WWE RAW Results & Highlights: Rhea Ripley gets Championship shot, Drew McIntyre wins, Bobby Lashley and more

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WWE raw results 22 march 2021 – WWE Raw Results and highlights: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley comes out to the ring accompanied by MVP to open the show.wwe raw results 22 march 2021

WWE raw results 22 march 2021 – WWE raw 22 march 2021 highlights

Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs. Sheamus

Lashley takes the initiative, but soon Sheamus manages to put him on the ropes.  He looks for a Suplex but Bobby avoids him and applies one of his own.  After a Lashley Headlock, Sheamus takes the action back against the ropes.  The Hurt Business approaches to see the fight up close, Cedric Alexander rises to the edge of the ring to applaud the champion.  Meanwhile, Shelton Benjamin attacks Sheamus without the referee seeing him.  Upon returning from commercials, Sheamus tries to react but receives a Powerslam.  Bobby argues with Cedric, telling him that he doesn’t need it and can take care of himself.  Sheamus takes the opportunity to find the account but does not achieve victory.

Have Beasts of the Bodhran for Lashley, followed by a Flying Clothesline.  Sheamus continues to attack in the ring, but the pain in his back makes him stop.  He escapes from a Suplex and lands a Knee Strike for the count of two.  Sheamus is distracted by Alexander approaching the ring again, Lashley applies Spinebuster and finishes off with the Hurt Lock.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

After the fight, Benjamin and Alexander attack Sheamus at ringside.  Drew McIntyre comes out to stop them!  McIntyre takes care of Shelton and Alexander, while Lashley watches alongside MVP in the ring.  Drew enters the ring and faces Bobby.  MVP stops the champion, asking him to focus on business.  Drew continues to challenge him, putting his hands behind his back and giving Lashley a chance to land the first punch.  MVP manages to convince Lashley and they both leave.

The Hurt Business argue backstage.  MVP takes control of the situation and tells Benjamin and Alexander that they ruined Lashley’s image, pretending that he cannot defeat Sheamus alone.  He reminds them that they also embarrassed the team by losing the Couples Championships, and asks them to reconsider to redeem themselves.

WWE raw results 22 march 2021

Review of the history between Randy Orton, The Fiend and Alexa Bliss.

Asuka vs. Peyton Royce

Dynamic start with both looking for keys to take control.  Asuka achieves an Armbar, Peyton turns and applies an ankle lock keeping a bridge with her body.  Peyton Suplex and count of two.  Royce shows agility to escape from Asuka several times, but receives a Backfist at the edge of the ring.  He avoids a Hip Attack and takes her out of the ring with some kind of Neckbreaker.  After the break, Suplex and Asuka’s Knee Strike for the count of two.  Peyton avoids a Missile Dropkick and goes into a trade with Asuka.

Peyton escapes from an attempt by Asuka Lock, throws a kick and receives a Codebreaker from Asuka.  The champion places Peyton on the corner but Royce knocks her down.  Double Foot Stomp Asuka for a count of two.  Armbar to Peyton, who spins but falls into the Asuka Lock and surrenders.

Winner: Asuka.

Rhea Ripley is coming to Monday Night Raw!  At the end of the match, Rhea enters the ring.  She tells Asuka that she is one of the greatest champions in history.  “Now that Charlotte Flair is not here, Asuka, I’m going to need an answer. On my first night on Raw, I challenge you straight to a title match at Wrestlemania,” launches Rhea.  Asuka first yells in Japanese, states that Rhea isn’t ready, and finally agrees.

Drew McIntyre talks to Adam Pearce backstage.  Pearce tells him that Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander called for a Handicap match against him.  Adam didn’t want to accept, but out of courtesy he asks Drew.  McIntyre instead proposes something: if he defeats them tonight, neither will be able to be ringside at Wrestlemania.  Pearce accepts.

The Miz and John Morrison come out for Miz TV.  The Miz begins by talking about Bad Bunny and asks who he thinks he is.  Miz and John review their accomplishments and repeat what happened with Bunny and Damian Priest last week.  Miz and Morrison present a preview of their song, “Hey hey hop hop”.  Miz challenges Bad Bunny to a match at Wrestlemania.  “Not only will I end your music career, I will end your career. Period,” Miz shoots.

Jeff Hardy tells Miz that if he is a real man, he tells John Morrison to go backstage during the match.

WWE raw results 22 march 2021

Jeff Hardy vs.  The Miz

Good start for Jeff but it doesn’t last long as Miz stops him with a kick to the face.  Since then, Miz has been in control of the match.  Hardy applies his classic offense and a Splash for the count of two.  Miz avoids the Twist of Fate and throws Hardy against the post.  Skull Crushing Finale for a count of three.

Winner: The Miz.

AJ Styles goes out to the ring with Omos.  Styles talks about the match that both will have at Wrestlemania, where Omos will debut in the ring against The New Day.  The Raw Tag Team Champions come out to make fun of them, saying that AJ makes up for his size with Omos, whom he sends to do his evil deeds.  Kofi and Xavier say that AJ doesn’t even know Omos well, for which they ask him various questions such as what is his favorite ice cream color and taste.  AJ misses the mark, and even Omos says his favorite fighter is Andre the Giant, not AJ himself.

AJ Styles (c / Omos) vs.  Kofi Kingston (c / Xavier Woods)

Good start for Kofi, who takes down AJ and looks for the account.  Kingston maintains the pressure for a few minutes, but AJ responds and takes him out of the ring.  Kofi responds with a Dropkick from the second rope and covers AJ again.  Another Dropkick and AJ falls out of the ring.  The action moves to ringside, where Styles throws Kofi against the metal steps.  Xavier and Omos face each other before the break.  On the return AJ dominates with a Headlock.  Kingston reacts and applies the Boom Drop.  He looks for the Trouble in Paradise but in the middle of the turn he receives a flying kick from AJ.  Kofi connects a Splash to AJ’s back but it’s not enough.

Calf Crusher for Kofi in the middle of the ring, but Kingston manages to reach the ropes with great effort.  AJ prepares to finish Kofi, but when he looks for momentum on the strings he is distracted by Woods playing the trombone.  Omos chases Xavier away, while Kofi connects the SOS for the count of three.

WWE raw results 22 march 2021

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

Sheamus is interviewed backstage.  He is talking about what happened earlier, but is interrupted by Riddle riding his scooter and asking strange questions.  Sheamus stops him, asks him something about his scooter and takes it.  Sheamus attacks Riddle with the scooter and leaves.

Drew McIntyre vs.  The Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin)

McIntyre begins by dominating Shelton with a tough Suplex.  Alexander approaches and is attacked by Drew as well.  Shelton responds with an elbow and corners Drew.  McIntyre brings the action to ringside, where he continues to dominate Shelton.  Alexander takes over and together with Shelton they attack Drew.  Cedric’s Suicide Dive to keep the pressure on Drew, whom they throw against the barricade.

Upon returning, Cedric unloads a hail of blows on Drew in the ring.  Kick from him and knee from Shelton to keep Drew on the mat.  McIntyre responds with a Glassgow Kiss to Shelton and several Clotheslines to Cedric when he enters.  Suplex to send Cedric to the other side of the ring, Future Shock DDT to Shelton.  Drew completely dominates the match at the moment.  Claymore to Benjamin, Cedric manages to connect a kick but also receives the Claymore.

Winner.  Drew McIntyre.

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin will not be able to be ringside at Wrestlemania in the Bobby Lashley vs.  Drew McIntyre.

MVP scolds The Hurt Business backstage for their loss.  Bobby Lashley does not join the discussion, but heads to the locker room.  There he tells those present that if they want a title shot, take care of Drew McIntyre before Wrestlemania.

Lana and Naomi join the commentary table for the next match.

WWE raw results 22 march 2021

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (w / Reginald) vs.  Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Quick action from the start.  Dana corners Nia but Jax knocks her down with a Clothesline.  Reginald enters the ring and does a pirouette that impresses Nia.  Mandy takes over and attacks both rivals but does not get the account on Jax.  Dana looks for height but is distracted by Reginald.  Mandy tries to attack him but he turns to avoid her.  Nia’s Samoan Drop for a count of three.

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler.

Alexa Bliss texts Randy Orton.  “Be careful what you wish for,” says Bliss.

Elias, Shane McMahon and Jaxson Ryker meet in the ring.  They talk about what happened at Fastlane, and Shane regrets not being able to fight Braun Strowman because of his knee injury.  Elias and Shane sing a song about Braun being stupid.  Strowman comes out and assures that he will beat up Shane regardless of his injury.

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Braun Strowman vs.  Elias (w / Jaxson Ryker)

Shane McMahon watches the match from ringside.  Braun dominates Elias from the start.  He takes him out of the ring and keeps an eye on Ryker and Shane.  Elias surprises with a Knee Strike and corners Braun, but the monster responds with a Dropkick.  Strowman runs over Jaxson and Elias at ringside.  He returns to the ring and finishes off Elias for victory.

Winner: Braun Strowman.

Shane McMahon attacks Strowman with the crutch and flees the ring.  Strowman yells that he is fed up with Shane and challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania.  Shane agrees and says that whatever match they have, he will beat it because Braun is stupid.

It is announced for the first day of Wrestlemania, on Saturday, April 10:

WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs.  Drew McIntyre

Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs.  Bianca belair

The Miz (w / John Morrison) vs.  Bad Bunny (c / Damian Priest)

For the second day of Wrestlemania, Sunday, April 11:

Fight for the Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs.  Edge

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Asuka (c) vs.  Rhea ripley

WWE raw results 22 march 2021

Randy Orton comes out to the ring.  He says that after tonight there will be no more Alexa Bliss and no more Fiend.  He plays the Firefly Funhouse music and Alexa comes out with a music box in her hands.  “Be careful what you wish for,” Alexa repeats and the lights go out.  The lights turn red, fire comes out of the four corners and The Fiend appears in the ring while her strange music plays.  Randy takes the can of gasoline with which he had entered the ring and approaches Fiend.  He sprays it a bit and walks away.  Seeing that he doesn’t react, he keeps spraying it.  Orton looks like he’s going to set it on fire again.  But he hits an RKO!  Alexa enters the ring to face Randy.  The Fiend gets up and applies the Mandibule Claw to Orton.  Sister Abigail!

Monday Night Raw ends with Alexa Bliss and The Fiend posing in the ring.

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