WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021: Highlights, Winners, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021 – WWE Raw Result: John Cena opens Monday Night Raw!

Cena spends a few minutes talking to the WWE Universe and completely igniting the audience in Dallas, Texas.  John says a lot of questions came up yesterday with his return.  “Who brought me? It was you,” Cena replies to the audience.  “And Roman Reigns”, he points to him as another reason to come back.  Cena criticizes Reigns, saying that he is overrated, overprotected, and is not as over as he claims to be.  On Friday he will go to Smackdown and hopes to confront him there.wwe raw results 19 july 2021

Riddle leaves before Cena finishes saying goodbye.  They say Bro many times and in chorus.

Riddle & The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) vs.  AJ Styies, Omos & John Morrison (w / The Miz)

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

AJ and Riddle start the action, with a better start for Riddle.  Relief for John, who dodges Riddle’s attacks and connects his offense.  Riddle pushes himself on the ropes to avoid him and surprises with a Suplex.  John takes the Vikings out of the ring, tries to fly over Erik but is caught and crushed by both.  Omos drives AJ to fly and knock down his rivals.  Returning from commercials, Omos attacks Riddle and takes over from AJ.  Riddle comes to take over from Erik, who exchanges a flurry of blows with Styles.  Relays for both corners, Ivar and Morrison enter the fight.  Ivar dodges Morrison with great agility and knocks him off a hard Clothesline.  John avoids a Moonsault and connects a Knee Strike.  He searches for the Starship Pain but fails.  Riddle takes a Dripstick and wets Omos.  Riddle leaves the object to Miz, Omos turns around and thinks it was him.  Morrison tries to stop him but Omos throws him into the ring.  AJ also wants to calm the giant of him, while John receives the Viking Experience.

Winners: Riddle & The Viking Raiders.

Elias comes out to the ring with his guitar- He is quickly interrupted by Jaxson Ryker, who says that as of today he will not be heard again “Hello, my name is Elias.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Symphony of Destruction Match

Elias vs.  Jaxson ryker

Ryker launches himself with several blows as soon as the bell rings.  Soon he leaves the ring and Ryker punishes Elias with a keyboard.  Elias takes a cymbal from him with his lectern and uses it as a weapon, Ryker responds by throwing it with a battery.  Ryker continues to dominate him: he throws Elias against a gong and attacks him with a guitar.  Returning from the break, Elias responds in the ring.  They leave the ring and struggle near a piano.  Ryker throws Elias against the lid and covers him right there.  Elias tries a move on the piano, Ryker frees himself but Elias manages to knock him down and look for the bead on the instrument.  Elias attacks Ryker with a large cello.  Ryker unloads a hail of blows on Elias’s bloody face and climbs into the corner with him.  Superplex on two tables at ringside!

Winner: Jaxson Ryker.

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 Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville talk to Mansoor and Mustafa Ali.  They confirm to Ali that he will compete next week alongside Mansoor.  Ali is upset, but Mansoor manages to convince him.  “Just next week, don’t screw it up,” says Elias.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Sheamus arrives at once to ask why he has to face Humberto Carrillo again after having beaten him one more time.  Sonya says that Humberto will have a chance to really fight him tonight, to look for a new starting opportunity.  Sheamus is upset but accepts the fight.

Charlotte Flair steps out into the ring to celebrate her coronation.  “I am the opportunity you have been asking for. Rhea Ripley is an opportunist. And the difference is that I don’t have to steal a page from any book. I created the book. Rhea can steal whatever moves she wants, but she will never get over it to the original, “Charlotte shoots.  “I could beat her any day of the week,” she says.

Rhea Ripley interrupts Charlotte.  Rhea says that if she thinks she can beat her, she will face her again.  Flair says that considering how she got off her knee last night, she doesn’t think she can really compete.

Pearce and Deville interrupt the discussion.  Sonya congratulates her, and Adam confirms a title rematch tonight.  Charlotte surprises with a kick to Rhea’s knee.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Natalya & Tamina vs.  Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

As Shayna and Natalya fight in the ring, Nia connects a Samoan Drop to Tamina at ringside.  Shayna and Nia dominate Natalya in the ring.  Suplex for Shayna and I take over for Tamina.  Baszler dodges a kick that Tamina receives.  Body Slam for Shayna and Tamina takes control.  Reginald accidentally distracts Shayna, who receives a Superkick for the count of three.

Winners: Natalya & Tamina.

After the fight, Shayna argues with Nia in the ring.  Jax hugs Reginald.  Headbutt for Reginald!  Nia and Shayna leave him in the ring.  Akira Tozawa comes running from those who are after him for his title.  Everyone trips and falls on the ramp, Akira comes to the ring and laughs at them.  Reginald surprises him with his stunts and covers for him.  Reginald becomes the new 24/7 champion.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

It is announced that Karrion Kross will debut today.

Humberto Carrillo vs.  Sheamus

Carrillo takes the initiative and takes Sheamus out of the ring.  He goes for him and hits him ringside.  Upon returning, Sheamus greets him with a kick and searches for a Suplex.  Carrillo escapes using the ropes on Sheamus’s throat and flies in Crossbody for the count of two.  Powerbomb for Humberto on the edge of the ring before going to commercials.  Have Beats of the Bodhran back for Humberto.  Carrillo responds and applies a Hurrincanrana from the corner.  He takes Sheamus out of the ring and flies in Suicide Dive.  Carrillo hits Sheamus in the face, but it hurts him from the Irishman’s protective mask.  Sheamus uses it to his advantage to head butt him and finish off with the Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus.

Bobby Lashley enters the ring with MVP.  “Last night I did everything I had to do when I destroyed Kofi Kingston. There is no more talk,” says the All Mighty.  He gives the floor to MVP, who happens to mess with the public.  “Kofi was right. The champion had lost focus of him. I take the blame that corresponds to me in that, sorry, champion,” acknowledges MVP.  “From now on, anyone who steps into the ring and challenges this man for the WWE Championship will face annihilation. What’s more, I feel bad about the WWE locker room. No one, NO ONE will take the championship away from the All Mighty. “says MVP.  “No more women, no more champagne, no more games. We’re back in business,” he continues.  Lashley asks who will accept his open challenge.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Keith Lee returns to Raw to accept the challenge!

Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs.  Keith lee

The champion corners Keith and connects several blows to take control.  Keith charges him up from corner to corner, but gets elbowed right away.  Lee’s crossbody, which receives a great response from the WWE Universe.  Lashley takes control of the match again and goes for Lee at ringside.  He tries to charge him, but Keith escapes and throws him against the post.  Keith is distracted by MVP when he returns to the ring, Lashley takes the opportunity to hit again.  Spear at ringside for Keith.  Back in the ring, he searches for the Hurt Lock, but Keith breaks the key with his power.  Lashley’s Spinebuster to stop any reaction from Keith.  Another Spear and a count of three.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

Goldberg returns to Raw!  Goldberg faces Lashley in the ring.  The champion is enraged, but MVP manages to control him and then go with him.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

MVP continues to talk to Lashley backstage.  When interviewed, MVP says that in the face of Goldberg’s disrespect, he doesn’t even deserve an answer.

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 Jinder Mahal arrives with Veer and Shanky.  Jinder says that Drew McIntyre has stolen opportunities from her, so he did the same to her.  “I can buy a motorcycle again, but you will not be able to have another starting opportunity,” says Mahal.  Shanky proceeds to sing happy birthday for Jinder.  Drew McIntyre attacks Jinder with a chair from behind!  Drew attacks his Veer as well, Shanky tries to convince him to stop.  Drew seems to make amends, only to proceed to destroy him with a saddle.  Drew goes for a new chair and unloads a barrage of chairs on Shanky.  The audience counts each hit, reaching twenty.

Video presentation of Karrion Kross.

Karrion Kross vs.  Jeff Hardy

Karrion easily controls Jeff.  He applies several Suplexes while he yells at her confidently.  Jeff dodges it by hitting the post.  Hardy’s Twist of Fate, who is looking for height.  Kross avoids the Swanton Bomb and prepares to shoot.  Karrion elbows free and corners him.  Jeff frees himself with a Powerbomb and immediately looks for the bead leaning on the ropes.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Karrion Kross is interviewed in the ring.  “Jeff Hardy made the biggest mistake of his life,” says Kross.  “In the end, everyone will fall,” he says.

Alexa Bliss welcomes her to the Playground.  She says that she is somewhat sad, but her guest cheers her up: Lilly is back.  Eva Marie and Doudrop interrupt her.  Alexa ignores Eva and greets Doudrop.  “Eva, if you insist on coming to my playground, be careful what you say about Lilly,” recommends Bliss.  Marie teases her and ends up leaving.  As she leaves, she stumbles, Alexa laughs when she is left alone.

Fight for the Raw Women’s Championship

Charlotte Flair (c) vs.  Rhea ripley

Good start for Rhea, cornering Charlotte.  The fight turns back and forth, with moments of offense on the part of both.  German Suplex and Rhea’s Dropkick for the count of two.  Charlotte pulls Ripley out of the ring, injuring her knee.  The referee separates them to check on Rhea.  Returning from the break, Flair punches Rhea’s knee again.  Ripley surprises with a Figure Four, Charlotte breaks free and connects several Chops.  Riptide for Charlotte.  1 … 2 … stand on the rope!  Flair is saved just in time.  Charlotte takes the title from her and runs away.  Rhea runs after her but Flair hits her with the championship.

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Winner by disqualification: Rhea Ripley.

Charlotte Flair retains the championship as she does not change hands in a disqualification loss.

Rhea Ripley attacks Charlotte after the match.  Nikki ASH comes running!  She redeems the Money in the Bank briefcase!

Nikki Cross applies a Crossbody from the corner on Flair.  1 … 2 … 3!

WWE Raw Results 19 July 2021

Winner and new Raw Women’s Champion: Nikki ASH.

With Nikki ASH celebrating, she closes the broadcast.

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