WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021: Full Highlights, Recap, Winners, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021 – WWE RAW Result: USA Network will broadcast a new episode of Monday Night Raw tonight.  Tentaran will carry out the live coverage that you can follow in this news.  The report will begin at the start of the show.

MVP opens the show by introducing WWE Champion, “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley.

While the champion goes out to the ring accompanied by several girls, he reviews what happened last week with his open challenge.  From Drew McIntyre wanting to take the challenge, to Kofi Kingston’s win over Lashley.wwe raw results 24 may 2021

MVP and Bobby say that life is going well for them, but there is a black cloud that bothers them: Drew McIntyre.  Lashley remembers that he already defeated him in the past, and yet Drew continues to bother, as happened last week in the fight with Kofi.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Drew McIntyre comes out and says he’s still after the WWE Championship.  “I want my hand-to-hand rematch. And I think deep down, you also want that match.

You want to prove to yourself once and for all that you are the best on Raw. Maybe I’m wrong and you know you’re not up to the task.  from Drew, “McIntyre shoots.  Lashley responds that last week he was not beaten by Kingston he only lost because of Drew.  “It’s embarrassing that you have to do that to get a victory over me,” Lashley accuses.

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Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods come out to interrupt them.  Kofi repeats that he beat the WWE Champion.  MVP and Lashley ask him if he thanked Drew, who replies “you’re welcome.”

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Kingston says he didn’t ask for anything, he only came out because he never had a title rematch, unlike Drew who had one match after another.  “I did what you couldn’t do: cover Lashley,” Kofi shoots.

Adam Pearce stops the discussion.  Kofi Kingston vs.  Drew McIntyre, the winner will face Bobby Lashley at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship.

Braun Strowman appears in a video to promote WWE’s return to public tours.

Kofi Kingston (w / Xavier Woods) vs.  Drew McIntyre

MVP and Bobby Lashley watch the match from comfortable armchairs at the entrance, accompanied by several girls.  Kofi tries to speed him past Drew, but the Scottish Warrior catches him and hits the canvas.

Russian Leg Sweep and Splash for the count of two about Drew.  McIntyre responds with tough Chops that knock down Kingston.  Outside the ring, Drew throws Kofi against the steps but he jumps them.  Inverted Alabama Slam against the edge of the ring for Kofi.  Returning from commercials, Drew dominates Kofi with power.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Kingston reacts with a Guillotine Lock, but Drew reverses with a Suplex from that position.  Double Foot Stomp and Crossbody by Kofi.  Drew gets up carrying Kofi and applies a Michinoku Driver that almost gives him the victory.  Drew challenges Bobby to come closer to the ring.

The champion walks towards him despite MVP trying to stop him.  After another pause, Lashley and MVP are at the commentary table while Drew searches for the account after a new Suplex, this time from the second string.  Kofi’s Jacknife Cover to escape Drew’s DDT attempt.

Spinebuster and Powerbomb for Kofi, who continues to resist.  Drew leaves the ring to face Bobby, Kofi jumps on him and knocks them all down.  SOS when returning to the ring, count of two about Drew.  Lashley and MVP attack both fighters!

Xavier Woods tries to intervene but Lashley takes care of him.  Trouble in Paradise for Lashley and Claymore later.  MVP and Lashley retire, Drew and Kofi are furious in the ring.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Combat without result.

Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair argue backstage.  Nikki Cross interrupts them and says that she could beat either one of them.  Charlotte responds that today she is facing Asuka and that Nikki would not last her two minutes in the ring since she is not on her level.

Rhea tells Charlotte that the way she talks to others is that no one loves her, and she accepts her challenge.  Ripley will try to beat Cross in less than two minutes.

2 minute Beat the Clock Challenge

Rhea Ripley vs.  Nikki cross

Rhea takes her time at the start of the match.  She catches Nikki and keeps her loaded for a few seconds without doing anything.  Nikki escapes and responds with a Jawbreaker.  Crossbody and a count of two about Rhea.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Nikki lights up and charges against the corner.  Ripley breaks free and responds with a Dropkick.  Rhea now slams her into a corner and ignores the clock.  Time is running out!

Winner: Nikki Cross.

Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston confront Adam Pearce in his office after the end of their meeting.  Adam says that he too is upset by the result and confirms to them that they will meet again to decide Lashley’s challenger.  Kofi agrees, as long as no one intervenes in the match.

Charlotte Flair vs.  Asuka

They begin with a struggle seeking the dominant position.  Charlotte receives a Hip Attack but she crosses Asuka in mid-flight when she tries again.  Flair punches Asuka’s leg against the middle rope.  Charlotte continues to focus the damage on her leg, Asuka responds and takes her out of the ring.

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After the break Charlotte attacks Asuka’s leg again.  Asuka responds with an Armbar but Flair turns until she reaches the ropes.  Asuka breaks free from the Tree of Woe and applies a German Suplex.  Asuka’s sliding knee from the edge of the ring before another pause.  Upon returning, Asuka grabs a Big Boot and attacks Charlotte’s leg.  She looks for another Armbar but Charlotte struggles and they both end up ringside.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

They return to the ring and exchange blows in fury.  Charltote places Asuka on the ropes and from there he applies a Backbreaker to her.  Moonsault and a count of two.  Asuka looks for the Asukalock but Flair reverses with a pin to take the victory.

Winner: Charlotte Flair.

Damian Priest promotes the upcoming WWE tour.

Backstage, Bobby Lashley finds himself surrounded by girls when a messenger arrives to tell him that Adam Pearce is looking for him.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke promote the WWE tour.

Adam Pearce meets with MVP and Bobby Lashley.  Adam berates Bobby if he is the kind of champion he wants to be.  Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre will meet again next week: if MVP or Lashley intervene, the champion will be suspended without pay for 90 days.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Review of the history between Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, from their time together in The Hurt Business until their rivalry broke out.

Cedric Alexander takes the floor before fighting.  He asks Shelton if he remembers where they got to and how they got kicked out of The Hurt Business.  “It was your fault. I was the one carrying the team. When they kicked us out, it wasn’t both of you, it was you, Shelton.

Mine was collateral damage. But it’s okay, because I have years to redeem myself. I’m young, I’m at my best.  moment. Look at me Shelton, look at me! ”  Cedric scoffs.  He assures that tonight he will defeat Benjamin and that his previous victory was only by luck.

Cedric Alexander vs.  Shelton benjamin

The bell rings and Cedric immediately gets out of the ring.  Shelton angrily demands that he come back, Cedric tells him to calm down.  Returning from the break, Shelton corners Cedric.  Benjamin takes him out of the ring and hits the barricade hard.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Shelton avoids the Neuralyzer but fails to connect the T-Bone.  Cedric looks for height, Shelton stops him with blows.  Cedric returns to the attack with kicks on Shelton, while he verbally humiliates him.  Benjamin responds with a brutal Clothesline and leads him from corner to corner.  Shelton’s Spinebuster, who measures Cedric but fails to finish him off.  He responds with a second kick when Alexander stops him and stalks him again.

German Suplex without releasing his grip on Cedric.  He connects another one, Alexander is beaten free.  He tries to take it again but it seems that Cedric attacks his eye without being seen by the referee.  Neuralyzer and a count of three.

Winner: Cedric Alexander.

Riddle vs.  Xavier Woods

Riddle reverses an attack by Woods and surprises with his Bromission, Xavier reaches the ropes.  Guillotine Lock from Riddle that continues to dominate with keys.  Xavier responds with two Suplexes.

Riddle escapes from the grip and searches for an Armbar.  Woods escapes and lifts him from the floor to turn him upside down and apply a Vertical Suplex.  Xavier applies a brutal Body Slam against the edge of the ring and both fall to ringside.  Woods lashes out at Chops coming back from the break.  They scramble for position, Riddle is in Tree of Woe and receives a Dropkick.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Riddle’s Duro Knee Strike to Woods and German Suplex with Riddle standing on the second rope and Xavier on the other side.  They keep trading punches and attacks, reversing and running away, until Riddle surprises with an RKO out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Riddle.

Confirmed for Hell in a Cell: Rhea Ripley vs.  Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Championship

Jaxson Ryker vs.  AJ Styles

Ryker takes the initiative by using his power against AJ.  Slingshot Suplex and a count of two about Styles.  AJ knocks him off the ring and kicks him out.  Elias appears out of nowhere and connects a Knee Strike to AJ at ringside.  Ryker finishes off AJ and takes the victory.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker.

Omos runs off and goes after Elias, who was hiding behind the barricade.  Ryker and Elias flee, but Elias falls down the ramp.  Omos runs him over and throws at the entrance screen, destroying part of it.

Sheamus vs.  Humberto Carrillo

Sheamus dominates with ease for a few minutes, both in and out of the ring.  He trusts himself and humiliates Humberto, until he responds and begins to gain confidence.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Suicide Dive on Sheamus to take control.  The champion reverses an attempt by Carrillo with a pin and scores by taking it from the clothes.

Winner: Sheamus.

After the combat, Sheamus continues attacking Carrillo.  Ricochet comes out to stop him!  Ricochet and Carillo team up to attack and drive Sheamus away.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are interviewed before their match.  Nia says that her defeat last week was a mistake, and tonight they will be champions again.  Shayna blames Nia’s distraction with Reginald, saying that since her arrival everything has been for the worse.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Jax defends him, remembering that he nearly burned his face and has had nightmares ever since.  Baszler insists and threatens Reginald: “If I ever see your face in one of my matches again, I will let you know what it’s really like to have nightmares.

Fight for the Women’s Couples Championships

Natalya & Tamina (c) vs.  Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (c / Reginald)

Shayna and Natalya start the fight after confrontations between Baszler and Tamina.  The beginning is even with hits and pins on both sides.  Reginald is at ringside.  Shayna closes the Sharpshooter but Natalya quickly escapes.

Takedown and lever the arm for Natalya.  Upon returning from the break, Natalya applies a Body Slam to Shayna and gives the baton to Tamina.  She charges Nia and after a trade she connects a Superkick to Jax.  Tamina seeks to alter but Nia stops with a right hand.  Shayna walks in and hits Tamina.

Quick relays to stay in control.  Relay for Natalya looking for the account on Shayna.  Nia and Tamina hit ringside.  Jax throws Tamina to the other side of the barricade.  In the ring, Natalya connects a Discus Lariat.  Natalya looks for the Sharpshooter, Reginald climbs to the edge of the ring and distracts the referee.  Shayna reverses with a pin, but the referee is late.

WWE Raw Results 24 May 2021

Shayna yells at Reginald to go away.  When she reaches the ramp, she explodes the pyrotechnics near Reginald, apparently hurting his face.  Natalya takes advantage of the distraction and covers Shayna to retain.

Winners: Natalya & Tamina.

After the fight, Shayna faces a confused Reginald.  “Son of a bitch, I challenge you to a match next week, if you have the guts,” Shayna throws before throwing it away and retiring to close the show.

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