Elias keeps holding on to the corner.  Diving Elbow for a count of three.

Winner: Elias.

In Alexa’s Playground, Alexa Bliss talks about Lilly, her doll friend.  He says that his company de ella is not something new, that they have known each other for many years.  Alexa shows pictures of a girl with Lilly and tells a story of her from her childhood of her, where she threw a girl off her swing, causing her to break her arm of her, saying it was Lilly’s fault of her.  “Lilly didn’t like him, nor does she like any of you,” Alexa says to the rest of the Raw women’s roster.  By closing the segment with a close-up of the wrist, Lilly takes a bite.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are interviewed backstage.  They say that they are not the bad guys in this situation, but they are quickly interrupted by Nia Jax.  Shayna faces her partner of her, very upset.  “You better start paying attention. Or else …” Shayna shoots before leaving.  Nia asks what he means.  Garza appears and asks Nia what she sees in Reginald.

Drew McIntyre vs.  T-Bar & Mace

McIntyre overpowers T-Bar and looks for the account behind a Suplex.  Relay for Mace, while MVP is shown watching the match backstage.  Little by little, T-Bar and Mace take over to maintain dominance over Drew.  They connect knees at the same time and T-Bar passes a Chinlock.

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Mace’s Belly to Back Suplex for a count of two.  T-Bar jumps off the corner and lands on the Glassgow Kiss.  McIntyre prepares to finish him off but Mace distracts him.  T-Bar takes the opportunity to corner Drew, Mace joins in and both unload a barrage of blows in the corner.

Winner by DQ: Drew McIntyre.

Braun Strowman comes out to the ring to scare off T-Bar and Mace.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman vs.  T-Bar & Mace

Strowman and Mace start the fight struggling for control.  They collide and Braun gets the better of it by taking Mace down.  Drew takes over and connects several punches, but Mace attacks him in the throat.  Relays for both sides, Braun furiously hits T-Bar.  Strowman is distracted by Mace and T-Bar attacks his knee from him.  Enter Drew and apply a tremendous Suplex to Mace, followed by a Neckbreaker.  McIntyre explodes and smashes Mace into the corner.  He removes his mask and hits him despite the referee’s warnings, causing disqualification.

Winners: T-Bar & Mace.

Braun Strowman removes T-Bar’s mask and attacks him as well.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

The Miz (c / Maryse) vs.  Damian Priest

Priest dominates with ease from the start.  He prepares to shoot but Maryse grabs his leg from ringside.  Miz take advantage to attack and take him out of the ring to crash him later against the barricade.  Miz connects his kicks but Damian stops the last one and returns to the attack.  Miz escapes an attack but receives a surprising Springboard Cannonball from Damian.  Miz tries to run away, Maryse tries to repeat the trap from last time but Damian escapes.  Hit the Lights!

Winner: Damian Priest.

Sheamus comes out to the ring.  He says he will be a longtime United States Champion and says he will do an open title challenge every week.  “Or whenever I want,” he adds.  Humberto Carrillo accepts the challenge.  Sheamus attacks him as soon as he arrives, completely destroying him outside the ring before the bell rings.  Sheamus carries Carillo, slams him against the post and takes him to the ring.  He finishes off with a Brogue Kick and then yells at Humberto that he’s not up to it.  Combat never happens.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Charlotte Flair vs.  Asuka

Rhea watches Ripley from outside the ring.  Asuka takes the initiative with kicks on Charlotte.  Flair dodges a Hip Attack and responds with a kick from him.  The fight continues after commercials, Asuka connects Dropkicks on Charlotte.  Flair responds with several elbows and looks for a Big Boot that fails.  Asuka looks for her Double Knees from her but does not connect them completely and both are lying.  Charlotte spear for a count of two.

WWE Raw Full Show Highlights 19 April 2021

Charlotte applies a kneebar against the ropes, and when she returns she falls into an Asuka Lock.  They both turn and Charlotte reaches the ropes.  Charlotte applies Figure Eight but Rhea takes her hands from ringside to make her release the key.  Charlotte tries to attack her and Asuka takes advantage of the moment to attack and cover Flair.

Winner: Asuka.

After the fight, Charlotte Flair brutally attacks the referee of the match.  Several referees come out to stop her and yell at her.  Flair seems to leave but hits the referee again before ending the program.

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