WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021: Highlights, Winners, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021 – WWE Raw Result: The show opens with a plaque in tribute to Paul Orndorff, who passed away today.

The New Day enters the ring after a review of his rivalry with Bobby Lashley and MVP.

MVP and the girls who accompany them motivate Lashley before he steps into the ring.

Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs.  Xavier Woods (c / Kofi Kingston)

Despite Xavier’s early offense, Bobby outshines him with his power and pulls out of the ring with ease.  There he carries it again and lets it fall face down against the metal steps.  Returning from the break, Woods responds with a DDT Tornado, after dodging and kicking Bobby.  Xavier’s Senton to ringside and Dropkick to return to the ring.  Crossface for the champion, who reacts and manages to apply a Spear to Xavier.  Woods surprises Bobby with a small package to take the victory.wwe raw results 12 july 2021

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Winner: Xavier Woods.

MVP is consulted backstage about Bobby Lashley, who left the arena after the match.  He still assures him that later he will be in the VIP Lounge, since everything will be fine.

Alexa Bliss talks about how excited she is to be fighting in front of the public again, and she laughs thinking of everything she could do with the Money in the Bank briefcase.  Eva Marie, sitting next to her, wants to start the interview at once.  Doudrop accompanies her, but Eva talks about her in her place.

Marie ends up criticizing Alexa’s Playground and leaving.  Alexa teases her and greets Doudrop as she leaves.

Jinder Mahal goes out to the ring with Veer and Shenky to talk about what happened with Drew McIntyre last week.  He wants to apologize and return the sword to Drew, and invites him into the ring.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Drew responds from the giant screen.  Since Drew doesn’t trust him, Jinder reveals that he turned the sword into smaller ones.  But McIntyre knew this was going to happen, so that wasn’t his real sword.  McIntyre wrecks Jinder’s bike, which he angrily watches from the ring.

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Nikki A.S.H. Talk to Riddle before heading out for the next fight.  Riddle thinks that she is a super heroine and says that she could fly and take the briefcase at Money in the Bank.  Nikki clarifies that she is almost a superhero, and has no powers.

Alexa Bliss vs.  Nikki ASH vs.  Asuka vs.  Naomi

Alexa dominates Naomi at the start and looks for the account.  Nikki enters but she is attacked by Asuka and Naomi.  They exchange kicks and dodge until they manage to connect at the same time.  Alexa and Nikki face off, Bliss looks for Sister Abigail but Nikki escapes.  Eva Marie and Doudrop slowly walk out into the ring.  DDT from Alexa to Asuka for a count of two.  Alexa leaves the ring and advances towards Eva.  Doudrop talks amiably with Alexa, but she doesn’t pay attention to him.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Eva freaks out, Alexa yells at her and Doudrop goes on to destroy Bliss.  He throws her against the barricade, but when they go to see, Alexa is not there.  Returning from commercials, Asuka dominates Naomi and Nikki in the ring.  Naomi’s Suplexes and Split Legged Drop on both for the count of two.

Nikki looks for the Magistral but Naomi escapes and looks for a pin of her own.  Asuka frees Nikki from a key and applies Armbar to Naomi.  Nikki breaks the key with a Senton on Asuka.  Naomi receives a Double Knees that takes her out of the ring.  Nikki searches several times for the pin until in a twist she takes the victory over Asuka.

Winner: Nikki ASH.

Erik and Ivar are interviewed backstage.  Ivar says that he will defeat AJ Styles and teach him to respect Viking culture.  Erik is confident that his experience will make him a winner against Omos.

AJ Styles goes out to the ring with Omos.  He claims that he will smash Ivar’s leg and make him surrender to the Calf Crusher.  He says that Omos will also defeat Erik in their confrontation.  “We will destroy them and show why we are the Raw Couples Champions”, closes AJ.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Ivar (w / Erik) vs.  AJ Styles (c / Omos)

IVar beats AJ into a corner and takes control.  Omos distracts Ivar, AJ takes advantage and kicks him.  DDT and a count of two about Ivar.  Ivar’s crossbody who controls the moment but does not achieve a count of three.

AJ charges towards Ivar in the corner, but the Viking pushes himself on the ropes to sit on AJ for a count of three.

Winner: Ivar.

Erik (w / Ivar) vs.  Omos (w / AJ Styles)

Erik connects several kicks and advances on the giant, but Omos manages to knock him down with ease.  Erik dodges Omos and unloads a hail of blows.  Running Knee, but Omos bounces off the ropes and runs him over.  Double Chokeslam for Erik for a count of three.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Winner: Omos.

Sheamus complains to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville for having to defend his title against Humberto Carrillo.  But after unloading, he calms down and accepts the fight.

Lucha House Party meet The New Day backstage and wish Kofi Kingston luck.

Below, The New Day are interviewed on the spot.  Kofi teases that Bobby Lashley is distracted in the VIP Lounge instead of worrying about his match on Sunday at Money in the Bank.  Xavier can’t believe Lashley has returned to the arena after talking so much about him and being defeated.

Kofi assures that he will regain the title on Sunday.

Sheamus brutally attacks Humberto Carrillo backstage.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

After the break, Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville tell Carrillo to fight another day.  But Humberto says that he has been waiting months for this moment and wants to fight now.  Damian Priest is there and asks him if he is safe, to later accompany him.

Fight for the United States Championship

Sheamus (c) vs.  Humberto Carrillo

Sheamus connects a Brogue Kick and defeats Carrillo.

Winner: Sheamus.

After the combat, Sheamus continues attacking Humberto.  Damian Priest goes out to make the save and Sheamus runs away.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Ricochet and Riddle are backstage talking about the Money in the Bank match on Sunday.  Ricochet says that he has a surprise for John Morrison tonight, and John just shows up with Miz.  They throw water at them and step on Riddle with the wheelchair.

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Ricochet vs.  John Morrison (c / The Miz)

Agile and even start in the ring, until John applies a Neckbreaker on the edge of the ring.  John throws Ricochet against the barricade and looks for the bill.  German Suplex to John when he returned to the ring.  They go out again, John launches himself with a spinning kick and goes back to looking for the account.

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They fight on both sides of the barricade, until they both stand there.  John’s kick, which falls badly and is at the mercy of a Ricochet 450.  Ricochet’s Shooting Star Press from the post to ringside.  Returning from the break, they fight around a ladder placed as a bridge between the ring and the table.  Ricochet is driven to attack John but it is not enough.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

The action goes to ringside, where Ricochet applies Head Scissors and goes back to looking for the account.  Miz struggles to climb the ramp in the wheelchair.  Morrison and Ricochet pass the curtain and fight there.  John’s Knee Strike to take control.  Returning to the ramp, Ricochet responds.  He grabs Miz and runs down on his chair, then pounces on John.  Miz distracts Ricochet by wetting him with the Dripstick, John takes advantage and almost wins the victory.

Riddle gets out on the scooter to leave Miz on his back to the ground.  Ricochet kicks Morrison and leaves him on the previously placed ladder.  Frog Splash destroying the ladder!  Ricochet covers John at ringside.

Winner: Ricochet.

Natalya and Tamina are being interviewed, but are distracted by Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke giggling. Mandy taunts Natalya saying that she has no chance of beating Rhea Ripley or winning at Money in the Bank.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

Drew McIntyre says that he has more important things than Jinder Mahal to worry about, and begins to tell a story.

Review of the Money in the Bank billboard.

Rhea Ripley speaks before their match.  She says that after Sunday Charlotte Flair will really need crutches from her when she defeats her at Money in the Bank.

Rhea Ripley vs.  Natalya (c / Tamina)

Natalya takes the initiative of the meeting.  They exchange unsuccessful pin attempts multiple times.  Rhea connects a header that knocks Natalya down.  She looks for the Riptide but Natalya escapes from it and tries a Roll Up.

She looks for the Sharpshooter, Rhea takes her out of the ring and runs for her.  She throws herself at Dropkick but Natalya dodges her causing her to connect Tamina.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

She discusses clothesline before going on hiatus.  They scramble high above, Rhea knocks Natalya down and launches into the Missile Dropkick.  Sit Out Powerbomb to Rhea after slamming her face into the post.  Ripley escapes from another Sharpshooter attempt and punishes Natalya’s legs.  On the third try, Natalya closes the Sharpshooter.  Rhea manages to escape by turning and throwing Natalya against the corner.  Riptide for Natalya for a count of three.

Winner: Rhea Ripley.

After the fight, Charlotte Flair appears to attack Rhea Ripley’s leg.  Figure Eight Leglock for the champion, who is lying on the canvas.

MVP talks to the girls before heading out to the VIP Lounge.  He asks them to make Bobby Lashley feel good because he’s not having a good day.

MVP kicks off the VIP Lounge.  He, along with the girls, introduces Bobby Lashley, but the champion is slow to come out.  When he goes out, Bobby looks different.  The champion is frustrated and furious.

He asks the girls to leave the ring and starts talking to MVP.  “I’m furious and you try to cheer me up with champagne and women. I appreciate everything you’ve done in my career, but this shit has to end. The only entertainment I want to have is to destroy the souls of those who dare to challenge me, “Lashley shoots and begins to destroy everything in the ring.

WWE Raw Results 12 July 2021

” Kofi, this weekend I will do what I should have done weeks ago. I will split you in the middle. I will come in as the All Mighty Champion and so I will go. You can have your friends, your family, and the entire WWE Universe behind your back. But I will destroy you, I will do everything I said I would do to you.

I hope you are ready to fight. Not for the title, but for your life, “threatens the champion, then trying to clown Kofi.  “The circus is dead. And after this Sunday, so will your career,” Lashley closes.

End of stream.

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