WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021: Highlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021 – Raw Result: WWE Raw Full Results, Highlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best & Worst Moments and more – 10th May 2021

WWE RAW: Charlotte Flair opens the show, entering the ring to have the first match of the night.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (w / Reginald) vs.  Asuka, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Shayna begins by controlling her Mandy’s arm, which manages to lead her to overcome her in strength and lead her to her corner.  Asuka takes over and together with her teammates they control the ring.  The six face each other until the music of Alexa Bliss plays.  “Oops … did we interrupt? Sorry … well I’m sorry, not Lilly,” Bliss says from the swing.  “Lilly and I want to watch someone from this match,” he says before the break.wwe raw results 10 may 2021

Jax, Flair, and Baszler trade moments of dominance over Mandy.  At one point, Shayna wants to go back to her corner of her, but her knees of her do not respond to her.  Baszler cannot advance, and Asuka takes the opportunity to take over and charge first against Charlotte, and then with a Knee Strike on Baszler.  Asuka covers and takes the victory.

Winners: Asuka, Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke.

Asuka does not get to celebrate as Charlotte quickly connects her with a Big Boot.  Meanwhile, Alexa and Lilly laugh.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

The New Day talk to Riddle backstage, laughing at the tomatoes thrown at Randy Orton.  The Viper appears behind Riddle, looking serious and not saying a word.  Orton says that what makes him laugh is ending the careers of his opponents from him.

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MVP visits Braun Strowman in the locker room.  Strowman doesn’t want to speak, but MVP insists.  “If Bobby Lashley were to lose the WWE Championship, which he didn’t, but if he did, I’d rather it go to you,” says MVP.  He adds that if Drew McIntyre suffered an injury tonight, he might not make it to WrestleMania Backlash.  Strowman responds that he doesn’t like MVP, but he reminds him that he’s only talking about business.

The Miz, John Morrison, and Damian Priest reunite with Adam Pearce.  There is some tension between Miz and John after their loss last week.  Damian has a proposal: if he beats Morrison tonight, choose the stipulation for his match against The Miz at WrestleMania Backlash.  If Morrison wins, they choose her.  Miz doesn’t want to accept, but Morrison does it for him.  Miz and John argue, but Morrison is confident.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Jinder Mahal says he’s ready to compete on Raw and introduces his new teammates: Veer and Shanky.

Jinder Mahal (c / Veer & Shanky) vs.  Jeff Hardy

Jeff takes the lead with a Dropkick to Jinder, but the Marahaja responds quickly with a Big Boot.  Mahal goes on to take control of Hardy, who fails to react.  Jeff looks for his classic offense, but Jinder stops him with blows.  Jinder connects the Khallas to take the victory

Winner: Jinder Mahal.

Ryker, Elias, Styles and Omos speak backstage.  Jaxson carries a basket of tomatoes, and Elias wants to sing.  AJ tells them no: no tomatoes or songs.  “They’re with the Raw Tag Team Champions. Take this match seriously,” says AJ.  Omos squeezes a tomato and says that they will do that with their opponents.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Charlotte Flair is seen talking to Sonya Deville.

AJ Styles, Omos, Elias & Jaxson Ryker vs.  The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) & RKBro (Riddle & Randy Orton)

Riddle quickly searches for an Armbar on Elias at the start of the encounter.  Enter Ryker and then Omos, who manages to stop not only Riddle but New Day as well.  Returning from commercials, Ryker takes over for AJ to cover for Riddle.  Relay for Kofi and Xavier who quickly attack Styles.  Missile Dropkick from Xavier to Elias, AJ takes advantage and connects to Spinebuster.  Ryker returns to corner Xavier with blows.

Jaxson keeps hitting, preventing Xavier from reaching his corner.  Spinebuster and a count of two about Woods.  Elias takes over to keep control of the match.  Woods finally escapes and tags Riddle into charging at the rivals.  Elias elbows him to a stop, Riddle picks him up and applies Bro Derek.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Omos breaks the count and throws Riddle into the corner.  Omos is left waiting in the ring after taking down Riddle.  New Day grabs AJ by the legs and spins him ringside.  Omos comes out to help him.  While in the ring, RKO for Elias and a count of three.

Winners: The New Day and RKBro.

After the fight, Randy applies the RKO to The New Day.  Riddle yells at him that they will never have friends if he keeps doing these things.

Sonya Deville announces to Rhea Ripley and Asuka that they will face off later.  Ripley gets upset and asks whose idea for this meeting was, but Sonya doesn’t want to answer.  Rhea recalls seeing Charlotte reunite with Sonya before, and assumes that Flair’s plan is for her and Asuka to tire out in this match to get the upper hand on Sunday.

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Asuka says that she has already been in an earlier match and has no problem having another one, because she is ready.  Rhea is confident to beat her again like she did at WrestleMania.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Sheamus talks about how he ended last week with Humberto Carrillo and Mansoor.  He recognizes that they are talented guys but says they are not on his level.

Sheamus vs.  Humberto Carrillo

Sheamus is off to a good start but Humberto surprises him with his agility.  He pulls him out of the ring, prevents him from coming back, and slides into him, but now Sheamus was waiting for him.  Sheamus tosses Carrillo into the timekeeper’s area before the break.  Upon returning, Sheamus applies the Ten Beats of the Bodhran.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Sheamus climbs to the second rope with Humberto on his shoulders, but Carrillo responds and applies a Hurricanrana.  Humberto’s Sunset Bomb towards ringside, they both go down pretty bad.  The referee declares that the match is over since Humberto cannot continue.

Winner: Sheamus.

Video of Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.  With images of their fights, they talk about the Lucha House Party and say they are ready for battle.

Cedric Alexander vs.  Shelton benjamin

Good start for Cedric.  Shelton tries to surprise him with the Paydirt but Cedric escapes.  Alexander punishes Benjamin’s knee after a Dragon Screw against the second rope.  Shelton manages a small response, but Cedric keeps getting over it, always one step ahead of his movements.  Alexander yells and humiliates Shelton, who doesn’t react.  “Get up!”  he screams as he kicks him.  T-Bone Suplex out of nowhere and count by three about Cedric.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin.

Angel Garza is being photographed when Drew Gulak interrupts him.  Drew is upset, says Angel humiliated and embarrassed him last week.  Garza says that maybe they will face each other again, and in that case, he will make him swallow the rose.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Rhea Ripley vs.  Asuka

Rhea starts off confident but Asuka explodes and goes on the attack.  Rhea dodges some blows and stomps on Asuka.  Rhea falls into the Asuka Lock but manages to reach the ropes.  Charlotte Flair comes out to watch the match.  Rhea is distracted and receives a backfist.  Flair joins the commentary table and says that she was indeed the one who gave the idea of ​​this meeting to Sonya Deville.

Rhea overpowers Asuka but remains distracted by Charlotte.  Asuka’s Sliding Knee for the count of two.  Rhea’s Northern Light Suplex, who also fails to count three.  She looks for the Riptide but Asuka responds with her knees.  Rhea argues with Charlotte.  Asuka’s Hip Attack at ringside and Missile Dropkick returning.  Ripley catches her in midair, lands a kick and Riptide for the win. Winner: Rhea Ripley.

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage.  He says he had no intention of intervening last week in the Lashley vs.  Strowman.  He says that he cannot worry about a possible union between Braun and MVP, since he has to focus on beating Lashley tonight, and then being champion on Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Damian Priest vs.  John Morrison (c / The Miz)

Priest goes on the attack and applies a Sidewalk Slam for the count of two.  Morrison responds and with great agility dodges Damian’s attacks from the other side of the ropes.  When he comes back he receives a hard elbow but grabs the ropes to avoid the count of three.  Miz takes him out of the ring to help him right away.

Morrison’s Russian Leg Sweep coming back from the break.  Priest responds with big kicks on John.  Damian launches himself with a flying kick from the corner but it is not enough to finish off Morrison.  John surprises with a pin that almost gave him victory.  Miz steps into the ring to complain to the referee while John applies a Crucifix Pin.  The referee is late to count and Damian escapes.  Hit The Lights and count of three on John.

Winner: Damian Priest.

The Miz immediately enters to attack Priest.  He searches for the Skull Crushing Finale but Damian gets away.  Miz runs away.  Priest applies another Hit The Lights to Morrison.

New promotional video for Eva Marie, announcing that Eva-Lution is coming to Raw soon.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Damian Priest talks to Adam Pearce.  He’s sick of The Miz running away, and wants to finish him off this Sunday.  It doesn’t matter who Pearce brings in, but Damian wants the ring to be surrounded by fighters to stop Miz from running away.  Adam accepts and confirms that they will face off in a Lumberjack Match at WrestleMania Backlash.

Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs.  Drew McIntyre

Lashley immediately goes out to find the Hurt Lock.  Drew avoids him and passes Bobby to the other side of the ropes.  Lashley punches Drew’s neck with the top rope and enters to connect a Neckbreaker.  Bobby attacks the corner but Drew responds with a kick.

The action moves to ringside, where McIntyre hits a tremendous Suplex.  Returning from commercials, Lashley applies a Flatliner and controls Drew with a Headlock.  McIntyre escapes and applies a Vertical Suplex.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Lashley returns to the attack and lunges to get Drew out of the ring.  Back in the ring, Lashley lurks.  He charges the Spear but Drew dodges him and crashes into the corner.  Exchange of blows and Drew’s Suplex.  McIntyre repeats and surprises with a Neckbreaker later.  Spinebuster and a count of two about Bobby.  Lashley stops him in the middle of the race and closes the Hurt Lock.  He connects several knees and a Suplex but Drew gets up right away.  Claymore!  Braun Strowman’s music plays and Drew looks toward the entrance.  Strowman attacks Drew from behind!  Running Powerslam for Drew.

Winner by disqualification: Drew McIntyre.

MVP smiles backstage, Braun helps Bobby up.  Lashley hugs him but receives a Running Powerslam.  MVP tries to stop Strowman, who takes the baton from him and goes back for Lashley.

WWE Raw Results 10 May 2021

Running Powerslam against the barricade!  Bobby is left lying on the remains of the barricade while Braun returns to the ring.  “I am the monster!”  he yells in Drew’s face before landing another Powerslam.

Braun Strowman rips his shirt apart and ends the dominant program in the middle of the ring.

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