WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results: Full highlights, recap, videos and grades, best & Worst moments

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WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results – Full highlights, recap, videos and grades, best & Worst moments – 26th March 2021- Tonight is WWE SmackDown, the blue show starts a video of last Sunday’s events at Fastlane. Daniel Bryan then arrives in the ring with a chair. Bryan says everyone saw the truth, something that was never supposed to happen.

We’ve all seen Roman Reigns type. Bryan says Roman Reigns never typed and he said he’d rather die than hit. Reigns is a liar and he’s been beating him up too. Bryan says in a perfect world that means he would be in that ring like the Universal Champion, knowing he would go to the WrestleMania main event. Bryan says none of these are true because Edge hit him in the back with a chair. Edge was telling him he wasn’t doing things the right way, leaving him a clean game against Reigns, but enough was enough. It’s enough to stay on the sidelines, to wait. He deserved his chance for the title.wwe smackdown 26 march 2021 results

Bryan says he’s set to win it all again. He’s not asking people to give him the chance, he’s going to win it again. He wants a rematch for the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns tonight! Bryan says he’s not going to leave the ring until he gets what he wants. Bryan waits seated in his chair.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

– Back after the break, Daniel Bryan is still waiting in the ring. Adam Pearce comes into the ring and says he’s not going to give Bryan a rematch. Bryan says he can show Pearce a replay if he hasn’t seen him banging. Pearce says he saw it, but the referee’s decision is final. Reigns’ next title defense will be at WrestleMania against Edge. Bryan says he has a solution for this, why not play Edge against Reigns and he will face the champion as soon as the match is over. Pearce says it would be too unfair. Bryan says it was fair for him to have a game after the Elimination Chamber. There is a double standard here. Bryan says we have two days at Wrestlemania it’s reasonable. Edge’s music begins and he arrives in the ring. Edge says he’s been watching Bryan for the past few weeks. Bryan likes to say it’s his last WM, but he every fight can be his last. It’s his dream to come back to WrestleMania and Bryan wants to take him away. It’s very heroic to have Bryan face the champion after the match … Edge says he won the Royal Rumble Match in first place while Bryan lost twice to Reigns. Edge says Bryan’s son of a bitch doesn’t deserve his chance. Bryan starts hitting Edge, but Edge pushes him away and hits him with a chair.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

– Back, backstage, Paul Heyman is with Roman Reigns and Jey Uso. Reigns asks Heyman to go get Adam Pearce for him. Reigns tells Jey Uso to go with him and force him if he doesn’t want to come.

Singles Match

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

At the end of the fight, Rollins does his Stomp on Nakamura for the count of three.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the fight, Rollins wants to attack Nakamura, but Cesaro’s music starts and he arrives in the ring. Rollins and Cesaro begin to trade blows. Rollins managed to escape.

– Behind the scenes, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are with Adam Pearce. Heyman says he thanks Adam Pearce for not making a bad decision at the start of the show. Reigns says it’s actually Pearce who has to thank them. Pearce is here because he needs to understand that he will only be able to have Roman Reigns for one night and one title defense at WrestleMania. Pearce has to thank him for that. Pearce says he needs to keep thinking about it and we’ll all have his answer tonight.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

– Behind the scenes, Kayla stops Seth Rollins for his comments. Rollins says that’s enough Cesaro’s disrespect and swing. Bad things will happen if this continues. He is a man of his word, he will challenge Cesaro for a match at WrestleMania and teach him a lesson in respect. We’re never going to disrespect him again. Cesaro arrives and pushes Rollins to the ground to apply his Swing! Cesaro says the challenge is accepted !

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Big E and Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs Otis, Chad Gable and Apollo Crews

At the end of the fight, Ford launches at Otis and Gable at the bottom of the ring. Crews takes advantage of the distraction to make his Olympic Slam on Big E for the count of three.

Winners: Otis, Chad Gable and Apollo Crews

– Back, backstage, Adam Pearce walks and Edge stops him. Edge says he must have the WrestleMania solo main event as he beat 29 men at the Royal Rumble. Pearce says his job is to hear from everyone and assess the facts. At the end of the evening that’s what he’s going to do. Edge tells him to make the right decision.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

– Kevin Owens is in the ring for the KO Show. Owens says he doesn’t believe Sami Zayn’s conspiracy theory, but he’s always by his side. And last week Zayn attacked him. The only person who can answer his questions is Sami Zayn, so he invites her to join him. Sami Zayn arrives and says he already knows her questions. Is he sorry about last week? Yes he is. This conspiracy story is affecting his thoughts and he’s crossed the line, so yes he’s sorry. Owens says he didn’t want an answer to that. Zayn says Owens probably wants to know if he can still be in the documentary, the answer is yes. And he’s going to deliver an exclusive nose series on the KO Show. Next week we will have a red carpet for the trailer for his documentary on the WWE conspiracy against him. Zayn says Owens probably knows about his discussions with Logan Paul and he’ll be in the documentary. Paul is going to help her solve this conspiracy and he will be her guest of honor on the red carpet, it’s huge.

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Sami Zayn says Logan Paul is going to help him and everyone can see him, even Owens can be a part of it. Owens says he’s not interested in the documentary, same for Logan Paul or his apology. He only wants an answer on …. Zayn cuts him off and says it’s Owens who owes him an apology. Owens plays like he’s on his side, but he’s not. Owens asks him to be silent. Owens says he hasn’t attacked Zayn yet because he wants his question answered. The question is him versus Zayn at WrestleMania, yes or no. Zayn says Owens made a mistake. Owens asks yes or no.Zayn says they need to work together on this mistake. Owens asks yes or no, shouting. Zayn says the answer is yes. Is he happy now? Owens says he’s happy and he left him in the ring as he wanted his answer. Owens begins to beat him up and he makes him a Stunner.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

– Behind the scenes, Daniel Bryan stops Adam Pearce. Bryan says he understands the situation is tough for Pearce, but inside he knows what to do.

– Back, backstage, Kayla asks Bianca Belair for her reaction to Fastlane. Belair says she is clearly taller and stronger than Sasha Banks. Belair says sometimes you have to be a bigger person and focus on your business. His business is WrestleMania and winning the match. Banks calls herself the boss and everything, but she’s just better. This ‘rookie’ will be next week.

Singles Match

Bianca Belair vs Natalya accompanied by Tamina

During the fight, Sasha Banks takes a seat with the commentators.

At the end of the fight, Belair goes to punch Banks at the bottom of the ring and returns to the ring to avoid a hit from Natalya and KOD her for the count of three.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the fight, Sasha Banks surprises Belair with her Bank Statement during her celebration.

– Behind the scenes, Edge walks into Roman Reigns’ locker room. Reigns says it takes a lot of balls to get here. Edge says they have to talk, Daniel Bryan wants to steal their place. Edge says maybe now is the time to use his strengths, because otherwise he might just beat Bryan for the title, Reigns has to think about it.

– Back, we present the map of WrestleMania 37, to discover here .

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Singles Match

Dolph Ziggler w / Robert Roode vs Rey Mysterio w / Dominik

At the end of the fight, Roode wants to intervene, but he is repulsed by the Mysterios. Ziggler takes advantage of the distraction to do a Zig Zag on Rey and he covers him, but he resists two. Rey pushes Ziggler away and gives him his 619 to continue with his Splash for the count of three.

WWE Smackdown 26 March 2021 Results

Winner: Rey Mysterio

– Adam Pearce arrives in the ring for his big WrestleMania announcement. Roman Reigns arrives in the ring with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. Back, Edge arrives in the ring and then Daniel Bryan. Adam Pearce says he understands everyone’s concerns. He understands why Edge and Reigns don’t want to fight twice and Bryan’s position. All of these things make sense. Bryan is right that there is a double standard too. Reigns is right that he will defend his title once at WrestleMania. His decision is that at WrestleMania we will have a Triple Threat Match for WrestleMania for the Universal title.! Bryan and Edge start punching each other, but Reigns gives Bryan his Superman Punch to send him to the mat. Heyman gives Reigns a chair, but Edge spears him! Jey wants to help, but Edge also spears him. Edge takes the chair to chain the chair shots on Bryan and Reigns. Reigns takes the opportunity to leave the ring while Jey receives chair kicks. Officials enter the ring to stop Edge, but Edge hits him with his chair. The show ends with a celebration of Edge.

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