WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021: Full Highlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021 – WWE Raw Result: Bobby Lashley opens the show, accompanied by MVP and several girls.  The infernal cell is still in the compound.

The champion and his companions kick off the VIP Lounge and discuss what happened at Hell in a Cell, where Lashley beat Drew McIntyre.  MVP proposes a toast to the champion, but in the middle of his words he is interrupted.wwe raw results 21 june 2021

The New Day come out with a cart full of toast and throw it into the ring.  MVP tells them that they are clowns and belong to the circus, making fun of their cosplays and the video games they like.  Kofi says that she surrounds herself with people who appreciate and trust him, rather than people who use him.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

“Do you think MVP and your girls will stick with you when they beat you for that title?” Kofi shoots.  Lashley says he will never lose the title, least of all to Kingston.  For Bobby, there is a difference in hierarchy between the two, with Kofi at the bottom.  Kofi recalls that he beat Daniel Bryan for the title, and that in this very ring he beat Lashley.

Kofi Kingston challenges Bobby Lashley to a title match at Money in the Bank.  MVP wants to answer but Bobby cuts him off.  “I accept,” Lashley yells.  The champion accuses Kofi of having won with help, so he wants to have a hand-to-hand match with Kofi, therefore he challenges Xavier Woods to a match now.

Woods responds aggressively, highlighting his accomplishments and shushing MVP when he wants to interrupt him.  Xavier wants tonight’s match to be Hell in a Cell.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Earlier, AJ Styles and Omos argued with The Viking Raiders backstage.  Styles considers them barbarians who are not on his level, while Erik reminds him that they beat them once, and they will do it again.  AJ throws the turkey leg out of Ivar’s hand, but Erik controls him.

Qualifying match for Money in the Bank

AJ Styles (c / Omos) vs.  Ricochet

Quick start of the match, Ricochet connects a kick and takes AJ out of the ring.  Ricochet drives off the post and flies towards AJ, who then catches him to launch him against the post.  Returning from commercials, AJ dominates and stops Ricochet’s attempts to react.  Two Northern Light Suplex for AJ and a count of two.  AJ’s Powerbomb and a count of two.  Ricochet connects several blows, AJ responds with a combination of his own.  Deadlift Suplex for Styles and another account of two.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

AJ surprises with the Calf Crusher.  Ushigoroshi then stops Ricochet, who does not respond.  The Viking Raiders come running to attack Omos at ringside.  The giant manages to knock them down, but charges towards them and they make him crash into the barricade, destroying it.  Ricochet reverses a Phenomenal Forearm and takes the victory.

Winner: Ricochet.

Ricochet qualifies for the Money in the Bank match.

Riddle talks endlessly with Randy Orton.  The Viper wants me to tell him what he needs once and for all.  Riddle says that if they both win their qualifying matches, they will have to meet at Money in the Bank.

“Imagine, two best friends, no, two bros facing off for a chance would be great,” believes Riddle.  “Not for you,” Orton sentences before leaving.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Eva Marie is interviewed backstage.  Eva says that she sadly she caught a cold last week and that’s why she couldn’t fight.  But since she did not want to abandon her fans, she brought her protégé to fight in her place.

When she goes to say her name she doesn’t seem to remember it, and despite Piper trying to say it, Eva ends up calling her “Doudrop”.  Eva leaves and asks Piper to lift her robe so she doesn’t drag her.

Qualifying Match for Money in the Bank

Eva Marie & Doudrop vs.  Naomi & Asuka

Eva quickly takes over from Doudrop to face Asuka.  Doudrop confronts Asuka, who responds with Double Knees to her face and seeks relief.  Naomi receives a Splash against the corner and a Cannonball. Eva watches the match from ringside, not from her corner.  Asuka breaks the account to save her partner.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Eva finally steps into the ring and takes over to cover Naomi, who escapes from the pin.  Eva is surprised by not achieving the victory and looks for the relief.  Doudrop gets out of the ring and leaves Eva. Naomi surprises Eva with a Roll Up and takes the victory.

Winners: Naomi & Asuka.

Naomi and Asuka qualify for the Money in the Bank match.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville step into the ring to talk about a Hell in a Cell controversy.  To do this, they call in the Raw Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley.  Pearce tells her that what she did last night is a shame as a champion, and accuses her of abusing the rules in her favor.  Rhea says that Charlotte Flair has cheated on all sorts of her career, and only did what Flair would do to her.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Charotte Flair comes out and says that she is not angry, but rather that she is somewhat proud of Rhea for acting like she did.  Still, she assures that she will destroy it.  Sonya says that if that’s her way of asking for a rematch from her, she will have it.  Rhea Ripley vs.  Charlotte Flair in Money in the Bank.

Natalya and Tamina are taking photos with the titles.  They begin to be interviewed, but are distracted by nearby noises.  Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are practicing in a ring next to them.  The wrestlers argue and when the champions advance to the ring, their rivals take them out right away.

Qualifying Match for Money in the Bank

Randy Orton vs.  John morrison

The Miz joins the commentary table.  Randy and John start slow, looking to dominate with neck braces.  Knees and kick from John to knock Randy down.  The action moves to ringside, where Orton crashes Morrison multiple times against the commentary table.  Side Suplex for John.  Randy advances menacingly towards Miz, who is backing up in his wheelchair.  The wrestlers are in the ring when they return from commercials.  Orton tramples Morrison to stay in control.  Morrison responds at ringside by punishing Randy’s arm against the metal steps.  John keeps hurting the arm and looks for the bill.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Orton returns to the attack and connects a Powerslam.  Randy’s classic DDT.  Miz shoots water at Randy with the Dripstick.  Riddle appears with his scooter to chase Miz.  Orton is distracted by what happens at ringside, John takes the opportunity to attack him and finish him off with the Starship Pain.

Winner: John Morrison.

John Morrison qualifies for the Money in the Bank match.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Reginald are interviewed backstage.  Nia says that she will never happen again what happened with Reginald yesterday, where Nia under hypnosis from Alexa slapped her.  Shayna says that she is not afraid of anyone in the locker room, Nia adds that something strange is happening with Alexa.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Qualifying Match for Money in the Bank

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs.  Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (c / Reginald)

Cross comes out dressed as a super heroine.  Shayna and Nikki initiate the match with Baszler’s dominance.  Shayna maintains control of her arm and takes over from Nia.  Jax charges her but Nikki dodges her, causing her to collide with the pole and fall out of the ring.  Reginald seems to be bewitched by Alexa, Cross takes advantage and flies over her rivals.  Returning from the break, Alexa takes over.

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Shayna punishes her eyes and does the tag.  Shayna keeps her offense in Alexa’s eyes.  Bliss breaks free and responds with heavy blows.  Sunset Bomb to Shayna.  Alexa crawls to the corner of hers, Shayna reaches hers.  Nia catches Nikki, Shayna is going to hit her but Cross escapes from her.  Jax gets mad that Shayna almost hit her.  Alexa hypnotizes Reginald and almost makes him slap Nia.  Reginald stops, Nia hugs him.  Cross kicks them both and covers Shayna.

Winners: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross qualify for the Money in the Bank match.

Drew McIntyre talks to Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.  He says that he will never give up, and if he is in hell, he will move on.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Several wrestlers argue backstage until Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville arrive.  Jeff Hardy, Jinder Mahal, Sheamus, and Cedric Alexander claim to have a fighting chance at Money in the Bank.  Adam tells Sheamus that if his nose is okay, he can defend the title.  Sheamus complains and leaves.  Mahal gets upset, then says that Adam must have his motives for him.  Before leaving, he says that in case something happens to one of the participants, consider giving him that place.

Qualifying Match for Money in the Bank

 Riddle vs.  Drew McIntyre

Even start, Riddle manages to escape Drew’s attempts.  Riddle kick to Drew’s injured back, who responds with furious blows.  Suplex and account of two on Riddle.  Drew looks for height, but Riddle knocks him off the second rope.  Gutwrench Suplex to Drew without releasing his grip.  Riddle continues to attack and applies another Suplex at ringside.  After the break, Riddle lashes out with forearm punches and an Exploder Suplex.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Riddle looks for Broton but is received by the opponent’s knees.  Inverted Alabama Slam to Riddle, but it’s not enough.  Struggling up high, Drew sits up from his head and applies a brutal Suplex to Riddle.  Returning from the break, Riddle applies a Powerbomb to Drew, followed by a Knee Strike.  Randy Orton watches the fight from the ramp.  Drew responds with a Michinoku Driver.  Riddle’s Backslide, Drew reverses and applies Future Shock DDT.  Drew prepares the Claymore but Riddle collapses.

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McIntyre goes after him but they both struggle for control.  Riddle hits a Ripcord Knee.  Drew surprises with the Claymore but Riddle catches him right away in the Bromission.  Riddle’s Flying Knee, Drew’s Glassgow Kiss, Riddle escapes from Drew’s shoulders and spins him for the count of three.

Winner: Riddle.

Riddle qualifies for the Money in the Bank match.

Mansoor interrupts Jaxson Ryker while he is hitting himself with a leash.  Ryker does not respond, but when Mansoor leaves, Ryker tells him to “never let your enemies escape”, and announces that he will face Elias in a Strap Match next week.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Mansoor turns around and sees Mustafa Ali.  “You keep looking for answers, but asking the wrong questions, to the wrong questions. What you should ask, is why they robbed you and me of the opportunity to be in Money in the Bank”, shoots Ali.

Next week, the losers of the qualifying matches will have another chance.  Drew McIntyre vs.  AJ Styles vs.  Randy Orton.

Fight Hell in a Cell

Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs.  Xavier Woods (c / Kofi Kingston)

Woods tries to surprise Lashley, but the champion manages to dominate him with ease.  Lashley takes Woods out of the ring and goes for him.  Xavier tries to use a chair, Bobby stops him and ends up punching the chair to hurt Xavier.  In the ring, Bobby charges but hits the post.  Dropkicks to launch Lashley against the cell.  Chair and Lashley again goes against the steel.  Woods continues to hit Lashley at ringside.

WWE Raw Results 21 June 2021

Returning from commercials, Lashley overpowers Xavier and argues with Kingston.  Back in the ring, Xavier punishes Bobby’s leg.  He takes a kendo stick and attacks Lashley.  He took DDT and a count of two on Bobby.  Lashley sets up a table in the ring, but Xavier escapes, kicks him, and places him on top of it.

He seeks height, walks the ropes, and launches into Elbow Drop on the table.  1 … 2 … no!  Bobby dodges a knee strike and throws Woods face-on into a chair in the corner.  Spear for Woods and Hurt Lock to finish it off.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

After the combat, MVP enters the cell and closes it again.  Meanwhile, Lashley reapplies the Hurt Lock to Xavier Woods.  Kofi yells from outside the cell asking Lashley to release his friend, but the All Mighty doesn’t stop punishing him.

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