WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021: Full Highlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best and Worst Moments

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WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021 – RAW Results: WWE Raw Full Results, Highlights, Recap, Videos, Grades, Best & Worst Moments And More – 07th June 2021

RAW Results: Monday Night Raw opens with the fight that will define the next challengers for the Raw Couples Championships.wwe raw results 7 june 2021

AJ Styles and Omos leave before the match begins to remind that WWE will have a tour starting next month.  Styles highlights achievements and capabilities of his potential challengers.  Lince Dorado will participate alone, since according to Styles, Gran Metalik is injured.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods tell the champions that they are not even an established team.  Styles responds that they don’t need certificates as they have the degrees.  Riddle says that they should shut up, he explains that shutting his mouth has served him well in his relationship with Randy Orton but he keeps talking non-stop for a while.

The Miz and John Morrison interrupt the discussion.  Miz is in a wheelchair, so Morrison will participate on their behalf.

Riddle and Orton connect RKOs to The New Day before starting the match.

Tag Team Battle Royal

RKBro (Randy Orton & Riddle) vs.  The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) vs.  Golden Lynx vs.  John Morrison vs.  Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik) vs.  Mace & T-Bar

The bell rings and action explodes throughout the ring.  Lince almost eliminates Morrison, but Miz hands him the “Dripstick” to make him throw water at Dorado.  John gets up and goes for Lince to eliminate him.  Morrison throws water at Mace and T-Bar, who quickly eliminate him.  Chokeslams to both members of New Day.  They all unite on them and put them on the ropes.  T-Bar and Mace are eliminated.  RKBro, New Day and Viking Raiders are still in the race.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Returning from commercials, Riddle kicks the Viking Raiders, who respond with a joint movement and Kingston takes the opportunity to connect a knee from the back.  Riddle is eliminated.  Erik eliminates Xavier Woods.  Erik carries Ivar to throw him on Kofi in the corner.  Randy lashes out at the Vikings, but they combine again to dominate.  Riddle enters the ring to save Randy from Trouble in Paradise.  Viking Raiders take advantage and eliminate Orton by surprise.

Winners: Viking Raiders.

Viking Raiders win will have a match for the Raw Tag Team Championships in the future.

Review of Nikki Cross’s victories in the Beat the Clock Challenge against Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair meets Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville backstage to ask them to remove her loss to Cross from her record.  Adam and Sonya reject the idea of ​​her.  Rhea Ripley joins the discussion and says that she respects Nikki.  “If anyone deserves a chance against Nikki, it’s me,” says the champion.  Adam and Sonya propose that Charlotte and Rhea team up to face Nikki Cross and a partner of her choice.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Erik and Ivar celebrate their victory backstage.  AJ Styles arrives next to Omos and tells them that they want to be Vikings, they are not.  Erik angrily replies that his lifestyle honors his ancestors.

Review of the change of Alexa Bliss.

Elias shows up in the ring.  He criticizes and blames Jaxson Ryker, saying that if he had listened to him, today they would be tag team champions.  “For the sake of my career and my sanity, I had to walk away,” he says before repeating the end of their match last week, where he left Ryker in the middle of the match.  He saw in Ryker’s eyes someone who could go to war, but wouldn’t do it for him.  Ryker attacks him from behind!

Elias vs.  Jaxson ryker

Ryker controls aggressively in and out of the ring.  Upon returning, Elias responds with kicks and a Spinebuster for the count of two.  Ryker returns to the attack and applies a hard Slam.  Elias flees the ring, abandoning the fight.

Winner by count out: Jaxson Ryker.

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville present the signing of the contract between Drew McIntye and Bobby Lashley.  Drew arrives and starts talking.  He tells a story of perseverance and sets out to sign without waiting for the champion.  From the giant screen, MVP and Lashley respond surrounded by women.  “The champion is arriving gracefully late,” MVP says and they step out into the ring.  Lashley proposes that if Drew loses at Hell in a Cell, he won’t get another chance.  McIntyre accepts, but asks for something in return.  “I want a match without outside interference. Where no one can lose for me. I want it to be inside Hell in a Cell,” Drew shoots.  Lashley agrees.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Both sign the contract and confirm the meeting.  “I want you to know: I’m willing to do anything and hurt you like no one has ever done you before,” threatens Drew.  “You will ask me for mercy, but I will only give it to you with a Claymore while I regain my championship. Enjoy these weeks, and I see you in hell,” McIntyre closes.  Drew gets up and breaks the table with a sword.

Nikki Cross introduces her partner for combat: Asuka.

Sheamus comes out wearing a face shield and bandages for his nose injury.  Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo will fight for a shot at the United States Championship.  Ricochet surprises Carrillo with an attack before the bell.

Ricochet vs.  Humberto Carillo

Ricochet takes the initiative after his attack.  Carrillo stops him with a Crossbody and takes the offensive.  Suicide Dive de Carrillo, who looks for the account when he returns to the ring.  Humberto throws himself at Moonsault, Ricochet dodges him and responds with a hard Clothesline.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Suplex and account of two on Carrillo.  Both fight on the edge of the ring, until Ricochet applies a Spanish Fly.  Both are battered at ringside and fail to return before the count of ten.

The fight ends in a draw.

Sheamus laughs that neither could win the chance and leaves.

MVP walks over to talk to Kofi Kingston.  MVP says that he used to be his fan, and remembers his victory at WrestleMania.  Seeing him with the title made him want to come back because he felt represented.

He adds that last week he saw a bit of what made him a champion before, but he ruined it by shaking hands with Drew McIntyre after the loss.  “There are no friends here,” MVP states.  Kingston is upset.  “My family and friends are the ones who motivate me to win,” Kofi responds.

Next week: Eva Marie arrives on Raw.

Mansoor talks to Mustafa Ali.  Mansoor says he’s ready to fight, but Ali replies that he thinks he is.  He adds that he should keep in mind that not everyone struggles by the rules he follows, and warns him of the dangers of facing Drew Gulak.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Jeff Hardy and Cedric Alexander talk before their match.  Jeff criticizes Cedric’s attitude, while Alexander assures that he will defeat Hardy.

Jeff Hardy vs.  Cedric Alexander

Jeff takes the initiative of the combat.  Cedric blocks a kick and responds with Dropkick for the count of two.  Alexander maintains control and searches for the account again.  Cedric applies several kicks, closes a Chinlock but Jeff escapes with blows.  Brainbuster for Jeff, Cedric climbs the corner and taunts Jeff.  Hardy responds with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley argue over which of the two will lead in their match.

Nikki Cross & Asuka vs.  Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair

Flair starts for her team, but after Nikki’s first approach she takes over from Rhea.  Ripley knocks her down, gets distracted by Charlotte, and Nikki searches for the account.  Asuka looks for a key on Rhea’s arm, the champion breaks free and knocks Asuka down.  Charlotte takes over, but is soon overtaken by the good teamwork of her rivals.  Asuka knocks Rhea out of the corner of her.  Charlotte comes out and attacks Ripley before the break.  Upon returning, Rhea dominates Nikki but Flair takes over again.  Charlotte takes over with a punch, Ripley gets upset but stays focused on the fight.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Rhea returns the baton by slapping Charlotte on the head.  Flair carries Nikki and uses her to hit Rhea in the corner of her.  Cross responds with a Sunset Flip to search for the account.  Asuka and Ripley enter the fray.  Asuka applies Hip Attack to Charlotte and Double Knees to Rhea.  Charlotte takes her by the foot from ringside, Rhea responds with Northern Light Suplex but it’s not enough.

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Asuka’s Suplex and Hip Attack for the count of two.  Nikki’s crossbody, Charlotte walks in and takes her out of the ring.  Flair yells orders at Ripley, who gets fed up with her and attacks her.  Natural Selection for Rhea, Nikki takes advantage of her and covers her for the count of three.

Winners: Nikki Cross & Asuka.

Alexa Bliss speaks from her playground.  She covers Lilly’s ears so he doesn’t hear her comments from Shayna Baszler.

Mansoor vs.  Drew gulak

Mansoor takes the lead as Mustafa Ali watches the match from backstage.  Drew responds with a Body Slam against the ropes and goes on to attack Mansoor’s legs.  Gulak searches for the account by grabbing Mansoor’s pants, who quickly responds with a spin to cover Drew and claim the victory.

Winner: Mansoor.

Riddle talks to Randy Orton backstage before heading out to face Kofi Kingston.

Riddle vs.  Kofi Kingston (c / Xavier Woods)

Kofi dominates the first moments of the match.  Riddle responds with two Gutwrench Suplexes, but it’s not enough.  Woods distracts with the trombone, Kofi becomes dominant again.  Randy Orton comes out to face Orton, Kofi attacks him with a Sliding Dropkick.  Orton responds with a Suplex against the commentary table.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

He helps Riddle up, but Kofi flies from the corner over both of them.  The fight continues in the ring after the commercials.  Struggling up high, Kofi gets rid of Riddle and flies onto his back afterward.

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Riddle lashes out aggressively at ringside.  Kofi returns him, but receives a knee when he enters the ring.  Riddle applies the classic Randy Orton DDT.  “Now finish him off,” yells The Viper.  Riddle mimics the poses of Randy stalking for the RKO.  Kofi escapes, tries the Trouble in Paradise once with no luck, but repeats and manages to finish off Riddle for victory.

Winner: Kofi Kingston.

Randy Orton looks annoyed and disappointed at Riddle.

Review of Reginald’s win over Shayna Baszler last week, and Baszler’s subsequent attack on Reginald at Alexa’s Playground.

Nia Jax walks over to talk to Shayna Baszler, but they end up arguing over Reginald and Alexa Bliss.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

Alexa Bliss introduces her space, Alexa’s Playground, in the ring.  She invites Shayna Baszler and asks her to apologize to Lilly.  Shayna tells him that she is even crazier than she thought, and she is not going to apologize with a doll.

She accuses Alexa of being behind Reginald’s accidents and causing them to lose the titles to Nia Jax.  Alexa puts her ear close to listen to Lilly, and recommends that Shayna apologize.  Bazsler removes her wrist and takes it in her hands.  “Sorry … sorry you’re a stupid doll,” says Shayna.  Alexa attacks Shayna!

Baszler quickly takes her out of the ring and steps on Lilly.  The lights start to come and go as a ghoulish version of Alexa’s music plays.  Shayna leaves and on her way several pyrotechnic flames are lit up the ramp.

WWE Raw Results 7 June 2021

The camera follows Shayna Baszler backstage, where the lights keep failing.  Things start to fall, like boxes and metal towers.  Shayna runs but can’t find the exit, the lights fail in all the rooms.

Shayna manages to get into a room, locks the door and places some furniture as a barricade.  She turns around and sees Lilly in the reflection of a mirror.  Shayna freaks out and kicks the mirror.  She still sees Lilly reflected.  Shayna’s scream in the dark closes the show.

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